Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rukmini says Anjana started reflecting Hanuman’s characteristics. Hanuman was all the more interested in Shri Krishna’s stories. Anjana knew that baby can hear when it is in the womb. She remembered what Mata Gauri had said to her and used to talk good and meaningful stuff always. Hanuman used to listen to all the fables quietly when she used to hear stories of Lord Vasudev. Ma Saraswati too couldn’t resist herself.

Ma Saraswati comes to meet Anjana in the disguise of a sadhvi. She shares more stories of Lord Vasudev. Hanuman ji calmly listens to the story of Dhruv (Star). Dhruv could not get his father’s love so his mother advises him to pray to Lord Narayana with complete devotion. Dhruv decides to go ahead with the plan. I will pray to Narayana and love him. Dhruv left his house (he was mere 5 years old) and went to the jungle. Anjana is concerned about the little boy but Ma Saraswati says nothing happens to you when you devote yourself to the Lord completely. Lord sent his Narad ji to help Dhruv. Narad ji ties a holy thread around Dhruv’s wrist and asks him to recite prayers after him. Dhruv does as he is told. Narad ji blesses him. This is the ultimate mantra. Think of Lord Hari and chant this mantra. All your wishes will come true.

Anjana falls asleep while listening to the story. Ma Saraswati comes to her original form. She covers Anjana with the duvet but Hanuman calls out for her. What happened then? Ma Saraswati smiles. Shri Narayana appeared before Dhruv after a year in the Chaturbhuj Avatar. Shri Narayana is very impressed with Dhruv’s devotion. You have done such a tough Tapasya. He blesses Dhruv. Dhruv lived a happy life afterwards. He became famous as Dhruv Taara later on. Ma Saraswati blesses Anjana and Hanuman and then disappears.

This is how baby Hanuman had learnt his first lesson about devotion to the Lord. Shri Krishna says I have everything in my control but I am completely devoted to my devotees. They think of me all the time and vice versa. I protect them from all problems; fulfil their every wish; help them when they are in need. All Gods and Goddesses understood Hanuman’s devotion towards me. They all began to guide him about the same. Saptrishi too come to bless the couple and Hanuman ji while Anjana and Kesari are sleeping. They bless baby Hanuman and tie holy threads in all corners of their room.

It was time for Anjana’s baby shower. The couple invited all their close relatives. But it started raining nonstop from the morning itself. Anjana and Kesari were disturbed about the same. Anjana cries before the Shivlinga (addressing Ma Parvati though). Why has such an obstacle come in a pious occasion? You had said that this is your ansh. How can you be so unjust with your own ansh? Why should my son be devoid of our relatives blessings? Please have mercy. Punish me if I have made a mistake but don’t keep my son away from our loved ones blessings! Kesari too is pained to see her thus. He too folds his hands to pray. Ma Parvati is touched. She decides that the baby shower will happen. Your son will be blessed in such a way like no one ever has been blessed.

Ma Parvati comes to the palace with all the other Goddesses from the heaven. Daasi informs Anjana about their arrival. Your relatives aren’t here but many beautiful married women have come over with lots of beautiful gifts. Anjana gets happy. All the Goddesses bless Anjana and her baby. Anjana is overwhelmed to hear their words / special blessings. Epi ends on Anjana’s happy face.

Precap: A vanar is over confident that he is the bravest warrior of the world. Narad ji tells him about Hanuman. The vanar decides to kill Anjana’s baby to remain number 1. He laces something with poison and offers it to Anjana.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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