Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Parikshit’s story of life and hanuman as the protector.

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

After krishna goes, even the pandavas know that now it is time for them to leave the world too. Pandavas are done their tilak by rishi kurdev. The pandavas crown parikshit as king. As hanuman promised Krishna, he goes and blesses pandava king parikshit. The five pandav brothers go with draupadi walking to heaven crossing all difficulties. Parikshit promised to be a king to walk on the path of dharma and make this world free of adharma. Hanuman tells parikshit that he will be a good king and should stay on the path of dharma so that kalyug doesn’t start early in this world. Parikshit listens to hanuman and rules accordingly.
There the pandavas start their walk towards heaven. Each of the pandavas and draupadi start falling down from the difficulties before reaching to heaven. Yudhishthira and his dog are the only ones who without getting tired reach heaven. A person on the chariot waits and says Yudhishthira ji you have reached heaven, now come with me as I will take you inside but the dog cannot come. Yudhishthira says why cant the dog come? Person says because it is does not deserve heaven. Yudhishthira says he has crossed same difficulties as I have and reached here in heaven, if the dog cannot come then even I will not come in heaven. The dog turns into yamraj and says Yudhishthira you are truly a dharm raj and you deserve to be in heave, this way Yudhishthira gets his place in heaven.
There a demon kalipurush is waiting to start the kalyug himself. as king parikshit has become old now, he makes the world free of iniquity and has entire earth under his rule now. parikshit waits and says how much time will parikshit rule this world? Until earth is under dharma I cannot go and make the world of iniquity, I have to plan something, because from jealousy anyone can be manipulated. Kalipurush laughs.
There hanuman is meditating.
As one day, king parikshit goes for hunting a deer, the deer runs away but he sees a demon like man beating a cow who has only one leg. Parikshit thinks beating a cow having one leg is adharma, the animal is being tortured under my rule, I will not let that happen. Parikshit goes and confronts kalipurush and says you cannot do this, how dare you beat the cow? Kali purush says the cow itself asked me to beat it as the balance of dharma and adharma has to be made for the kalyug to start. The cow says king parikshit I don’t have 3 legs because I a man cannot have karma, dharma, soul and body every time. I have the body and soul but only 1 leg as it is karma. King says now I understand, karma, dharma and life is one thing, you have one leg which means you are mother earth who has come here to make the balance but I still cannot allow kalipurush to beat you. kali purush says what do I do then? If you don’t give me a place to spread adharma, then kalyug wont ever start, you will destroy the plan of destiny. Kali purush says give me a place where can I start iniquity. Kali purush then says let me take iniquity on gold, looking at gold a person can get jealous so let me live in gold itself making some people jealous! Parikshit thinks and says okay, that can happen, I allow you to live in gold but only when I die, you will do this! Kali purush says yes king and the disappears, he laughs and thinks now I will change the thoughts of king parikshit and make him die from his jealousy and pride. As parikshit goes to his kingdom again, kali purush exists in gold to make parikshit too proud of his gold. Parikshit sits and his thoughts are manipulated.
Once again, one day when king parikshit goes for hunting, he gets tired after hunting and then goes to rishi sumukhi’s ashram. He sees rishi sumukhi there meditating, as rishi rumukhi meditates, parikshit comes and says rishi I need water from your ashram as I am very tired. Rishi is deep meditation so he doesn’t know anything. Because of the effect of kali purush, parikshit thinks why didn’t rishi respond? Parikshit says again, rishi I need water as I am tired, why don’t you reply? Now because of the change of thoughts, parikshit gets angry easily and says this rishi has insulted me by not giving me water and not replying to me, I will punish him. parikshit takes a snake and puts it on the neck of the rishi and goes. A few hours later when rishi sumukhi’s young son comes, he sees the snake and throws it away and says who did this with my father? I will not leave him, I curse him that he should get bit by a snake and die as he tried to threaten the life of my father. Rishi sumukhi opens his eyes and says what happened son? Son tells everything. rishi says you shouldn’t have cursed a king like parikshit, he is the one because of him kalyug has been stopped from starting too early, you cursed him! I know king parikshit is under the effect of kali purush, which is why he did that! rishi says go and tell king parikshit about your curse because it cannot be taken back. son goes and tells parikshit and goes. Parikshit cries and says what have I done? I got affected by kali purush and insulted a rishi who should always be respected. Narad muni appears and tells parikshit that he should go to rishi sukhdev, he is a young rishi and will guide him in a way of meditation so that he gets free of the effects of kali purush. Parikshit does the same and goes to rishi sukhdev who guides him in meditation and makes him a rishi. One day when parikshit is praying he is bit by a snake and he dies. His soul goes in heaven.
Hanuman who is on a mountain sees a son taking his old mother on a horse as he takes the horse and his wife holds the cloth bag. Hanuman says this is dharma as son is keeping his old mother on the horse. kali purush laughs and says parikshit is finally dead, kali purush with his power affects the entire world with his iniquity. The sun suddenly puts down his mother and says let my wife sit here and you walk taking the cloth bag. Hanuman sees this and says this is adharma, kalyug has started early. Hanuman flies on top of a mountain and with a shell he blows it, the world gets pure from its voice and kali purush is hurt, he screams and his effect slowly goes away from the world and hanuman brings the world back to dharma! The sun puts back his mother and iniquity is wiped from the world.
This way hanuman will always be there present to wipe away iniquity in the world, no matter what demon it is!

End of the show!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. @Tanaya, a big thanks to you for your contribution in bringing us the daily updates of Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman.

  2. This is one of the best serial of Sony. I will miss this mythological serial and Nirbhay Wadhwa as Lord Hanuman very much. He played the best Hanuman I have ever seen. I would say he perfectly suits for Lord Hanuman Character. He has so good physique and specially thigh muscles that make me wonder sometimes as if he is real Lord Hanuman.” Jay Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman Ki Jay”.

  3. Kashmira Naidoo

    Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman was such a beautifully written show with great acting and intriguing storyline. It truly grew my spirituality and understanding of Hanuman-ji and Lord Ram. This may be the most professionally enacted and delivered religious serial that has ever been shown on television!This show has had a significant and positive impact on my journey as a proud Hindu! Jai Hanuman! Jai Sri Ram!

  4. this is a grand great mythological soap which is in our heart forever.lov and salute to all star casting.

  5. My family and I liked the serial so much. Sad to see it go. They could have extended the storyline to show the story of Tulsi Das and Mata Vaishno Devi where Hanuman plays important part.

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