Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord ram saying hanuman according to the knowledge of the I have only 1 night to pray and it starts now and even sun will be up now and to start the prayer of mata maheshwari I need 108 exact neelkamal. Hanuman says sure lord and where will I get these flowers? Lord ram says you will get it in the holy waters of the tree god taalpurush’s pond nar the tree he resides. Hanuman says I will bring the flowers as fast as I can. Hanuman goes flying as fast as he can. He reaches the mountains and sees the clear blue pond and the tree of taalpurush and gets down there. He then sees the shining blue magical neelkamal’s in the pond and is happy, hanuman says I should take 108 neelkamal’s from here and reach to my lord as fast as I can. Hanuman takes one neelkamal, it gets replaced with another, hanuman says what is this? And how did a new one come here? Hanuman says maybe its something about taal purush and I should become huge and take 108 at once so I don’t waste time. Hnaumna becomes huge but the neel kamal are not visible, hnaumna says what is this? Where did the flowers go? Hanuman then becomes normal and says where are the flowers? Taal purush himself appears and says why do you want the neel kamal and who are you? hanuman goes on knees and prays and says taal purush I need 108 neel kamal flowers for my lord ram who is praying to impress mata maheshwari. Taal purush says lord ram? And he is praying to mata maheshwari? Hanuman says yes and I am his faithful servant hanuman and I need to take 108 neelkamal for him to start the Pooja. Taal purush says I will allow you to take the flowers for lord ram but how will I know if you are the servant of lord ram? And if you need the flowers you will have to bring the touch of lord ram’s feet to me and then you can take as many flowers as you need. Hanuman thinks how do I bring the touch of lord ram’s feet? And it will take me more time and this will give ravana time to impress mata. Taal purush says if you are lord ram’s servant then bring me his touch because he is lord Narayan(lord Vishnu) himself and the universe prays to him and lord Shankar himself takes his name so I want lord ram’s touch. In heaven, Shankar says to mata parvati that so this is the ay you will test hanuman. Parvati smiles.
Hanuman there then thinks that he always has the touch of lord ram’s feet on his head and he can give the touch to taal purush easily. Hanuman says lord taal purush my head always has the holy touch of lord ram and I will give you that, hanuman puts his head inside the clear blue water and lord ram’s touch of feet is released into the water. Taal purush sees it and puts the water on his head and says pranam. Hanuman comes out. In heaven, parvati says to Shankar that hanuman completed his task with his clever mind and he is so faithful and pure. Hanuman there removes head and taal purush says I am pure now and you can take as many neelkamal as you want. There laxman says its about to be sunset and when will hanuman come? And hanuman must be in trouble. Lord ram says hanuman will come. There hanuman becomes big and takes 108 neelkamal and then says pranam to taal purush and hanuman flies to lord ram.
There lord ram is praying and sugreeva sees hanuman coming and says see hanuman has come in time. Hanuman comes and becomes normal size. Everyone say jai mahabali hanuman. Lord ram smiles and then says hanuman you have always completed your tasks in time. Hanuman says jai shree ram and keeps the neelkamal’s and says I have brought 108 neelkamal’s. lord ram says I shall start now and then lord ram prays to the statue of mata maheshwari(parvati) and then he keeps 1 neelkamal at the feet of the idol, like this lord ram keeps the neelkamal’s one after another. They all vanish and come at the feet of parvati in heaven. Lord Shankar says so I think its time for you to go and bless lord ram with what he wants. Pravati smiles and says not yet and says I will test lord ram too. Lord Shankar is smiling, parvati says I know you must be thinking why to test lord ram? And he walks on the path of righteousness and honesty and testing such a great person is no need but just like hanuman passed excellently in his test, I will also test lord ram. Mata parvati with her power vanishes a neelkamal that is still left to be put at her statue where lord ram is sitting. Lord ram goes to takes the last neelkamal but sees nothing and says hanuman I asked for 108 neelkamal but there are only 107 neelkamal. Hanuman becomes tensed and says lord I myself had counted and I brought 108 neel kamal here and I don’t know how 1 is missing but I brought 108 neel kamal.

Precap: lord ram says that, to make up for the 1 neelkamal, I will sacrifice my eye to mata parvati. Lord takes his arrow. Hanuman is saying no in hand signs. Lord Shankar and parvati smile.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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