Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana saying mata forgive me and please don’t leave your protection from me. Tara devi is angry and says forgive you? and you are not worth it. tara devi attacks ravana again and ravana is on the ground injured severely. Tara devi then turns and says to ram I have been saved from protection ravana and may you be victorious. Lord ram and everyone say pranam and mata goes. Lord ram says I hope ravana becomes a good man after having been attacked by tara devi so severely. Hanuman says lord I don’t think ravana is a person who will ever be good and he will start doing the Pooja for tara devi again for his mistakes and will force her to protect him. Vibhishan says yes lord and ravana wont change because he is very egoistic and will do the Pooja for tara devi again.
There advisor comes and says I cant see this that lankesh has been injured so badly. Advisor says take my help and get up. Ravana says no, I have been attacks by mata badly but I still have power and I can get up myself, ravana gets up. He is in blood and advisor is shocked. Ravana says mata can not leave me like this and I wont allow her to go like this, I will do Pooja for her again and this time I will chant the mantras of mata 1.5 crore times in 3 days and force mata to come and protect me. Advisor says but that is not possible and no one has ever completed saying those mantras and you will do it for 1.5 crore times which is impossible in 3 days. Ravana screams no it is not and I will do it. ravana sets for his Pooja and starts praying very faithfully to mata. Lord Shankar smiles, parvati looks at ravana.
There lord ram says what should I do? Hanuman says that lord you should start doing the Pooja for mata Shakti(same form of tara devi or parvati) from now so that you impress mata before ravana does and then we can defeat ravana. Lord ram says hanuman this is not the right time for doing mata’s Pooja and I can not commit the sin of doing the Pooja at the wrong time without the sun’s light and mata Shakti’s Pooja can be done only during the Navratri(9 nights). In heaven, lord indra says that if ravana completes his Pooja then defeating him will be impossible so we should do something. The gods go to lord brahma and says pranam. Lord brahma asks them what they want? The gods say that he give a solution to lord ram of doing the Pooja to mata Shakti so that they can defeat ravana. Lord brahma goes to the battlefield in his lotus. Brahma says it is not impossible and they have a solution. Everyone say pranam and lord ram says pranam and says what should he do? Lord brahma says do the Pooja from now and I advise you to start now, ram says but it will be a sin as the sun is not there. Lord brahma says don’t worry you can pray to sun god and even ages back a king did pray at the wrong time but for a good cause. Lord brahma goes. Lord ram says then we should start now hanuman and lord goes near the sea and takes the water and sun god comes and gives him light, lord ram starts the Pooja. He sets the idols of ganesha, durga mata, parvati and tara devi. Lord ram sits and smiles and tells hanuman its time for singing for mata durga and I say you do it. hanuman says but how can I sing the bhajan? Lord ram says hanuman your voice is the sweetest and you have taught the raags to lord rhishi narad himself so you shall sing the bhajan. Hanuman says I am honored and starts singing jai ambe maa sherawali maa in his sweet voice and everyone sing in chorus as mata durga’s past deeds are shown of her killing demons and wiping out evil where ever it started. There ravana is saying the mantras and is protected by a red shield around him.
Hanuman’s bhajan is over and he says that mata if you are impressed by my bhajan then please give your blessings to my lord so that he can complete your Pooja in time and with your help defeat ravana. In heaven, parvati says to lord Shankar that lord I will test lord ram and hanuman. Lord Shankar says so you want to test prabhu ram himself? Parvati says yes first I will test hanuman and then I will test raghuvanshi ram himself. Lord Shankar smiles.

Precap: lord ram tells hanuman that he needs 108 neelkamal for the Pooja of mata Shakti. Hanuman goes flying and is very fast finding neelkamal and says before ravana finishes his Pooja lord ram has to finish his Pooja and I have to be quick in finding the neelkamal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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