Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ashvadhama is punished.

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ashvadhama killing some soldiers under the blanket thinking them to be pandavas.ashvadhama goes and sees duryudhana about to die, he tells him that he has killed the pandavas. Duryodhana says they were not pandavas and you have done iniquity ashvadhama, Krishna and Arjun will not leave you for this. Duryodhana dies. Everyone get up and Arjun and Krishna are on their chariot. bheem is angry with his gadha. Ashvadhama gets scared as Arjun and bheem say you have done adharma ashvadhama, you will not live long. Ashvadhama with his sword starts running. bheem runs behind ashvadhama with his gadha angrily as Arjun and Krishna are on the chariot. Krishna says stop ashvadhama, you have done a crime, you have killed tired people who were resting and sleeping. A valley comes and the road ends, ashvadhama stops and looks at them. Krishna and Arjun and bheem stop and look angrily at ashvadhama. Krishna says ashvadhama you are doing adharma and you will face its consequences. Ashvadhama remembers what duryodhana told him.
Ashvadhama looks at a twig and takes it, he turns it into brahma astra and then turns his sword into a bow. Ashvadhama now attacks his arrow. Krishna says it is the brahma astra, he has done adharma again. narad muni says what is ashvadhama doing? A rishi is there too, rishi says ashvadhama has taken advantage of his powers on the battlefield but summoning the brahma astra in a war is iniquity, It is not right. There Krishna says what will you do now Arjun? Arjun says only a brahma astra can defeat a brahma astra. Krishna says but Arjun… Arjun says madhav, I have to do this. Arjun summons his brahma astra and attacks it on the arrow, it clashes the brahma astra of ashvadhama. Narad muni and rishi appear. Narad says ashvadhama you are a son of dronacharya, a master of archery and don’t you know using the brahma astra in battlefield is not allowed, you have done adharma ashvadhama, take your arrow back right now as summoning the brahma astra takes the life of a lot of innocent beings. Ashvadhama is scared. Rishi says Arjun take your arrow back. Arjun says that is right rishi, Arjun takes his arrow. Ashvadhama says narad muni I would have taken my arrow back but my father did not teach me the skill to take the brahma astra back. rishi says then turn it in a direction where the effect will be the least and damage will be the least. Ashvadhama says yes. Ashvadhama then thinks that Abhimanyu is a pandava and his wife Uttara is now carrying his son which means the pandava vansh will stay alive, I will instead turn it in that direction, Uttara’s son will be killed. Ashvadhama turns the arrow in that direction. Krishna understands and now he becomes furious, Krishna stands up and says ashvadhama loudly and angrily! Krishna says ashvadhama did you think I wont know you turned the arrow to kill uttara’s son? Krishna is angry and says I will teach you now the result of your adharma, I curse you that you will live but your body will have pain and decay and you will have injuries on your body but you will never die, you will beg to die but you will not. Ashvadhama is scared and cries and says no! Krishna says Arjun take his gem out of his forehead. Arjun goes and takes the gem stuck on ashvadhama’s forehead.
After this event, everyone go back and pandavas are happy. The gem is given to draupadi. Now Uttara comes running and says devki nadan Krishna please save my son in my stomach, he is the target of the brahma astra. Krishna says do not worry Uttara, Krishna sends a shield into uttara’s stomach and inside the stomach the shield protects the son, he is tested and the son touches the shield which is sent back to Krishna. Krishna smiles and says Uttara your son has been tested before he is born, he will be a great pandava king and will rule with dharma. Krishna says his name will be parikshit. Everyone is happy now but the mother of kauravas, gandhari comes. Gandhari is crying and says you all are happy after putting darkness in the womb of a mother, all my sons are dead now. gandhari says devki nandan Krishna, you brought this war between the brothers, between pandavas and kauravas and between a vansh. Gandhari says I cruse your vansh Krishna, yadu vansh will be destroyed in future when everyone will fight amongst themselves and kill each other. Krishna smiles and says what you say is right mata gandhari! This has been written for the future and in the destiny, it will happen.
This way, after years in future yadu vansh is destroyed when all fight amongst themselves. Now it is time for dwapar yug to end too! Krishna knows it is time for him to go to vaikunth dham now. Krishna is sitting under a tree waiting for his end of time. As Krishna sits, a Kshatriya hunter is hunting for a deer, it runs in the direction. The hunter thinks krishna’s leg as the deer and shoots the arrow.
There hanuman who is praying to lord ram opens his eyes and says what happened? I feel something about lord ram. I saw brother bali’s death, what is happening?
There Krishna is hit on the foot by the arrow. Hunter comes and sees and throws his weapon down, he starts crying and says prabhu! You? I did not know you were here. hunter says what a fool I am, I have committed a crime, I have sinned, what have I done? Krishna smiles and says don’t be sorry son, this is what was written. Krishna says in the last life time you were bali, in my form of shree ram I killed you from behind by hiding which was wrong, in this yug it was written that your arrow would hit me and then I would leave this world as my time would end. Hunter cries and says I will not forgive myself. Krishna says don’t be sad. Krishna now disappears.
There hanuman is worried. Krishna appears to give him his darshan for the last time. Hanuman says prabhu and cries. Hanuman says why again? first shree ram left me and now even you are leaving me, why am I here in this world? Krishna says hanuman, you have to stay in this world, now that dwaparyug is about to end, kalyug will be here and adharma will be at its peak in kalyug. Krishna says hanuman now parikshit is going to be king and you have to go to bless him and tell him about the use of power against adharma. Krishna says my new form will again come in kalyu but you have to stop kalyug from coming too early and wait until dwapar yug ends.

Precap: a man says to a person on the horse saying get up this place is for my wife and not for you. a demon is there laughing and says I will not leave anyone. Hanuman is on a mountain and sees everything, he says kalyug has started early. Hanuman with a shell blows it loudly. The sound terrorizes the demon.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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