Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shatrugan continuing the story and says then pushkar attacked an arrow and stepped on it and he goes with the speed of the arrow and cuts the head of the two demon brother kings. Then he stops and the arrow hits the ground throwing some demons. Everyone get scared and demons run saying this kid will kill us too. Pushkar then defeated all of them with just a single arrow. Shatrugan tells everyone that pushkar was so brave than other kids. Everyone is proud of pushkar. Hanuman thinks now he will get to meet another brave hearted raghuvanshi. Shatrugan says so pushakr is every capable as he is of protecting the horse and being the chief protector for the ashvmedh yag entirely. Rishi chyavan smiles and says where is he? He needs to be here for the next ritual. Hanuman says prabhu I will go and find him from where pushkar is practicing combat. Rishi and lord ram say yes hanuman goes. Hanuman there flies and sees down pushkar practing, there pushkar throws coconuts in the air and hits all of them with his arrows. Hanuman lands and pushkar without seeing attacks him. Hanuman dodges and comes ahead. He says putra pushkar now you attacked without seeing, it was me so I saved myself but before attacking always see whether its your enemy or friend. Pushkar says I very well understand that and you knew I was practicing but you came to call me. Hanuman smiles and says yes because great rishi chyavan has made you the chief protector of the ashvamedh yag lord ram is doing. Pushkar is happy. Hanuman says now come with me and I will take you there with my speed. Pushakr says I am faster than you and will go on arrow, pushkar shoots his arrow and goes.
There he lands and hanuman is already there. Pushkar puts his arrow behind and comes and says rishi chyavan and all that are present here, please accept my pranam. Everyone smile and nod. Pushkar says rishi I know the responsibility you have put on me and I accept this responsibility. Rishi says putra, I am impressed by your confidence but still you need guidance through the ashvamedh yag and I have given this responsibility to prince shatrugan. Pushkar says yes. Lord ram says rishi, I believe brother shatrugan and putra pushkar’s capabilities but as the commander of the army I request you to allot hanuman. rishi says sure lord ram and hanuman is given the responsibility. Pushkar does pranam and says I and uncle shatrugan were enough too. Lord ram smiles.
The ritual starts and pushkar and shatrugana are in chariot and the army is ready. The horse is ready as it shines and the order is tied to the horse. lord ram sprinkles water on it and says from this order if anyone stops the horse then they will have to fight the army of raghuvanshi’s. the ashvamedh yag starts and the army with the horse ahead proceed with shatrugan and pushkar in the chariot. hanuman flies and as the horse reaches different kingdoms, the kings accept lord ram’s rule and hanuman puts the ayodhya flag in the ground. There nikumbh is in clouds and laughs and says let the army come to king subahu’s kingdom and I will affect king subahu and his 3 sons with my thoughts from which they will not accept ram’s rule and kidnap the horse too. Nikumbh laughs and says my work is destruction.
There rishi chyavan and lord ram and everyone continue the Pooja. After the Pooja lord ram says maha rishi chyavan I thank you from all my heart for your guidance. Rishi says lord ram the honor is mine.
There king subahu and his sons are doing Pooja of lord vishnu’s statue. Nikumbh tries to enter in but it is protected by a shield. Nikumbh stops and says I have to find some other way. After the Pooja subahu goes in court room and there servant keeps fruits. Nikumbh turns into a mosquito and enters the apple. King subahu eats the apple and his thoughts turn into iniquity. As their rishi comes there with his sons, the sons are affected by nikumbh too. Nikumbh goes. Rishi says to subahu that its our luck that lord ram’s horse is now coming to our kingdom and it will be here anytime so we shall prepare and go for its welcome. Subahu says shut up and laughs, he says do you think I will accept the rule of that ram who saved his wife by using monkeys? I will not do so, king is under influence of iniquity.

Precap: the son vichitra of king subahu attacks his arrow from which mayavi hyenas and animals come to attack pushkar and other sons try to kidnap horse.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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