Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with pushkar going to help shatrugan. Vir bhadra says, child you are small and my dangerous form can kill you, so stay out of this fight. Shatrugan fights but vir bhadra pushes him back with his chest and shatrugan falls down. Pushkar is shocked.
Hanuman is fighting nandi, nandi turns back into his form and runs towards hanuman. Hanuman runs towards nandi and then they both clash, hanuman is pushed back by nandi. Hanuman thinks this battle with nandi could have been avoided but I have to fight him. Nandi thinks if king virmani hadn’t with ego gone against the ashvamedh yag then this battle would not have been happened.
There shatrugan is standing and vir bhadra removes his weapon and hits shatrugan, shatrugan falls down. Pushkar is shocked, he removes

an arrow to attack vir bhadra. Vir bhadra thinks this kid is brave but weapons wont hurt me and my unique power will kill him. Pushkar attacks arrow and vir bhadra holds the flying arrow, pushkar is shocked. Vir bhadra throws the arrow and says I will kill you, vir bhadra hits pushkar and he goes flying in the air. Hanuman sees this and says no pushkar! Hanuman throws away nandi and then looks at pushkar, he says I have to say pushkar how vayu dev saved me. Hanuman flies in the air and sees pushkar is now falling down, his eyes are closed. Hanuman goes flying and holds pushkar, he then goes on ground and keeps pushkar down. There bharat says no! my son. Lord ram and sita are worried. Hanuman says pushkar get up, you have to get up now. Pushkar does not get up and hanuman remembers all his time with pushkar and how he fought bravely. Hanuman says no pushkar, you cannot die. Sita has tears and lord ram is worried. Hanuman gets angry and looks at vir bhadra. Lord Shankar looks at them. Hanuman is very angry and has tears. He runs towards vir bhadra, from behind nandi comes running and hanuman in his anger throws away nandi in one punch. Vir bhadra is shocked. Vir bhadra says so you are the rudransh, I am mahadev’s form made from his hair, let see how you fight. Hanuman says I am the rudransh fight me, hanuman and vir bhadra fight and hanuman and vir bhadra both are pushed behind. Virmani says a start to a destructive fight has begun.
Lord ram there sees the battle and sita too. Everyone is worried. Vir bhadra says hanuman, you cannot defeat me, you have made a mistake taking war with me. Hanuman says a disciple never makes mistake with his faith and strength. Hanuman and vir bhadra clash their swords and then gadha and push each other behind. Vir bhadra says I have heard a monkey’s heart is very delicious, I will eat you. Hanuman says in my heart, lord ram lives and where lord ram lives, no one can come near it. Hanumana and vir bhadra attack arrows on each other. In heaven, lord indra says this is the most dangerous battle one has seen as it is between lord shankar’s 2 ansh. Hanuman says you have killed the nephew of lord ram, you will not live. Vir bhadra says I see an enemy in you, you will die today. Hanuman says my anger will kill you. Hanuman gets angry and he and vir bhadra fight with their hands, hanuman pushes vir bhadra behind. Vir bhadra comes and fights hanuman as he punches vir bhadra again, nandi gets up and says I have to defeat hanuman and reduce his power, I cannot let him defeat mahavde’s form. Nandi runs towards hanuman with high speed and says I will hit hanuman with this speed such that hanuman wont be able to get up again. Hanuman and vir bhadra remove a hammer like weapon and clash, it bursts. Then they both remove huge metal spike balls, again they clash and burst. Nandi reaches in front of hanuman, hanuman punches vir bhadra and pushes him back and says nandi has come again. Virmani says now no one will save hanuman from these 2 great warriors of mahadev. Nandi and vir bhadra punch hanuman and he flies into mountain. Lord ram is shocked and worried. Hanuman comes back as nandi flies too from the rebound power. Virmani says hanuman why are you fighting now? Accept defeat as your rajkumar pushkar is down there dead and shatrugan has fallen unconscious by fighting vir bhadra. We also have your horse, you cannot do anything. Vir bhadra removes a ball spike with blue electric chain, he puts it around hanuman’s neck. Hanuman stands strong and goes towards vir bhadra by pulling through the chain. Vir bhadra thinks hanuman is a great warrior, he looks strong, I have to defeat me. Hanuman thinks I have to remove the chain from vir bhadra’s hand and defeat him. Virmani says hanuman now accept your defeat, you are fighting mahadev’s form vir bhadra, you cannot defeat him. Nandi looks at hanuman and thinks I will hit hanuman with so much power and strength that he wont get up again.

Precap: lord Shankar says hanuman, you have to fight me today as anyone in the path of dharm has to be fought. Hanuman says yes bhole baba, for lord ram’s task I will fight you. As they fight, hanuman says, I hanuman will remove the surya astra, Vishnu astra. He attacks 3 arrows.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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