Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Hanuman meets purush mrig.

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with purush mrig saying you have lost bheem and now according to what you promised, you will be my food today. Hanuman says purush mrig caugh bheem. There bheem says purush mrig no! see, I have won, I am inside the palace. Purush mrig says no bheem, you think you are inside but you are not. Bheem says I am half inside the palace and I have touched the line purush mrig ji! Bheem says if you eat me then this will be iniquity and you walk on the path of dharma purush mrig ji. Purush mrig says let dharma raj Yudhishthira decide the result. Yudhishthira says I love my brother bheem but while giving justice, no close person should be kept in mind. Yudhishthira says according to justice, bheem is half inside the palace and half outside so it means purush mrig ji owns half the body of bheem. Arjun says if purush mrig ji eats half body of bheem then bheem will die. Bheem says don’t question brother Yudhishthira Arjun. I will listen to him because they are my brother’s orders, I will happily give away my life to purush mrig ji. Bheem kneels and does pranam and says purush mrig ji please take from my body what you own. Hanuman sees and says what has bheem done, though he lost but listening to his brother and doing what is right according to dharma is more appreciable. Purush mirg smiles and says get up bheem, I saw king Yudhishthira give the right justice according to dharma and you followed his orders by being honest, l am impressed by you both and I free you from my promise and grant you my life. Everyone is happy and bheem says pranam and says if you are impressd then please step in our palace and make it pure with your pavitra feet. Purush mrig says yes and steps inside he walks inside as all brothers walk behind. As purush mrig walks the palace starts shining and becomes pure. Then purush mrig comes ahead and says I have one last wish before I go from here bheem, bheem thinks what will purush mrig ji ask now? purush mrig says I know bheem someone was constantly helping you when we both were competing and that is why I had to stop in between to do the Pooja of the shiv ling. Bheem thinks if I have to do another task if purush mrig asks then I will. Yudhishthira says who was it? purush mrig says I know who it was, it was sankatmochan mahabali hanuman! everyone is amazed and says mahabali hanuman ji? Bheem says yes brother it was mahabali hanuman ji, he helped me from the start and bheem says how hanuman helped him.
Purush mrig says bheem please call hanuman ji, if I get his darshan and blessings I will be grateful and will become pure for my life. Bheem says he sankatmochan hanuman ji, please come and give blessings to your disciples. Hanuman appears and everyone is amazed, they all do pranam. Hanuman comes in. purush mrig says hanuman ji has come in, nothing more than his footsteps can make this palace pure. Hanuman smiles and says purush mrig ji I am myself pure by meeting you. purush mrig says prabhu I wanted to meet you for a long time and that has been fulfilled, I am very grateful to get you blessings and darshan, I am thankful for this. Purush mrig says now I shall go, he disappears. Hanuman blesses everyone. Hanuman’s Pooja is done and then lord Krishna comes. Hanuman gets up and comes ahead. Hanuman sees lord ram in Krishna and sits on one knee and says pranam my lord ram, these eyes have longed to see you again. there radha says how did hanuman see you in lord ram’s form? Krishna says hanuman was my greatest disciple when I was in lord ram’s form, hanuman saw what he was thinking and hanuman always thinks about lord ram, so he saw me as lord ram. There hanuman gets up and lord Krishna says that hanuman you have always protected everyone and now in the future in the dharma yudh if you stay by their side then they will stay protected. Hanuman says prabhu when you are with them then why do they need me? Krishna says remember hanuman, even lord ram always needed you by his side, your presence only helped him defeat the worst monsters he fought and without you he would be uneasy. Hanuman smiles and blesses all brothers and says I promise that during the dharma yudh I will protect you all and Arjun, I will protect your chariot and you by staying on your chariot’s flag.
Then Krishna says ahead and says when dharma yudh was over Arjun said that we shold go in his victory chariot to indra prastha. There Krishna tells Arjun that no Arjun, you have to get down as this chariot is not capable of going to indra prastha now. Arjun gets down and Krishna too. Krishna says come out hanuman. hanuman comes from the flag and the chariot disappears. All brothers come. Krishna says Arjun your chariot was long destroyed in the battle but hanuman was the one who protected it and kept it intact, the chariot was burned but hanuman protected you and the chariot. hanuman comes and smiles. Arjun says pranam. hanuman says in future whenever the pandavas need me I will always be there to protect them. Krishna says hanuman you have an important role in the future too, whenever someone needs victory, praying to you will give them victory. Hanuman now goes. As hanuman goes, a voice from behind says that when hanuman went a danger come itself. It was ashvadhama, the son of dronacharya and the friend of duryodhana. Voice says that when duryodhana was dying ashvadhama met him and duryodhana says that dronacharya was killed by cheating by the panadavas as they said that you had died which made rishi dronacharya weak and he was killed. Ashvadhama is angry as duryodhana dies and says I will take revenge.

Precap: ashvadhama goes in the tent where the pandavas are resting in deep sleep after war, he has his sword to kill them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. arjun ka chariot bhagwan krishna ki wajah se bacha hua tha hanumaan ji ki wajah se nahi yeh galat dikha rahe hai

    1. You are wrong buddy. Get your facts right. They have shown correct. It was because of Hanuman, chariot was stable. It’s written in lot of books I have read, and also old mythological serials as well.

    2. toh phir sorry yaar

  2. Why you fight chariot was saved due to Lord krishna or hanuman ji all is same .As Shree hanuman ji always said what is all he doing is just due to Shree Ram .so at last all is same.

  3. Hello Why you fight chariot was saved due to Lord krishna or hanuman ji all is same .As Shree hanuman ji always said what is all he doing is just due to Shree Ram .so at last all is same.

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