Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman being blind and the demons all pounce on hanuman to attack. Hanuman throws them all from his power. The demons get up and say he is blind but he still is more powerful than us. One demon says we shall stay quiet so that he doesn’t know where we are. The demons say lets go and quietly attack the rishi so that hanuman doesn’t even know and then he will fail his task. The demons go as shadows towards rishi chyavan. Hanuman says I cannot see but where are these demons and did they go to wake rishi chyavan? I have to go and stop them. Hanuman can see partially so he runs and while running trees come as obstruction but they fall down. Hanuman thinks I have to hold and kill those demons, as the demons go hanuman runs fast and stops some and kills them. But some reach rishi chyavan and stand around rishi chyavan. Hanuman says I think they are near rishi, if I had my eyesight fully than I could have killed them easily before. Hanuman then rubs his eyes and goes and stands behind the demons. The demons turn and say hanuman now you cannot do anything and we will kill this rishi. The demons laugh. Rishi’s eyes open and are red, he gets up and says who dared to disturb my sleep. The demons turn and hanuman says they woke up rishi and now this wont be dangerous to just them but to me too. In heaven all gods are worried. Demons say to rishi that we have come to kill you and laugh. Rishi says my anger will kill you, he removes water and throws it on the demons. The demons laugh and say nothing happened to us. Suddenly in few seconds the demons start rotting and fall down, they scream in pain, the demons disappear as they vaporize. Hanuman sits down and says I am sorry rishi I couldn’t stop the demons from waking you up, I deserve to be punished by you. rishi says yes hanuman you will be punished. Rishi removes water and throws on hanuman, but suddenly from sky flowers start falling on hanuman. rishi smiles and hanuman gets up. Rishi says hanuman though you couldn’t stop the demons but you tried and you protected me from the demons, and I even know if I had not opened my eyes, you would have done everything to protect me. Hanuman does pranam as rishi says the world will know you by sankatmochan hanuman and janki putra.
There laxman says brother ram everyone has arrived and hanuman has to come by now. Lord ram says laxman you said and see hanuman has come. From the sky, hanuman comes with rishi chyavan. Rishi chyavan gets down and hanuman becomes normal sized. Hanuman does pranam to everyone. Rishi Agastya and rishi vashisht do pranam to rishi chyavan and everyone else does, rishi Agastya says we are honored to have you here rishi chyavan. Rishi chyavan says rishi Agastya hanuman is the greatest and will always be the disciple of lord ram and I have come here for lord ram and hanuman stood true on all his tests. Lord ram smiles. Rishi chyavan says now lord ram we will start the Pooja with you setting the agni kund and then lord ram you and devi sita will do the Pooja. As rishi says the events happen, then after the Pooja is done you and devi sita will do the honoring of ashvamedh sankalp and take an oath. Then the person will be decided as the protector of the horse. as the event occurs, rishi says the protector will be king shatrugana. And in assist it will be king bharat’s son prince pushkar. Bharat is shocked and so is sita. Sita says but rishi pushkar is just a child and how will he carry sucha a responsibility of protection? Bharat says yes rishi even i am scared to put this responsibility on pushkar. Rishi gets angry and says so you doubt what I said? Hanuman thinks rishi will get angry and says no rishi it is just the heart of a mother of mata sita and a father brother bharat who are scared to send pushkar because he is a kid. Shatrugan says no hanuman, brother bharat was in nandigram and did not know the power of his son and mata sita was with brother ram but puhskar is very powerful and brave.
When no one was here, once a demon king vanasur was coming with his huge army to attack ayodhya and pushkar climbed a mountain as he heard noises. He saw the army and go down alone. Vanasur said kid you want to die so early? But pushkar like other kids is not scared and he alone attacked the king and his army. Hanuman thinks wow what fate is and I get to meet another brave person of raghuvanshi.

Precap: the written notice is put on the horse and lord ram says according to this the one who stops this horse will be at war with raghuvanshi’s. shatrugan is on the horse and pushkar is standing beside.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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