Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bheem meets Purush mrig.

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bheem saying hanuman ji was true, I cannot see him so easily in his huge form he looks very huge with all his forms behind. Hanuman shines and bheem cannot see. Bheem says please hanuman ji come back to your normal form. Bheem thinks before hanuman ji comes to his normal form please let me have just one look at his form lord. Before that, bheem faints from the power. Krishna tells radha that then hanuman came to his normal size and woke bheem up from his faint and gave his blessings to bheem. There hanuman wakes bheem up and bheem says you were right hanuman ji I could not handle the power of your form. Hanuman smiles and says bheem you are my anuj and my ansh, from now think that of me and I will always help you. hanuman then hugs bheem and bheem is honored and feels pure, he hugs hanuman for a long time. Hanuman smiles.
Bheem says hanuman ji now I have to go to heaven to bring purush mrig on my brothers wish to indra prastha. Hanuman says purush mrig? Hanuman says you are going to bring purush mrig? Do you know who he is? Bheem says I don’t know that hanuman ji, but I have to go and bring him as my brother’s wish. Hanuman says purush mrig is a very divya creature, he is half human and half animal and is a person who walks on the path of dharma. Hanuman says he prays to lord shiv and is his greatest disciple, whenever he sees a shiv ling he always stops to do its Pooja and only then goes ahead, wherever he steps that place becomes pure by soul and nature. Bheem smiles. Hanuman says but one thing you don’t know is that he eats humans, he has instantly eaten many humans at a time to satisfy his hunger so you have to stay cautious bheem, it is difficult to bring purush mrig out of heaven but if you bring him out then he can also eat you and he is impossible to be defeated in his pace of running. bheem says hanuman ji I have to try my best but if my death is written in my fate then I will accept that but will fulfill the wish of my brother yudhisthira. Hanuman says don’t worry bheem, you are my anuj and I will help you to do this task. Bheem says I will be very thankful hanuman ji. Bheem now goes.
Bheem goes to heaven and vayu dev and Chandra dev are there. Vayudev says son this task is very dangerous as purush mrig is very dangerous, why did you promise yudhisthira to do this task? Bheem says I have to do this task father with all my will. Chandra dev says I will take you to his temple. Chandra dev takes bheem to purush mrig and goes. Bheem says pranam purush mrig ji, I am bheem the brother of dharma adhikari king Yudhishthira of the pandavas, my brother has sent me here to bring you to indra prastha and make the place pure by stepping in our home. bheem says this is my request to you to come with me to indra prastha. There hanuman has belpatra in his hands and goes to kaliash mountain, lord Shankar is meditating and his eyes are closed. Hanuman thinks in mind, I know bhole baba you are listening to your ansh, today my anuj is doing a very dangerous task and please help me so that I can help bheem to succeed in his task. Hanuman says om namah shivay.
There purush mrig says bheem do remember that if I come with you once to indra prastha, I will be very hungry just as I step outside heaven. Purush mrig says remember to go faster than I do to indra prastha and reach there before me, if you don’t then I will eat you as you are plumpy too and your body will satisfy me. Purush mrig says if you agree then we shall go now otherwise be wise and walk away from here. purush mrig stands and says when I turn you should be gone and if you are still here then I will assume you have accepted the challenge. Purush mrig turns back and bheem is gone. He smiles and says wise decision he took and saved his life. Bheem comes with a plate of flowers and says purush mrig ji lets go I am ready. Bheem says but once we get to indra prastha promise me that you will not harm any human there. Purush mrig says I give you my promise that I will not harm anyone in indra prastha but start now and reach first to indra prastha before I do. Bheem says jai mahabali hanuman ki. Bheem flies and lands on ground. He now starts running and sees purush mrig in tiger form behind him. bheem says purush mrig will come to me in no time, how will I reach indra prastha? Hanuman ji please come and help me, where are you? bheem runs as purush mrig runs behind him. bheem says hanuman ji where are you? please help your ansh. Hanuman is in the cloud and he throws a belpatra on ground. All gods say what is hanuman doing? Hanuman says om namah shivay. The bel patra falls on ground and makes a shiv ling. Purush mrig stops and starts praying to the shiv ling. Bheem sees and says how did shiv ling come suddenly between us? Hanuman ji saved me. Bheem sees in clouds and hanuman says go bheem, run as fast as you can. Bheem starts running. purush mrig’s Pooja is done and he sees bheem and says I wont let bheem go away. Bheem sees and says now he is running even twice his speed, I hope I reach indra prastha not for me but at least for my brothers. Bheem runs and says hanuman ji please help me again, he is very near to me. Hanuman throws another bel patra and it makes a shiv ling, purush mrig stops and does its Pooja. Hanuman tells bheem to run. Bheem runs as fast his legs can take him. bheem is now tired and says I have to reach indra prastha. Hanuman says if you think about winning you will win bheem go, run! Bheem runs and finally reaches the palace door but behind purush mrig comes and poucnes on him and takes his normal form, he keeps his leg on bheem and says you lost bheem now I will eat you. Yudhishthira and all brothers come.

Precap: hanuman says what will happen now? vayudev is worried for bheem.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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