Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman asks Nani about his mother. She says maybe he went to temple. Hanuman rushes out to towards the temple. Nani tries to stop him but he flies away.

Hanuman reaches Kuldevi Temple. A lot many people are already there. They all greet him. Hanuman cannot see his mother anywhere. The priest too has not seen her. She did not come here. Hanuman is in thoughts. Where to look for her now? People talk about the reason as to why people believe in this temple so much. Hanuman asks everyone about his mother but no one has a clue. Where would she be? Where to look for her?

Devguru is talking to Indra Dev about the discussion that happened on earth regarding the Asuras. Everyone has decided to fight together. Urvashi walks in. She tells Indra Dev that Punjisthala is bent upon insulting you and Swarg. Does she have no regard for the rules of Swarg loka? Indra Dev says it cant be so. She came back following them only. Urvashi points out that Punjisthala is still bind by her relations. Indra Dev says she has just left her family. She will take some time to get over those memories. One day she will realise that relations do not matter here in Swarg. She will accept it. Urvashi asks him if he will sit back and watch her challenging the rules till then. He denies. Everyone has to abide by my rules here. Devguru Brihaspati reasons that everyone has a right to live their lives their way. You cannot force anyone to live in a certain style.

Hanuman walks towards the jungle pondering over where to look for her mother. He hears the sound of anklets. He follows the sound.

Devguru says a mother and kid’s relation is above every other relation. A mother’s love cannot be bind by any rule. Don’t forget that Punjisthala’s family can be in problem since she is here. She is still here as she respects you. You should free her from the rules of Swarg Loka. Urvashi gets angry.

Hanuman is confused. Is it Ma? He finds her sitting on a stone. He walks up to her. Hanuman hugs her. I was looking for you everywhere. You know that I cannot live without you. She agrees. I came here for you only. I wanted to get these rudraksh for you. Hanuman smiles. I love Rudraksh.

Nani is getting worried for Hanuman. He dint even eat anything. She is not so much worried about Anjana. She will come back. Anjana steps inside the palace. Strong wind blows. She looks around curiously. Anjana’s mother asks Anjana where she went early morning. Anjana replies that she went to the jungle to bring something for Hanuman. Nani is about to take aarti from the puja thaal but Anjana moves away. Nani asks for Prasad and aarti. You do it every day. Anjana turns and extends the puja thaal. She gives flowers. Nani notices that she forgot to seek her blessings too. What happened to you? Anjana bends down to touch her feet. Hanuman’s friends come in just then. He is about to go with them but Anjana tells them otherwise. He wont come to play today. He will stay with his mother today. Hanuman’s friends become sad. They leave. Hanuman thinks about the change in his mother’s behaviour. She never did this before. She used to ask my friends to stay back if I could not go outside. But today!

Ravan steps back in fear as a ball of fire approaches him. He wakes up with a start. Mandodri asks him if he is alright. Ravan goes to the balcony. He looks around disturbed. Mandodri yet again asks him about it. He shares that he saw a very bad dream. I saw Lanka on fire. A tail was set on fire. I have seen crores of people attacking us. She calls it only a bad dream but he is sure dreams have a meaning too. They are associated with our past, present or future. They are associated with our good and bad.

Anjana smirks seeing Hanuman coming towards her but Nani steps in between. She appreciates Hanuman for getting ready on his own today. Anjana nods. He has grown up enough to do all his work on his own. Hanuman says I did everything. We only need to do aarti now. A soldier comes to inform them that Kesari is here. Kesari is back in the palace. Hanuman wants to be with his father. Anjana suggests that they should do aarti first. Hanuman reminds her that all three of them do aarti together when father is home. I was saying that we should call him. Anjana covers up. Nani finds Anjana’s behaviour strange.

Ravan summons Yogni. He wants to know the meaning behind his dream. Yogni deciphers it for him. She kneels down on the ground before him. I will tell you only if you agree to spare my life. Ravan agrees. Tell me the meaning of my dream. Yogni gets up again. That burning arrow is heading towards Lanka and Lankesh. Stay careful of future. Ravan tells her to be quiet. Maybe you are not fit to understand dreams anymore. She says this is indeed the meaning of your dream. No one has escaped from fate till date. Ravan decides to attack Yam Loka.

Precap: Anjana does Kesari’s aarti. Hanuman asks his mother why she dint do father’s tilak.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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