Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman saying this bridge collapsed, but I know you can make it powerful. Hanuman says please make the actual strong bridge warrior, I am just a foolish monkey but how will the bridge withstand the weight of a monkey army. Arjun thinks how did the bridge collapse? Arjun then removes his arrows and makes another bridge with his arrows. Arjun says now you can try monkey, this bridge will hold an entire monkey army. Hanuman smiles and steps on the bridge, he stamps with one foot and the bridge breaks. Arjun is shocked and thinks how can the bridge collapse again? hanuman says Arjun ji why are you joking with me? Please make the strong bridge with your strong arrows. Arjun thinks why aren’t my arrows strong now? Arjun makes another bridge and hanuman steps with both legs on it and jumps, it breaks. Hanuman smiles and says don’t worry Arjun ji, try and try unitl you succeed. In heaven, laxmi says to lord Vishnu that hanuman’s test is going too far, with arjun’s pride he is also breaking his self believe which should not happen otherwise in the great war Arjun wont trust himself. lord Vishnu says that is right devi, hanuman is my disciple, I have to give him a sign.
There Arjun tries and thinks I put my trust in my skills and my teachings, please guide me. Arjun prays and then puts his arrow and makes another bridge, he says now try monkey. Hanuman climbs on the bridge and with both legs he jumps, nothing happens to the bridge this time. Arjun smiles. Hanuman thinks if the bridge doesn’t collapse then I wont be able to break arjun’s ego, hanuman jumps many times and Arjun says yes monkey, jump or dance on it as much as you like but it wont break this time. Under the water, the bridge is being held by a huge turtle. Hanuman thinks I feel like my lord ram is here. hanuman then thinks I have to try again to break this bridge from my weight, hanuman jumps continuously again. there krishna’s wives ask how didn’t the bridge break this time? Krishna says because this time I took the form of a turtle and allowed the bridge to rest on my shell making it strong. there hanuman thinks since I felt lord ram is here, this bridge isn’t breaking. Arjun says monkey this bridge wont break now. hanuman jumps inside the water and Arjun says yes monkey check it from inside too, it wont break now. hanuman is inside the water and takes his normal form, he looks at the turtle and says this must be my lord ram, he has come again. hanuman is happy. Turtle truns into lord ram’s form and hanuman says pranam prabhu, I am so lucky to meet you again in this form my lord but I am really sorry to have laid my entire weight on your back and giving you so much trouble, please forgive me. Lord ram says no hanuman, you are my disciple and a god’s work is to take the eight of their disciple, lord ram smiles and says hanuman I had to come here to save the bridge because you were not only breaking arjun’s ego but his trust in him too and that should not happen as Arjun has a war to fight ahead of him. hanuman says yes my lord, I have understood that and I shall stop now. lord ram smiles and blesses hanuman and goes. Hanuman takes the form of a monkey and goes back. Arjun says so monkey shresht did you see the bridge? Hanuman says yes Arjun ji, the bridge is very strong, you did as you promised. Arjun says you were right monkey, I tried and I succeeded in building the bridge. Hanuman says yes Arjun ji, now you can go to the temple of rameshwaram and take blessings of shree ram so that you can be protected from any danger ahead. Hanuman goes. Arjun thinks the monkey was different, did he give me sign on a danger I will face ahead? Did he warn me about something?
Behind Arjun, lord Krishna is playing the flute. Arjun turns behind and sees Krishna, he does pranam devki nandan. Krishna comes and blesses Arjun. Arjun says lord what are you doing here? Krishna says I was the one who took the form of a turtle to save your bridge from collapsing again. Arjun says what? Krishna says yes Arjun. Arjun says but I don’t know how my bridge couldn’t withstand the weight of a simple monkey. Krishna says Arjun, that monkey was not any common monkey, he was mahabali hanuman himself. Arjun says what? He was mahabali hanuman? Krishna says he came here to teach you a lesson to break your ego but I made him understand as you were losing your trust in yourself. Arjun says I am a fool, I was living in my ego and couldn’t recognize bhagwan hanuman and get his blessings. Krishna says don’t worry, as far as I know hanuman will meet you again. there lord Krishna tells radha that this time hanuman would meet them again but through the very powerful and enormous bheem.

Precap: bheem is huge and running towards a volcano to save the elephants. Bheema picks the volcano and keeps it elsewhere to save the animals from the molten lava. Bheem says now I proved how powerful I am. There hanuman lies down as an old monkey and his tail is long, bheem tries picking up the tail but cannot and thinks what does this monkey eat, rocks? His tail is so heavy I cannot pick it up.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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