Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna and radha in Mathura in the palace. Krishna is telling the story of hanuman, how hanuman has helped through the entire dwaparyug to everyone and to him too. Krishna says when devraj indra was once angry he made the clouds rain and flooded brij mandal, all the people went together out of the villages to save themselves, that time I took the govardhan mountain on one finger from my hand to save all the people from the rain and storm. The people took shelter as devraj indra continued to keep the clouds raining. Krishna says but it was possible for me because of hanuman only. Radha says yes hanuman was your disciple in treta yug. Krishna says my form of shree ram in treta yug had me making a bridge of stones between lanka and india. Krishna says that time hanuman and all the monkeys had gone to take as many stones they could to and hanuman went to bring the govardhan mountain too. Krishna says it was lord ram’s order that if the bridge was complete then they all should leave the stones they are carrying right at the place they were. Krishna says then hanuman kept the govardhan mountain at the place he was and it was in brij mandal, hanuman had then promised to govardhan mountain that for his help lord ram would for sure touch him one day which govardhan mountain wanted. Hanuman then went. In dwaparyug this wish of govardhan mountain was fulfilled when I picked it and hanuman was the witness of this. For 7 entire days when I stood with the mountain protecting people from the rain, hanuman stayed there as witness and saw me for 7 days in that rain.
Hanuman then also wanted to see my shree ram form so he got to see it. One wife of Krishna says and how did hanuman help the pandavas? Krishna says hanuman has helped a lot in mahabharat too, after mahabharat he helped the pandava brothers to let go off their ego too as some of them got ego after winning the battle against kauravas. One wife says how is that? Krishna says arjun the ansh of devraj indra had got some ego on his skills of bow and arrow, he thought he could do anything but once hanuman saw this and decided to break arjun’s ego. Krishna says this all happened in rameshwaram.
In the story, hanuman is in rameshwaram and arjun comes and sees the bridge built by the monkeys to lanka. Arjun says this is the bridge built by the monkeys but I know lord ram was an excellent archer then why did he make the monkeys take trouble to build this bridge? If it was me I would have built it with my arrows. Hanuman listens and says pandava arjun has this ego? A warrior like him should not be so egoistic but he should be modest. Hanuman says I have to teach arjun a lesson. Hanuman disguises as a monkey and as arjun is coming to the rameshwaram temple hanuman comes. arjun says where did this monkey come from? Hanuman stops and sees arjun and says see this bridge it was built by monkeys but a bridge more strong can only be built by one man, that is great archer arjun of the pandava brothers. Arjun smiles and says I am only arjun of the pandavas. Hanuman says what? You are arjun, I cant believe my eyes, I am so honored to meet you. Arjun says it is okay monkey, hanuman then says I do believe you can build a stronger bridge with your arrows and we don’t need a proof of that. Arjun smiles and says yes and says I will go to the temple. Hanuman says but…. Arjun says but? What happened monkey say clearly? Hanuman says no lord, I am just a dumb monkey and get dumb thoughts but I thought if your bridge could stand strong? Arjun says you doubt my skills! Hanuman says I am just a dumb monkey. Arjun says don’t worry I will build a bridge. Arjun with his arrows builds a bridge very fast. Hanuman says wow you built it so fast. Arjun says now try walking on it and dance on it as much as you like, it will not break. Hanuman keeps his foot and the bridge breaks. Arjun is shocked and hanuman smiles. Arjun thinks how did this bridge break?

Precap: Krishna tells everyone that arjun built the bridge once again and this time it was strong. In the story hanuman tries breaking the bridge with his weight but it doesn’t and hanuman thinks if this bridge wont break then arjun’s ego wont go.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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