Sanjivani- A Doctor’s Tale (SidIsha) Episode 1

Hi all! I am here with a new ff on Sanjivani with SidIsha as my leads..I wasn’t so happy with the current plot of Sanjivani, So i have decided to write a ff with a plot of my own..In case if you feel so horrible while watching Sanjivani you can maybe read my ff to soothe your minds..I guess I am the first one to write an ff on Sanjivani..So i need maximum support from you all…Here you go!

“Can I ask you something, Ishani”, asks Asha. “Go ahead.”replies, Ishani who is busy with arranging some files.

Asha says,“You will have to give me a genuine answer. I want an answer from your heart.”

“Okay, okay…Go on.”

Dr. Asha asks her question, “Do you feel attracted towards Dr.Sid?” Ishani is puzzled by her question. “What!??! Haven’t you got any other question to ask me Dr.Asha?? There are a plenty of questions to be asked related to science, medicine, politics, current affairs, world, climate, people and many more..But why this ridiculous question?? ” Asha continues, “But Ishani, why would I have to ask YOU questions related to science, medicine, politics, current affairs, world, climate, people and all?? I could ask questions related to these matters to Google, right? But I can’t ask Google whether you have got feelings for Sid or not, right? ” Ishani answers,”Okay, okay, but why do you have to ask me this irrelevant question to me now?” “Dr.Ishani, please calm down. Do you feel attracted towards Dr.Sid? Just give me a yes or no. ” Ishani replies sturdly, ”Well then, my answer is a NO.” Asha is surprised. “I don’t think so your answer is genuine.” Ishani asks, “What makes you think like that?”

Asha explains, “See Ishani. Do you remember that day when Sid was beaten badly by those goons while he was trying to rescue you?” Ishani recollects the incident when Sid was beaten badly. She gets disturbed. Asha continues, “You was crying so badly that day. You were praying to God to somehow save Sid from death. And you were really delighted on knowing about his recovery. You weren’t able to leave him. You wanted to be with him always during his time of recovery. And guess what, you were acting crazily whenever he was around you. So, these actions of yours tell me that you are having feelings for Dr.Sid.” Ishani gets confused while thinking about Sid. She goes on, “There is nothing like what you think. It’s just normal concern. That’s it. ” Asha says, “Well, it’s the NORMAL CONCERN which turns into LOVE.” Ishani is surprised. “What? Love? That too with the over smart, irresponsible and cunning Dr.Sid? Have you gone out of your mind??” She continues, “My love with Dr.Sid is not gonna work out. And I am damn sure about it. Dr.Asha, I have got a plenty of work to complete. So, please let me complete my work.” Asha replies, “You have got work to complete because I asked you a question regarding your feelings for Sid. You are just a coward. You aren’t even ready to answer to my question boldly.”

Ishani storms up from her seat and replies harshly, “Yeah, I am a coward. I am not bold enough to give a firm answer to your question. I am such an idiot in both professional and personal life. If you want to make a joke on me, then go on. Do it. Maybe you can put up banners all around Sanjivani with titles written as: ‘Dr.Ishani is a coward.’ How’s it? Maybe you can even give a public speech and make a joke on me. It would be much better. Wait. Maybe you can recommend to Dr.Shashank about firing me. That would be much much better.” Asha is bewildered. “Ishani…I…” Ishani interrupts, “No need of any explanation, Asha. You can go on and do whatever you like. Go propose Sid, get married to him and have kids, do whatever you like!!” Asha is stunned. Ishani stops suddenly. She realizes what she had just said. She then continues, “Except proposing Sid, marrying him and having kids with him, do whatever you like!!” “But Ishani..wait…Ishani..” Ishani ignores Asha. She runs away hurriedly outside from the room.

Asha then says to herself, “I am damn sure that Ishani is in love with Sid. Wait and watch until I make her confess her love to Sid.” Asha then continues, “So,  Dr.Ishani, is my new patient from now on, who is infected with the virus ‘LOVERIA’. Don’t worry Babydoll, I will cure you very soon by making you and Dr.Sid unite.”


To Be Continued…

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