Sanjivani 6th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishani feels insulted

Sanjivani 6th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sid saying its confirmed that Riya has Refsum disease, we are trying our best to cure her. Riya’s mum thanks him. He praises her. He says Ishani didn’t like my way of working. He hears an announcement and goes to Vardaan. Ishani comes to Vardaan and says nurse told me that you called me here. Vardaan says I didn’t call you, I forgot, I m sorry. She says that’s okay. Sid comes and sees her leaving. Vardaan asks Ishani to shut the door while leaving. She leaves. Vardaan says Dr. Sid, here we are again, I heard about your doings, you thought to beat a trustee and you will get saved. Sid says maybe Ishani felt so by her theory.

Vardaan says none is ruining others’ lives like you, I had to call Desai and apologize so that he doesn’t take action on you, where is your sense of responsibility, Sanjivani is running because of his funding, I have made a personal rapport so you got saved, I can get you arrested, I won’t do that, I care for Sanjivani’s reputation when Shashank gave approval for luxury ward, who would like to come here knowing doctors beat up, I have no time to suspend you, I decided to cut your 6 months salary if you behave well, if you do anything again, I will cut annual salary. Sid says its wrong. Vardaan asks him to write his resignation. He says people don’t get any option, I gave you many choices, let me know. Sid goes. Vardaan says game starts.

Sid goes to Ishani and throws her papers. He scolds her for playing with his career. Anjali, Juhi and everyone look on. Sid says I won’t be quiet, see what I do now. He goes. Ishani says you did everything, I will see. Asha says they fight like husband and wife always. Ishani asks them to work. Vardaan smiles and says children are true at heart and immature, thanks Desai for making this problem hurt them. Asha tells Ishani about the case. Ishani asks did you see Sid, how can he shout on me. They see some posters of Ishani. They get shocked reading… daughter of Arora family, murderer’s daughter. Asha asks how can Sid do this. Ishani recalls Sid’s words. Asha asks Aman to remove posters. She says don’t worry, everyone will forget this. The staff gets talking. Asha says don’t make news, Ishani is our colleague, leave. Ishani runs out crying. Sid gets the poster. He gets shocked.

Sid stops her. He asks are you fine. She says don’t come in front of me, you did this. He says you think I did this. She says you threatened me. He says you complained with me so I got angry. She asks will you do such a thing, you got my fear out, I came to become a good doctor, people will see me like they used to see my parents, they will judge me, you have made my nightmare true, you are a liar, emotionless, you don’t think before hurting anyone. Sid says I didn’t do this. Vardaan looks on. Ishani says I have done wrong. She goes. Sid says I didn’t do this. Asha scolds him. Ishani goes away and sits crying. She hits on a chair in anger.

Rahil asks did you take lunch. Sid gets silent. Rahil says I know you didn’t fix those posters, is everything fine, may I help. Sid asks him to go and have lunch. Rahil says come along, its okay. He goes. Ishani comes to hospital. Vardaan takes away her card. Aman and Asha take away her uniform. Everyone ill treats her. Rahil blackens her face. She sits crying. Sid comes and hits her. Ishani wakes up from the dream. She gets Asha’s call. Asha asks are you coming to Sanjivani. Ishani says I don’t know.

Ishani says I don’t want to work under Dr. Sid. Ishani says just you can do this Rishabh. Sid asks Ishani to listen. Ishani slaps him. Rishabh and other doctors refuse to get Ishani in their team. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. 1 thing was superb that I misinterpreted all colleagues….they were supportive….and vardhaan….how cleverly tricked them….why these both misunderstand each other so much. Well!!! For strangers it’s very common but then also…why can’t they sit and talk. Again Dr Shashank was missing?????

    Precap-why I feel that to leave this show will be a better option. It’s better they introduce a parallel pair to revive the TRPs. It’s out of top 5

  2. Episode was very depressing. There was not even a single happy moment today. I really missed Dr. Shashank cuz he is the only one who can remove the misunderstandings between Ishani and Sid. Dr. Sid is not wrong in a way cuz Ishani has done this even before so he can’t trust her but Ishani should trust Sid as he never did anything like this before with her. Plz plz plz remove all the misunderstandings between the two in Monday’s episode cuz I can’t see sad faces of Ishani and Sid and also their friends.
    Precap was just like today’s episode so no comments on that.

  3. Ishani has so much issues and these Doctors need to behave themselves. Acting like Gali ke chichore. No etiquettes of their profession.

  4. What has ishani done? Do you guys think thaj she had complained on sid? She did not. It was mr.desai. But when sid blamed her for cancelling his salary, she would have told that she was not behind it. That’s she had to do. Really disgusting.

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