Sanjivani 6th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sid gets seizures

Sanjivani 6th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani getting her patient’s file. She says Sid doesn’t matter to me, why did I feel restless seeing his state, why did I run away, don’t know. She sees NV. He asks what will happen if you hurt yourself. She says I shouldn’t be hurt, but I m much hurt. He asks her to use this concern to help Sid. They hear the emergency announcement, patient in room 4 has collapsed. They rush. Rahil goes to inject Sid. Ishani stops him. NV says Ishani will stay here. Philo says Sid may have cardiac arrest. They look for the injection. Ishani gives it to NV and stays away. Rahil thanks NV. He injects Sid. Rahil says his pulse is falling, start shock therapy now. They all treat Sid. Ishani gets tensed.

Rahil tries to revive Sid. Ishani holds the table end tightly. Her hand bleeds. NV says this is the chance, do something, just you can do it, come on. He shouts to Ishani. She sees Sid. NV shouts no… Philo and Rahil cry for Sid. Rahil says nothing happened to Sid. Ishani shouts no, move Rahil, give me, charge 250. She tries to revive Sid. Sid says Ishani and opens eyes…. They all look on.

NV smiles. Sid closes eyes again. NV asks what’s happening. Rishabh checks Sid. Philo says Sid is okay. NV asks is he okay. Rishabh says he is stable. Rahil injects Sid and says he will be fine. NV says it was tough, but you did it, right, you have to fight the battle, congrats. He gets a call. The man says come out fast, its a big problem. NV asks what happened, I m coming. He asks them to come for the emergency. They all leave. Ishani cries seeing Sid. The lady says a flyover collapsed, there are many casualties, we have less staff, what to do.

He asks about new nursing staff. He sees Ishani going. The lady says they are on training, doctors are busy. NV thinks. The lady says you have a lunch meeting today. NV says I will go there with the doctors team. He asks the doctors to prove it, they have less staff, but they have to face this challenge, are they with him. They say yes. NV comes to Ishani and pacifies her. He says you let these painful tears go, I have to go, will you promise me and manage if there is any emergency, I m not giving an order, but requesting. He goes. NV attends the patients and assigns work to everyone. He says we already have a good team in Sanjivani.

Ishani comes to Sid. Rishabh thinks Ishani has stood like a rock. Sid gets seizure attack. Rishabh asks Ishani to pass the injection, hurry up. Nurse gets the injection. Ishani gets worried and takes the pill. Rishabh injects Sid. He sees Ishani. He asks nurse to call Rahil and Philo back, they have to operate Sid. Ishani sees Sid falling and holds him. Rishabh treats Sid. Sid gets calm. Rishabh says come on, we have to shift Sid to OT. NV asks everyone to be careful. He calls out Rahil. Rahil gets a call. The man says Sid is getting seizures attack. He asks what, how. He tells this to NV and Philo. She says Rishabh and Ishani are there. Rahil says don’t know if Ishani can help. NV asks them to go to Sanjivani. Ishani looks on. Rishabh says there is excess swelling in Sid’s brain. NV says its Ishani’s test, I hope she is taking care of patient.

Rishabh asks Ishani to just follow his instructions. He does a mistake and blames Ishani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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