Sanjivani 3rd September 2019 Written Episode Update: Shashank thinks over Vardaan’s proposal

Sanjivani 3rd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani, Sid, Asha, Aman and Neil dancing on Abhi to party shuru hui hai….Ishani falls in Sid’s arms. Sid holds her. At the hospital, Asha says I didn’t tell you to keep any special party for special friend. Sid sees Ishani playing with the boy and smiles. Asha asks did you start liking her. Sid says your diagnosis is wrong, its nothing like that. The girl asks why did you get me here. Her mum says you may have eyesight problem, you fainted on the stage. The girl says don’t lie to me always. Her mum says she doesn’t have a dad. The girl says don’t lie, tell me who is my dad. Sid looks on and recalls asking his mum about his dad. She says he is not a part of our lives now, don’t say this. Sid asks again and again. FB ends. Ishita says this girl has eyesight problem. Sid says hand it over to Rishabh, I m not interested. Nurse says Shashank fell ill, I heard Sanjivani is in debts, our jobs are at risk. Sid says nothing will happen, I will talk to Shashank.

Shashank says I can’t do anything. Sid says I don’t think Sanjivani is bearing losses. Juhi shows the reports. Ishani asks how can we be in such debt. Sid says I will get original reports from Vardaan. Sid and Ishani go. Shashank says I don’t know Juhi, what shall I do, I can’t let Sanjivani go bankrupt. Vardaan says we will get luxury ward soon. Rahul asks him not to let Juhi in their way, what about Sid. Vardaan says don’t worry, he has been handled. Ishani asks will you make me do any illegal work. Sid says don’t doubting, you have to use your talent, flirt a bit. She asks what, did you go mad. He shows the nerdy guy from accounts department. He says you have to take him from here. The guy asks do you want any help.

She says I m new here, will you come on a date with me. He says sure. She says dandruff, disgusting, well, I mean you have such great hair. Sid signs eyes. She says your eyes…. the guy removes his specs. She says your eyes are so beautiful… yellow, do you have jaundice, you come with me to the lab, we will have our first date there, do not touch me, come. They leave. Sid goes in and thinks I will find the original reports. Rahul says Sid may doubt that you made fake reports. Sid smiles and leaves. Rahul asks what will you do now.

Vardaan says I will wait. He asks why does Sid think I made fake reports. Sid says just you can take this, here are the original finance reports. Vardaan says thanks, I knew you will do this, yes I made fake reports, if I said this to Shashank, he would have not believed me, he trusts Sid, I wanted Sid to get the real reports, Sid gets pleasure in proving me wrong. Sid says well played Sir, you are typical Saas conspiring in Sanjivani. Vardaan says if I could save Sanjivani, you can call me anything, Sanjivani is really in danger. Juhi says he is right. Vardaan asks if we convert the general ward into luxury ward, what’s the harm. Shashank asks how will we get funds. Vardaan says I have a reliable investor, choice is yours, if we lose him, even I can’t save Sanjivani, you have 24 hours. Shashank says I need time to think, I want to be alone.

Juhi and Sid leave. Neil says there is much blood around, I feel like vomiting. Sid says you vomit in any bin around, don’t run from your duty. Rishabh says you are advising him not to run and you are running away, its a 9year old girl case, are you afraid of darkness. Sid says I m busy with Shashank. Rishabh asks why did you hand over the case to me, I know your problem, patient Riya Das, mother name is Mukta Das, father…. that place is blank, the girl is an illegitimate child, did you recall your story, I can understand, I would have felt ashamed if I was an illegitimate child like you, do your work, I won’t treat your patient, I m always there to help. He goes.

Juhi comes to Shashank and says you didn’t leave your old habir. He says no, its wonderful, the sight of anew life entering the world, its such a great feeling, I feel proud seeing Anjali, she feels I don’t admire her talent. She says she acts like a hitler and becomes a stubborn teenager in front of you, don’t tell her that I called her a hitler. He says I won’t, tell me what shall I do. She says your involvement is necessary in all the decisions. He says I don’t want to give any chance to Vardaan. She says yes, you shouldn’t sell your remaining shares, will all the problems get solved, no, if you lose your right, then Vardaan will put up a market here, I know what Sanjivani means to you, you won’t be able to forgive yourself if you don’t do anything for Sanjivani.

Ishani asks Sid are you handling Riya’s case. He says yes. She says vitamin A treatment didn’t show any effect, do you trust me. He asks what. She says answer me. He says I trust you. She says its Refsum disease. He says patient loses all senses in this disease. She says if we don’t treat her, she will be dying. He says we will have to separate plasma and change the blood, her life could be at risk. She says we will confirm her parents’ DNA, her mum is here, she isn’t ready to tell about Riya’s dad. He asks is it imp than Riya’s life. He goes. She thinks why is he so worried for Riya’s case, what’s the matter.

Riya’s mum says I don’t want Riya to know about her dad. Sid recalls his mum. Ishani asks can you see your childhood in Riya. Sid breaks a car windscreen.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I guess sid is shashank’s son????

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I don’t think it will happen… But lets wait for truth to come.out

    2. Abhisha Reddy

      I hope so???

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Ishani and Sid bonding as doctors and friends is getting stronger slowly????

    2. Can’t take my eyes off from Shashank and Juhi????

    3. Hope Vardhan truth come out soon…

  3. #hate_anjali_&_vardhaan…?????

  4. ILLEGITIMATE word has become so used and common these days after naamkaran focussed on the topic, I guess????

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