Sanjivani 3rd March 2020 Written Episode Update: Sid goes missing

Sanjivani 3rd March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishabh and Rahil saying Sid is missing. Ishani says did he run away. NV asks them to find him. He asks Ishani to come. She asks for her medicines. He says calm down, I don’t break promises, I will give the medicines when Sid gets stable. Sid is walking on the road. NV and Ishani look for him and ask people. NV sees Ishani and thinks she is getting hyper, sorry, I can’t make her depend on the pills. He gives her water. Sid stumbles and falls down. The women see him and talk about him. Ishani hears them and rushes to see. Rishabh says we already tried to find Sid. Rahil says I m afraid that he does something in anger.

NV and Ishani find Sid. NV asks her to call Sanjivani and inform that they found Sid. Sid says get away, I have no place in Ishani’s life. Ishani says we will go to hospital and talk. Sid pushes her. She falls down. NV asks are you okay. He asks Ishani to just listen to him, nothing will happen to her. He recalls doctor’s words. He ties the gurudwara cloth to her hand and asks her to open eyes. Sid argues and goes. NV makes Ishani drink water. He holds her hand. They see Sid gone. NV says he was just here. He gets Rahil’s call. He says we found him, but he left, find him. Sid reaches the Gurudwara. Bebe sees him and ties the cloth to his forehead. She calls NV and says Sid is here, he is lying unconscious. NV says keep an eye on him, don’t talk to him. They reach the Gurudwara. Ishani checks Sid. She says his heart rate is high, his tumor may have a rupture, we have to take him quickly.

Rahil and Rishabh treat Sid. Bebe is with Ishani. She explains that some medicines relief us for some time and then the pain gets high, we get habitual of the medicines, we can’t get rid of it later. Bebe says NV is adamant to stop you from making pills, what’s the need to take pills, medicate, hang out with friends and keep mind calm. Ishani thinks I had a doubt that NV knows it and Bebe knows it now. Sid gets conscious. He says I don’t want to stay here. NV says calm down, please cooperate, if Shashank was here in my place, would you behave this way. He says I can understand what you are going through, its bad when you are wronged, but having a misunderstanding is like a poison. He thinks to lie to Sid.

He says Ishani and my marriage is a pretence, a forced one, her uncle and aunt got us married, there is nothing between us, no love, no feelings or rights, she was never mine. Sid asks does that mean Ishani is still mine. NV says yes. Rahil injects medicines. Sid asks don’t you love her. NV says its about you, not me, I get possessive for the one I love, else it doesn’t matter, Ishani is free, she can do anything. Sid says when I get fine, will Ishani and I get together forever. He falls asleep. Ishani sees NV. He gives her the pill box and says I promised you. She checks his hand wound and does dressing.

Rishabh says I have done many such surgeries, and Ishani…. NV says she was preparing for the surgery and she will do it. Ishani says I have to say something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    the show should go missing, dragging on too much.

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