Sanjivani 30th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid and Ishani save Neeti

Sanjivani 30th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan saying wherever I stay, my eyes and my focus are on every corner of Sanjivani. Sid says if anything happens to Neeti, it will be a murder and you will be the murderer. Vardaan jokes. He says everything can be bought by money, another chance to live, I m feeling bad for Neeti, but I can’t do this. Sid raises hand on him and stops. Vardaan asks why did you stop, slap me, so you got scared of me. Sid says you will regret it. Vardaan says out…..

Ishani comes to Trisha’s parents. The man asks why did you bring these kids that I melt my heart and agree. She says look at these kids and their tears, they are orphans, Trisha can save Neeti, her death will have a meaning, I can understand your pain, I still feel this pain after losing my parents, I was younger than these kids when I lost them. The man says I don’t want to know, if you force us, I will call the police. They cry. Ishani says I know I m forcing you, sorry for that, if I don’t save Neeti’s life, I will never be able to forgive myself, think about them. The man asks is there no chance for my daughter to survive, why. Neeti’s brother hugs the man and says I m also feeling bad, my sister is also lying there like a dead body. He says aunty, doctor said my sister needs fever to get fine. The lady says not fever, liver. She hugs the boy. Ishani says Dr. Sid…. and stops him. She says Neeti got a donor, prepare her for the surgery. Sid smiles.

Sid and his team operate Neeti. Ishani asks what did I say, if a person’s intentions is true, even fate supports you. Sid says you and your proverbs, don’t give me attitude. She says I have saved Neeti’s life. He says I can’t express how happy I m, thanks, you hvae no idea about our fight with these people. She says its a perfect match right. He says but the liver isn’t perfect, its infected. She asks how, we couldn’t miss it. He says don’t worry. Asha asks what to do of donor liver. Ishani says liver is filled with pus, we have to give her antibiotics. Sid says we have few mins, this liver will be dead. Ishani says we will do something. Sid says we can’t allow Neeti to die, we have to take a decision right now, wait, I m the senior doctor, I will decide, don’t worry, Ishani add the injection in IV line and empty the liver fluid, we have to get BP in normal range first, her body is responding.

Anjali says you don’t have much problem with luxury ward. Shashank says as you have decided to become chief of that, don’t come in Vardaan’s sugary words, his intentions aren’t right, he want to make my daughter against me. She sees a father and daughter. She asks do you see them. He says since a long time. She says I m jealous of her, she has a dad who cares for her more than his sorrows and pain, her happiness matters to him. He says if that dad looked at me, he would have felt jealoys of me, he would wish to be on the wheelchair, not his daughter, its different view. Anjali says I wish you could understand my perception, I m getting the post by my capabilities. He says I want to protect you. She says I want your support wholeheartedly. Asha says we can give her antibiotic now. Sid says be careful, she won’t survive, I m not sure about this injection. Ishani says relax, I m following your rules and gave that 4ml injection.

Sid comes to see Neeti. She gets conscious and sees her brothers. He says you started worrying for them. Sid asks Rahil to drop them home. He says I will be with Neeti, Aai made tasty chole bhature, come on. Rahil takes them. Neeti says I heard I won’t get a liver, how did you do this operation. Sid says we took the right path and it worked for the first time, Ishani has made this possible, you can thank her, I can say sorry. Ishani says someone needs to be thanked for this, its their daughter’s liver. Trisha’s parents come. Neeti thanks them. The lady says we are happy that Trisha will be alive in you. Neeti says I promise I will make Trisha and you proud. Ishani sees Sid. He goes out. She says you seem irritating and also emotional. He says I also think the same about you, the strangers who don’t know each other end up being so close. She says we don’t have a relation. He laughs and says I wasn’t talking about us, you are a fool, come I need to brief you about post op care.

They discuss the medications and tests. He asks did you do liver transplant before. Ishani says no, what did you call me, I m not that foolish. He says yes, but you are an emotional fool, shift Neeti to ward when she gets stable. She says you are forgetting something, challenge, I won. He says congrats, well done. She says thanks, do you agree that things can be done honestly. He says I will work according to you. She asks how did you agree so easily. He says its beginner’s luck, I know you will come to me. She says okay. He says crying…. Guard stops someone. The man says let me go, its not a gun, but my prestige. The guard asks him to put the gun outside. The man points gun at the guards. Sid and Ishani look on shocked. She asks what is the matter. Sid comes before Ishani when the man points gun at her.

Sid asks Asha and Ishani to run. He announces stop the activities in MRI room right now. Aman sends a boy into the MRI machine.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. They can now easily operate any person if found battling with death….makers r really focussing on their profession ????nothing more to comment now…let’s wait for Monday

  2. Can someone tell me where this hospital is located???? I find it like a heaven.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      H Ha ha ha…. Its an imginary hospital… Just created for focus on doctors…

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Ishani said right: Legally and with good intensions, even god helps??
    2. Anjali is soooo brainless since dil mil gaye and still.. She never figure out b/w wrong and right, just want powers??????? i wonder sometime how she became doctor?????
    3. Sid and Ishani doesn’t have chemistry spark, which still Juhi and Shanshak hold, even after so long time?????

    1. SsiyAa

      when vedant will betray her she will get her lessons. And i agree both ishani and sid are good actors, but still lack that chemistry spark.

    2. That spark was there only when they were fighting and did the operation of that dead body type patient together after that no spark.

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Agreed with you both..

  4. Nice episode

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