Sanjivani 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid doubts Asha

Sanjivani 2nd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani saying I was mad to show you the truth, you will just see what you want, I was a fool, you keep your eyes closed, Lord also wants to help the ones who help themselves, when you don’t care, why should I care, if you accepted this plotting as your bad fate, then I m done, I have given up. She says Asha, keep your husband. She says Sid, you stay like a Devta, I m better like a human, I won’t say anything, congrats for your marriage and wife. She cries and goes. Sid also goes. Asha thinks now none can save Sid from winning.

Ishani thinks of his words and cries. Sid recalls her words and says maybe you are right. Ishani says I failed. Rahil consoles him. Sid says why would Asha do this, Asha is tolerating a lot, I have supported Asha and her baby, she can’t do this. He gets angry. Rahil says Sid would need someone’s support, can you stay away from Sid. Ishani says I don’t know if I can stay away from him, but I have to stay away. Sid says I can’t be of Asha or Ishani, sorry Ishani, I will respect your word. Vardaan smiles. Asha says I feel sad for Sid. Vardaan asks did you fall in love for your husband. He shows the surgery board. She smiles seeing her name. He says you wanted this right, you proved yourself in my game, so you had to get the reward. She says its a big surgery for a first year…. He says congrats, don’t become oversmart and beware of Ishani, Ishani loves Sid a lot, the woman who is in love can do anything for it, you love your career, see what you are doing for it, love is a dangerous diseases, it ruins people. He goes. She smiles seeing her name.

Sid waits for Ishani. Ishani comes. Sid gets the ink stain on his coat and thinks what to do. Ishani sees him and says now I won’t try to clean the stain, you have your wife with you. Asha smiles and thinks Ishani made my work easy, this drama has to end. Sid comes to Ishani. Ishani says like people match kundlis before marriage, they should match kundlis before love also, so that they know what the person can do. She goes. Dilbara….plays… Sid goes after her. He passes his tiffin with aloo parathas. She doesn’t eat it. She goes and gets a foot sprain. He forwards hand. She doesn’t take help. He goes to help. She goes out and sits in the lawn. She enjoys the sunlight.

Sid blocks the sunlight. She asks him not to bring darkness in her life. He says sorry, just listen to me once. She asks did you listen to me, how can you hope that someone else listens to you. He says you can hate me, don’t punish yourself, move on, I can see everything ending, I don’t want you to… She says don’t care for me, I m still fine. He says forget our relation and move on. She asks who are you to tell me, I felt you love me and then married someone, I will do what my heart wants because I have a right. He says fine, don’t get involved in my matter, its affecting your life and career. She says thanks for the advice, can you see the sun, it doesn’t change his place, once you change your place, you will know that sunlight falls everywhere and we see a different shadow, stand in other’s position and see, maybe you find something different, think about Asha, do you think I will say such a big thing about any girl, my colleague, just like that, think about it. She goes.

Sid checks the patients. Neil asks him to check medicines. Sid gets Asha’s message…. have lunch, I m busy in OT in a surgery. Sid replies okay. Neil says we shall go for lunch, I feel sad that you are checking patients in general ward. Sid says its fine, patient is a patient, be it in general ward or special ward. Sid says one injection is less. He goes. Asha comes there and writes something. She goes. Sid sees her. She says I thought you are going to have lunch. He says yes, what are you doing here, you said you are going to Ot. He recalls Ishani’s words.

Sid says whatever you told about Asha is right. Ishani says you broke my heart. Sid promises to make everything fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    Ishani is correct in giving Sid the cold shoulder.

    1. i feel the same.and atleat this time wish ashas mask would be pulled off.n sid would realise what is what.

  2. Now at least sid knows that asha is behind all this. But the sad part is that this twist has removed many viewers. And there are rumors that show will go off air soon and I don’t want that I have so many expectations from the Sanjivani. Shurbhi and Namit looks good so plz be this rumors a wrong one.

    1. MaddieDaddie9966

      Yeah you are right..I never ever thought that Asha will become a negative character…coz for me Asha and Ishani are the ones which gives us the best friendship goals…It was difficult to grasp the fact that Asha is indeed a villain..This twist has let me and many other viewers to stop watching Sanjivani..I literally stopped watching the show the moment they brought the twist of Sid and Asha’s marriage….
      I hope so the makers will soon eliminate this twist and reunite SidIsha…I am not watching Sanjivani frequently these days as I lost interest in it and I am perhaps watching YJHJK instead of it…But if Sanjivani ends this stupid twist and comes back on the old medical track then I will definitely start watching the show once again…

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