Sanjivani 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Ishani comes across Dr. Sid

Sanjivani 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Epsode starts with Bebe thinking Ishani and Ratan will get away if Sid comes in between them, Ratan is trying hard to help Ishani come out of this darkness, I can’t let Sid come in front of Ishani. NV asks Ishani to have the halwa, its sent by Bebe with much love. Ishani gets seated. Bebe asks Philo to not let Ishani come in front of Sid. Philo says NV has assigned Sid’s case to Ishani. Bebe says I have an idea. NV gets the halwa. Khamoshiyan….plays… He eats the halwa and likes it. Ishani stays silent.

Bebe asks Philo not to worry, her job will not go anywhere, Sid will go out of the hospital. She says I m Ratan’s boss, support me, this is the only way left. Ishani also eats the halwa. NV smiles. Bebe says we have to do this work before Ishani and Ratan see Sid, don’t worry, I will get Sid treated well, I will pray for him at Gurudwara, its matter of three lives. Philo says we have to take Ishani’s sign, since she is handling this case. Philo comes to Ishani. Bebe signs her. Ishani asks are all the tests done. Bebe says yes, just sign here, you trust me right. Ishani signs the papers.

Bebe and Philo take Sid on the stretcher. They see NV and worry. NV says you are still here. Philo hides Sid in the morgue. Bebe says I was seeing your hospital, its great. He goes on a call. Philo takes some other patient’s body. The ward boys take Sid and put the tag of John on his foot. Philo asks ward boys to shift the patient to other hospital. Bebe thanks her. Ishani comes to the ward and thinks where did the patient go. She doesn’t see Sid. Sid is laid inside the coffin. Ishani asks the nurse. The nurse says patient was with Philo. Doctor says your patient who is transferred here is already dead. NV says you are mistaken, whose sign does the file has. The doctor says Ishani Singh. He goes to Ishani and asks her what does she think, will she do anything, how did she transfer the patient. She asks what do you mean.

He scolds her. She says I didn’t do anything. He says patient was in coma, the doctor said the patient was dead since 48 hours. He calls the ward boy and asks if they have sent any dead body from the morgue. The ward boy says yes, John’s body was unclaimed, so we have sent him to the graveyard. NV says it means John was sent to city hospital and patient was sent to cemetery, do you know the meaning of this mistake, just pray that an alive man isn’t buried, else this murder will be on your head. Sid is buried. NV drags Ishani. They leave in the car.

She thinks how to explain him, I was also finding the patient. He asks her to pray. They reach the graveyard and look for John’s grave. Ishani calls him out. He says this soil looks wet, we will check here, I hope the patient is here and alive. They dig the grave and take out the coffin. He prays. He asks Ishani to just do it, its about someone’s life and death. She passes a rod. He opens the coffin. Ishani gets shocked seeing Sid. NV checks the patient’s pulse. She says Dr. Sid…. NV gets shocked and asks what, Dr. Sid…. our Sanjivani’s doctor, yours….. She nods. He says Dr. Siddhant Mathur…. He sees John’s tag fixed to his feet. He says he is Sanjivani’s patient number 4, he is not John, he is Dr. Sid, his pulse has stopped, get on the job doctor. He runs to get help. Ishani recalls Sid.

NV tries to revive Sid. Ishani cries. She faints. NV holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Bebe and Phillo did this wrong and even due to confusion Sid was Burried… But I hope Ishani should come out of pain and choose NV rather than Sid, who always leave her when ever see trouble and later say sorry….???????????

    1. Sid left because of something don’t 4gt there was a reason why he left y do some of you 4get things so fast sid was always there for ishani but see you 4got all that simple because he left

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      I agree he left for something, but he hurtef Ishani soo much that she even not confident as she used to be… And he was there for her but every time when trouble come he always leave her as well…

  2. I feel that the makers are trying to create an ugly image of nv on the viewers’ mind. Are they trying to turn nv negative? And there may be a big connection between sid’s condition and nv’s past, which is still unexplained. Also the mystery of union of #navisha has not been unfold. Something is very very fishy and confusing. (i have never felt so confused and afraid of a storyline of a tv serial..until now. Also feeling uncomfortable.)

    1. Yes you are right. The union of Navisha is also not unfolded. I think Sid will get fine and Ishani may go with him again. Nv has already fallen for Ishani. There will be a love triangle between 3 of them.

    2. Ya I also hoping the makers would not make NV as a negative character.i want Ishani to realise that NV is the one for her

    3. Not only that. We don’t know anything exactly about nv, though he is a newly appearing protagonist and most of us love him… feeling so weird about that..but however eagerly waiting for next update….

  3. Feeling little doubtful about the storyline

  4. MaddieDaddie9966

    It seems like Sid will come back and SidIsha will reunite again…For which I am not so happy! NV’s character is really mysterious and I guess the makers are turning him -ve…
    I want a big change in Sid’s character if SidIsha reunites again…I want him to mend his ways and become more logical and sensible in his professional and personal career..If that doesn’t happen, then we would be seeing more breakups of SidIsha in the the future…And then, once again, I would stop watching the show because of Sid’s intolerable behavior…

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