Sanjivani 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update: NV vents anger on Ishani

Sanjivani 27th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with NV getting angry. He recalls Ishani’s word. The man says there is a patient from nursing home crashing site. He keeps the file. The file drops. NV looks on. He keeps the file. Ishani comes. NV says I don’t want to waste more time, you mean I shouldn’t get after you, the patient was waiting, I was talking to you, she wanted you to operate, Rishabh had to do the surgery. He asks her to tell him when she will get ready. He says I m trying to understand your pain since 2 years, I m trying to encourage you, you should have a willingness to get rid of this pain. She thinks I came to thank him. She says I did a mistake to come here. He says yes, you should be in OT, you didn’t try and lost, you have the talent to save a life, you don’t want to save anyone, ask someone who lost his dear one, that too a doctor. He gets sad.

He says the time which passes doesn’t come back, don’t get too late, you make take your time, there is a new patient in room no. 4. He gives her the file. She goes. Bebe comes to the hospital. Ishani drops the file and picks. She doesn’t see Sid’s pic. Bebe says I got Gajar ka halwa to congratulate Ishani. NV says she didn’t do it. She says its fine, we can still have the halwa. He says right. She asks what did you do, did you tell her anything, did you scold her, you know her state, you are always angry. He says I behave well with her, I m also a human. She says you always say the same thing, you are running a big hospital, wound gives pain, I know you want to cure her wound, you can’t decide when will this get fine. Ishani comes to Sid’s ward. She waits until Sid gets a change. Bebe asks NV to say sorry. He asks why will I say sorry when I didn’t do anything wrong. She asks him to go and say sorry.

Ishani goes to Sid. NV comes there with coffee. She thinks what happened to him suddenly. He says you are stubborn, its good, I m also stubborn, you are taking some time, fine. Ishani says I will need time to have hot coffee. She taunts him. He says I understand, it takes time, who knows it better than me, no need to tell me anything, whatever you feel. She thinks he is saying sorry without saying sorry. He says you can take care of this patient. She thanks him. Khamoshiyan…plays…. He gets up. The coffee falls over her coat. Philo says I was told about the new patient. NV says yes, Ishani will take care of him, I will go. Ishani says I will clean this and come, then I will attend. Philo gets shocked seeing Sid. She says Dr. Sid…. NV has given Sid’s case to Ishani, if she sees Sid, then she will die. Bebe looks on. She recalls asking NV if he liked Ishani, she is so pretty, she is a doctor. NV says she is true, she was saying the truth, you know she told me that she loved some doctor in Sanjivani, she was waiting for him in the mandap, he didn’t come because of some reason, she is clean hearted, I was surprised that she was telling this to me, she is true. FB ends. Bebe asks Philo to pull the curtain fast. Ishani comes.

She asks Bebe is everything fine. Bebe says yes, I got halwa for you. Ishani says I will check the patient. Philo says some tests are left, I will call you, you go now. Ishani goes. Philo says Sid and Ishani are here. Bebe says even Ratan is here, this isn’t right, don’t let Ishani meet Dr. Sid. Ishani says Philo and Bebe were behaving strange. She goes to the cafeteria. She sees someone and recalls Sid. She gets up to leave. NV comes. She slips. He holds her.

NV and Ishani dig up a grave and find the patient inside. NV checks him. Ishani says Dr. Sid….

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. whats going on in the precap there

    hiding sid from ishani is nota good thing she will face him one day or the other

    bebe n philo should not play negative roles

    1. I wonder y they will hide sid I think there’s something babe is hiding

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am actually liking show now, though I miss juhi and shashank chemistry but NV is far good pair for Ishani rather than Sid… Hope Ishani choose NV not Sid in future

    1. Mee too…I was actually getting so bored of Sanjivani that I used to watch it for time pass…. Now I am totally into it…I mean since Saturday I kept on checking for spoilers, future updates
      I really like the upcoming Navisha chemistry ?

  3. Nv’s anger is almost justified. Makers should not forget that they must not patch up sid aur ishani together if they want to keep the show’s ratings high. Love the last scene (ishani slips and nv holds her). Also hate the precap. #NavIsha

    1. Yes the last scene was superb.

  4. Guys, if i say honestly, i am being fallen for nv!! More than ishani. I cannot help it. OMG… Seems ridiculous. But true…

  5. Me too they really have amazing connections

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