Sanjivani 26th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid saves his uncle Guddu

Sanjivani 26th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan asking Ishani to decide. He goes. Sid and Neeti check some people to treat them. The man says you have become a big doctor, still you have good sense of humor. Sid says its your blessing that I have become a doctor. Neeti says you should be in hospital now. Sid says there are 15 more doctors there, not top class like me. A lady gets her little girl and says she has turned blue, she isn’t able to breath. Sid asks Neeti to get oxygen. He asks for inhaler. He says she isn’t inhaling, give the bottle and funnel fast. He uses that as a pump for the inhaler. He says Aradhya is fine now, I will get you a nebulizer, Neeti will explain how to use it. Neeti says you were right, you are everything for him.

Anjali checks some files. Vardaan comes and asks her to have coffee. She says someone else took my reward, that’s the funny thing, I had kept this Chief of surgery coffee cup since long, what to do now, shall I throw it away or give it to Juhi. He says trust me, keep it safely, luxury ward…. the richest patients will come here for treatment, you can head that wing, the first Luxury ward in medical history, you will be the chief. She asks how do I repay for this favor. He says you are Shashank’s daughter, you don’t trust me, you are the most talented and deserving doctor, take your time. She asks how will you convince dad. He says patience pays off, keep this mug safely.

Ishani says you called me uncle… Shashank says that board meeting is today about your statement against Sid for bribery, corruption and cheating, I know you would be nervous, I can understand that, it wouldn’t be easy for you. She says it wasn’t tough for me, its okay. He says true, I agree with you, are you doing the right thing.

Guddu shouts on everyone and says I will perform a magic now. The boy asks how will you do. Guddu pours Kerosene on himself. The people shout. The man says he will light fire, go and stop him. They shout to stop Guddu. The man runs to Sid and says your uncle will die. Sid runs. Shashank says Sid will never get a job in the medical job. Ishani asks do you know what he does. Shashank says no, I don’t even want to know, if I had known things, I would have taken your step, Sid might be wrong, but his intentions aren’t wrong, he is a man of principles, I feel that, he tries to help those who don’t get help from the system. She says I also have my principles. He says I trust you, you won’t take any wrong decision. She says take care and leaves.

Sid’s mum shouts to stop Guddu. Sid comes there. He says we will play, the boys can leave, its not a big deal for me, I can cause a bigger blast than you, don’t move now. He also puts kerosene on him. His mum shouts. Sid says she isn’t getting us play. Gudu says let us play. Sid says its time for Guddu’s fav cartoon, Aflatoon. Guddu says oh yes. Sid says its to be continued episode, we will play later, lets go and watch cartoon. Guddu says no, we will do this and become superhero. Sid says yes, let me first get my ipad, don’t move. Guddu lights the matchstick. Sid gets a bucket of water and pours on him.

Guddu sees Sid and smiles. He asks did you hear the water exploding. Sid’s mum hugs Guddu and asks are you fine. Guddu says yes. Everyone claps for Guddu. Sid’s mum hugs him and says its good you got late to go to hospital today. Sid says actually, I didn’t get late, I have been fired. She gets shocked.

Nurse gets Sania to Ishani. Sania thanks her and asks where is Sid, I want to thank him, did he get fired for treating me. Ishani asks nurse to take Sania. Sid says Ishani has proof, she has shot a video and mailed to Vardaan. Guddu says battery is over. Sid asks him to have peanuts. Sid’s mum asks how is Shashank doing. Sid says he is recovering, he can’t help in this case. Sid’s mum says if doctors treated Guddu well, he would have been not like this. Sid says I will better resign, I have no choice. He gets a call. He is called for the board meeting. He says I will come. Asha says you won’t change your decision. Rahil says Sid went to that extent to save Sania. Aman says he saved many lives. Asha asks her to think well. Rahil says don’t take any wrong decision. Ishani thinks of everyone’s words.

Vardaan says Ishani will tell us the truth about this video. Ishani sees Sid.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Guddu mama was so cute…and Sid’s way of tackling patient is so cute. I’m liking him more than ever and maybe more than surbhi??????????his conversation with his mother looked really natural…I didn’t knew that he is also one of those actors who has this talent of flawless charishma like many have???I’m not angry @vardhaan, I’m disliking Anjali…in future she’ll turn villain I guess??

  2. And I loved the montage (song). After so many weeks finally it came and was beautiful ??

  3. Dr.Sid is sooo cute this is the first time i m watching him he is such a brilliant and cute actor??

  4. Loved the episode so much. Dr. Sid is Super Duper kabil doctor. He deserves to be in Sanjivani. And I know Ishani will make an excuse of the video and prove it to be wrong. And IDK if somebody noticed it or not but when Did received the call for board meeting at 2 pm he was holding his phone in a wrong manner, I mean to say that the Mic was towards his ear and speaker was towards his mouth ????.
    Dr. Sid is so cute man ? even his way of handling things also will make you lose ur heart. I didn’t expected that I will say this but if Nakul was in place of Namit then I wouldn’t loved Sid as I am loving it now. Namit and Shurbhi look really nice together. But Nakul and Shurbhi’s Tashanbazi was is and will be unbeatable till the end of the universe ?????.
    Finally the 30 sec cover of sanjivani came and it’s so good?❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣?

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