Sanjivani 23rd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Ishani is assigned a case

Sanjivani 23rd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bitto saying we are also shifting here forever. Everyone dines. NV holds Ishani’s hand. Servant says NV is lucky to get a masterchef as cook, Ishani doesn’t know cooking. Bitto asks what. Bebe says even Ratan doesn’t know it. Bitto says Ratan is a guy. She says a woman who can become a doctor and save a dying person is like Lord. NV says Ishani should forget all this and focus on Sanjivani, I have a good news. Bitto says yes, give the good news, its been three years of your marriage. NV says Ishani will attend her first patient tomorrow. Ishani says I m feeling sleepy. NV asks her to finish food. Bitto says your room is that side, what did Ratan say that you are going to sleep in guest room. Servant says she sleeps in guest room and Ratan sleeps in his bedroom. NV stares at the servant. Servant says not daily, some times when she has to study. He goes. Bebe says make guest room fine, Bitto and I will sleep there.

Ishani goes. NV also goes. Bitto asks why do they sleep in different rooms. Bebe says Ishani is a doctor, she needs to study, they should give space to each other. Ishani comes to NV’s room. He quickly wears the tshirt. She turns away. He says sorry. She says its your room, you can stay anyway. He says sorry for Bebe and Bitto’s words. He asks which side do you want to sleep, left or right. He asks about pillows and gives AC remote. She says its funny, you were giving me order at the hospital and here you are taking order, its strange split personality. He says you are talking like a doctor, all married men have this disorder, wife is the boss at home.

She says funny, you will decide when to boss around. He says you will rule on the house always, whatever I do outside, my house and life ruled by the ladies and my heart…. She says I m feeling sleepy. He says good night. Khamoshiyan….plays…. He lies on the other side of the bed. She cries and stays uncomfortable. She sees their marriage pic. She goes. Its morning, Bebe does Ishani’s aarti. NV says Ishani will handle her first patient today. Ishani goes. Bebe says diya glows for long whenyou add right amount of ghee. NV says I understand to heal her wound, don’t worry. He goes. Ishani sees their name boards outside their house. He gets the curd and sugar. He asks where will you have it. She says never. He says don’t make me work hard. She eats it and goes. He says she is stubborn. He eats the curd and smiles.

Rahil says Rishabh will be doing this surgery. Rishabh says we shall know. Ishani comes. They see Ishani’s name. NV comes and asks Ishani to prep up. Rishabh says NV is with her. He taunts her and goes. Rahil says Rishabh didn’t change. Ishani says I didn’t know about it, sorry. Rahil says its fine, I just want to ask you, why didn’t you call me after Sid left, you got married and didn’t tell me, anyways, take the case file. She says I can’t do this surgery. She goes to meet patient. She says your surgery will begin in some time, you have to be tension free, Rishabh is the best doctor here, he is senior, if you say that you have to get surgery done by him, then he will do. NV comes with Rishabh. Ishani says patient wants Rishabh to do the surgery. Rishabh says Ishani accepted it after three years, thanks. Ishani asks NV to keep the patient’s wish. NV says of course, it will happen as patient wants. He asks the patient to say. Patient says Dr. Ishani. NV says fine, it will happen as you want.

NV says I will write your name Ishani Navratan Singh again and again, even if you try to wipe it off. Ishani cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. hope ishani will gather herself soon become the determined old ishani again n nv’s efforts to bring the old ishani are quit good

  2. All is well. But the problem i have is why ishani cries frequently and what do the makers expect by showing it again and again. Poor nv is doing everything for her. If the makers want to maintain the ratings of the show, they will have to prove to the viewers that the pair is happy with each other.( i’m not saying they are not so ). but still something is not well among them. Please make those things right. Also i want to know how ishani and nv married.. Today episode was nice. Waiting for the next one..

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