Sanjivani 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Juhi joins Sanjivani

Sanjivani 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sid asking who is he. He sees Dr. Rishabh. Rishabh smiles and says now I will see how you do this surgery with your team. Sid says I have punched your nose, I know breaking rules and bones as well. Ishani looks on. Sid and the team treat Sania. Rishabh says you won’t listen to hospital authorities, but you will listen to media. He clicks pics and smiles. Vardaan says everything got ruined, Dr. Shashank’s death was solution to all problems. He calls Dr. Rahul. Dr. Rahul says you are calling me at this time, you are in shock, think again, this meeting will change the goodwill of Sanjivani.

Vardaan says I know, fix the meeting. He sees the people at the gate. Juhi says surgery is going on. Vardaan says thanks for help, move aside, let me do my work. She says I m a doctor, I don’t let anyone come between my patient’s treatment. Vardaan asks really. Anjali comes. He says you are saving one life, and risking entire Sanjivani, did you see the crowd outside. Juhi asks what about Sanjivani’s principles. He says please, its not your responsibility, you have no direct connection with Sanjivani.

Juhi says yes, right, that’s why, I accept the offer of Chief of surgery right away, now I have Sanjivani’s responsibility on my shoulders. Inspector calls him and says reporters are asking why you lied, come out. Vardaan asks Juhi to manage the press and crowd, save Sanjivani, can you do that. She says of course I can, come, see and learn how to do this. He says with pleasure, after you.

Juhi sees the people. The man throws a stone. Juhi gets hurt. Her forehead bleeds. Vardaan asks do you want to teach me. Juhi says that girl is here, we are trying to save her. Blood falls over Ishani’s clothes. Sania gets blood loss. Ishani cries and thinks I won’t let anything happen to you. FB shows Ishani being with her Nanny. She sees the angry people coming to her dad’s hospital. The people break things and burn the board. They shout at Ishani as well. FB ends.

Sid asks Ishani is she fine. Ishani says I won’t let anything happen to her. He says surgery is over, we did it, we saved Sania’s life. Ishani goes out and cries. She sits somewhere and says I have saved Sania. Juhi says Sanjivani is a hospital, its not a court or police station to punish anyone. The man says we will kill you if you save any terrorist. She asks what proof do you have, did you see any bomb on her body, did anyone get anything, that girl is innocent, she is a victim, if that girl dies, will we be less than any terrorist, tell me. Vardaan looks on.

Juhi says society’s people get influenced, you all are media people, you have duty to control people. Vardaan interrupts. He says we kept the promise, we had sent the girl to other hospital, when we got to know that she has no link with terrorist, we decided to call her back and treat her, its out duty to treat every victim, be it anyone, everyone should get equal treatment, I hope you all we are together. The reporters say yes. He thanks them and says maintain the peace. Vardaan says that’s how the game is played, Dr. Juhi welcome back to Sanjivani.

Sid wipes Ishani’s tears. She says you can make fun of me, you got a chance. Sid says I m thinking how to bring a smile on your cute face. She says thanks for saving Sania. She goes. Sid says Ishani…. Juhi comes to Shashank. He says great, you accepted the post, you announced it too. She says I got hurt while controlling the situation, you made me Chief of surgery, I have to take stand for all the surgeons, I met Mr. Vardaan and understood why you wanted me to join. He says yes, I m fighting this, we need responsible doctors, one of such doctors is getting expelled. She says we will save Sid, we will ask Ishani to take back complaint.

He says you don’t know Ishani. Asha, Aman, and Neil ask Ishani how can she complain against Sid. Vardaan says you know what happened yesterday. Sid got Sania, you helped him in saving Sania. She says I was doing duty, I didn’t break rules. He says I know, you know the result of breaking rules, you have seen your parents’ state, they were heroes, everyone loved them until they get exposed, Sid’s truth will also come out, you had to decide, teach him a lesson or see the history repeating itself, its your decision.

Sid is called in board meeting. Asha asks Ishani to think well. Shashank says I know you won’t take any wrong decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. That’s why I love gurdeep Kohli , whatever she does she puts life into that’s character..just like Abeer ?????she handled the press was really very very impressive…and I’m happy that she took the post of COS ….Sid threatening rishabh was equally good…hats off?????????anjali’s face was ?????????????

    Precap- she will take back her complaint… otherwise how the story will go frwd…and I’m still in hope with the the entry of RiddhiMan?

  2. Finally we are gonna see our fav couple “Dr.rahul and Dr.juhi as married life”…i used to watch sanjivani 1 when i was 5yrs old…i can remember far…finally vardhan mentioned “dr.rahul”..i think makers r planning to bring him back to sanjivani…i think dr.juhi has daughter n son…

    1. When Dr. Rahul’s name was mentioned in the episode???????? Ab aayenge bs RiddhiMan hi nhi aayenge

  3. Hopefullu we will get to see juhi and rahul together like before..if rahul comes back to sanjivani it will be wonderful…juhi still needs rahul and juhi’s children..they will be shown later..wait and watch

  4. Wonderful episode. Dr. Juhi slapped Vardhaan without even touching him. Vardhaan ki ek hi episode mein do baar Jhand ho gayi ??. First when Dr. Juhi accepts Chief Of Surgery post and second when she handles the situation like a pro.
    Dr. Ishani and Dr. Siddhant saved Sanya and shared a cute moment. But I want to see their fight they both fight so cutely that it reminds me of ShivIka. And every doctor even Neil and Aman are supporting Dr. Sid I know one thing for sure that Ishani take her complain back and will justify the video. The precap was confusing it didn’t even made me curious ?????????????

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