Sanjivani 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: NV risks his life

Sanjivani 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani going to a temple and crying. Bebe comes and hugs her. She asks did Ratan say something, small fightd go on between husband and wife, Lord makes relations for us to keep. Ishani asks if any relation hurts me a lot, then shall I call it a relation, why shall I keep such a relation. Bebe asks did Ratan tell you anything, I will pull his ear. Ishani says I didn’t mean that, I don’t want to say bad about him. Bebe says then say bad, I m not your Dadi-Saas, but best friend Saas. Ishani smiles.

Bebe says heart gets light on sharing things. Ishani says when two people are in a relation, they should understand each other, he is forcing me to go Sanjivani, he very well knows that place didn’t give me anything than pain, he took me to Sanjivani, my wounds got fresh, you tell me, what to do, I don’t understand. Bebe thinks and says we will have snacks. Ishani asks what. Bebe says we will have tea and snacks at home, come. They come home.

Bebe calls out Ratan. She says so many roses, Ratan has asthma problem, he will die by so many roses. NV falls down. Bebe asks why didn’t you throw the roses. NV says I m fine. Ishani takes the roses out quickly. Ishani says I will call doctor. NV says if I get treatment, then just by Dr. Ishani. Ishani asks what’s wrong with you. He says I just said it. Bebe says he is right, doctor will take time to come, save him, go and get medicines, go fast, I beg you, you listen to me, right, I m feeling scared. Ishani says I can’t do this. Bebe says don’t be stubborn, he may die. Ishani gets the medicine box. She injects him. NV gets fine. He says thanks Dr. Ishani. Bebe hugs him. She blesses Ishani. Ishani sees the file. She gets up to go. NV holds her and nods. Ishani signs on the papers. He makes her wear the medical coat. She looks at herself in the mirror.

The men take the roses out. The man asks don’t you like the rose. NV says nothing like that. He pays the money. The man says strange and goes… NV smiles. He makes Ishani’s name board right. Bebe says when you knew you have allergy with roses, then why did you take such a big risk. He says I m an investor, I studied in Harvard and came to India, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Ishani cries and says I don’t deserve this. She removes the coat. She takes some pill. Bebe says always remember, never lose in life.

Bitto comes and hugs them. She asks why this space between husband and wife’s boards. Bebe asks her to read the magazine. Bitto says I know a couple should give space to each other. Bebe says I m the elder here, I will handle this. He smiles seeing the boards.

NV says I want Ishani to focus on Sanjivani, she will attend her first patient. Bitto asks Ishani why is she going to guest room. Servant says Ishani sleeps in guest room and NV in his bedroom.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. in what circumstances did these two marry, waiting for the story to unfold the mystrey but um liking the twist. Hope these two resolve their diffrences soon and move the story forward

    1. I thinkhe married her the day Dr Sid left her

  2. A new story has begun.. Bring back anjali, juhi and neil only. No one else. Just like the current story. But don’t cross the line..just as in previous.

  3. Mr. Singh nice he help to ishani. Ishani ne toh jindgi jeena chod di bcoz of dr sid

  4. MaddieDaddie9966

    NV must have married Ishani on the day Sid left to US….Don’t know why, but its weird seeing NV and Ishani together…Seems like something is wrong with the pair…But yeah, its fine…
    I personally like this leap as I feel that Ishani has finally got a life partner who can understand her well…NV seems to be the perfect person who can understand Ishani well…His character is sensible and understanding and its not like Sid’s character which is a breakup wala type…I hope so the makers doesn’t make NV negative…
    I feel like a love triangle will happen when Sid comes back…And I think NV has already fallen for Ishani..Especially that last scene where he smiles seeing Ishani’s board…

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