Sanjivani 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid and Ishani join hands

Sanjivani 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with guard stopping Sid. He says maybe I didn’t see you and you went in. Sid says you have become smart being with me. The guard acts. Sid gets in. Ishani says we have to do her surgery. Vardaan says no need, Rishabh will do the check up. Rishabh checks Sania and says the patient is stable. Ishani asks what, the rod has pierced her chest and broken rib cage. Vardaan says that’s sad, its time waste, give the bed to Mrs. Singhania. She asks did you say all that just in front of media. He says I m calling a needy patient inside, as long as the rod is in her chest, nothing will happen to her medically, this incident happened because of her, you want to put innocent lives in danger. Ishani says even this girl is innocent, I can’t leave this girl here. Vardaan pulls her. Sania asks her not to go. He asks Ishani to see the crowd.

The people shout at Sania. Vardaan says if you dare, convince them that Sania is innocent, convince any surgeon to operate her, I guarantee no surgeon will stain hands to operate a terrorist. Sid says I will stain my hands, since its a good deed, I take my oath seriously, I will treat this girl. Vardaan says you are suspended, security, get Sid out of the hospital, don’t let him get in until I say. Ishani looks on. Guards take Sid out. Vardaan says nurse, take this girl out and let the public and media know. He asks Ishani to take care of Mrs. Singhania.

Juhi asks Anjali to cooperate with her, her patients are waiting in the village, she needs to go. Anjali says I will do as you say, why is the baby’s BP dropping, I will do emergency operate. Juhi says its a normal case, once mum gets stable, baby’s BP will be fine. Anjali says baby will die if I listen to you, dad thinks you are qualified, I also know something. Juhi says its not needed, wait a min, she is fine, patient is stable now. Anjali says I don’t like you, and goes. Ishani comes to see Dr. Shashank. She sees other patients inside. She says where are they all, how will Sania’s operation happen. Vardaan says we got rid of Sania and Sid. Rishabh asks what about Ishani. Vardaan says she is here. Rishabh says she likes interfering in other’s problems, tell me, I will throw her out. Vardaan says calm down, you know who is this girl. Ishani sees Sid with Sania.

Sid says come, just shut the door. Vardaan says she belongs to powerful family, her uncle and aunt are famous doctors, she will be my ace of spades, where did she go. Ishani asks Sid to be quiet. They hide. Rishabh checks the ward and goes. Sid makes Sania lie on the table and takes her xray. Sania says sorry, they threw you out of hospital because of me. Sid says don’t waste your breath. Sid jokes. Ishani helps him. Sid says you didn’t believe in compromises, right. She asks how did you get Sania in. He recalls taking ward boy disguise and asking the ambulance to drive to the back door. Sid says I won’t let anything happen to you, I m going to take you inside, we will operate you, you will get fine. FB ends. He says don’t tell me this is unethical. Ishani thanks him. Sid jokes at her change. He asks why did you get ready to break hospital rules for this girl. She recalls her childhood. She says I didn’t break any rules, Vardaan and Rishabh said Sania is stable and sent her out, its wrong.

They check the scans and says rod has punctured right lung, we have to operate her, I will take Shashank’s permission for OT. Sid says you are cute, if you take permission, they will throw us out, come on, partner in crime, I will show you what to do. Ishani says they are looking at us, do they know. Reporter says terrorist’s daughter is sent out of here. Sid and Ishani see people’s reaction. Guard comes in front. He sends other guard away. Sid and Ishani see Vardaan’s guards. They enter storeroom. Guard looks around. Sid and Ishani see each other. Sid says nothing will happen to you Sania. Asha says Anjali asked you to keep Shashank away from crowd. Juhi says Shashank won’t be stay from crowd. Aman meets Shashank and says you are awesome, you are a superstar of medical field, I respect you a lot. Asha says you remember me. Shashank says Dr. Asha you assisted Dr. Juhi in my surgery.

Asha thanks him. Aman says don’t trouble him. Nurse says Vardaan refused to treat Sania and sent her out. Juhi says there is an iron rod in her chest, she is injured. Asha asks what will happen to her now. Aman says don’t know if she will survive. Shashank asks nurse was Dr. Sid on the site. Nurse says yes, but he was suspended. He says it doesn’t matter, if Sid has seen that girl, he will try to save her, try to find the girl. Nurse asks Juhi to come. Ishani asks how will we operate her alone. Sid and Ishani enter the OT. She sees a doctors team. She asks how did you do all this. Sid says Vardaan wants to make us salesman, we do have people with heart, Dr. Gupta keep anesthesia ready. Dr. Gupta comes and says sorry, I m late. Sid asks then who is here. Rishabh removes the mask and smiles.

Rishabh says I will see how you perform this surgery. He records video and says Sid has to listen to media. People throw stone. Juhi gets hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. SsiyAa

    @vidha.. No arora case is something new i ‘m sure it has no relation with previous seasons

  2. I just hate this rishabh…. got punched but learnt nothing… someone plz fire him…anyways we got 4th spot with 25.0 ratings in online trp list??which is gud

    1. SsiyAa

      1st spot in UK ratings

  3. But the guard was very good and same was with doctors who r clean hearted to operate saniya????????????

  4. Nice episode

  5. I really loved the gaurd when he said that “Esa bhi toh ho sakta hai ki aap mere peche se chale Gaye” and then when he send saw Dr. Ishani and Sis he understood everything and diverted other gaurds and police. Vardhaan is so business minded and this Rishabh why he is so interfering into Dr. Ishani and Sid’s work? Dr. Did should hit something on his head so that he faints and then they should operate Sania.

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