Sanjivani 20th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishani confronts Asha

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Sanjivani 20th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani waiting for food. Door bell rings. She goes to check. She gets aloo parathas in the parcel. Sid hides. She sits eating. She sees him and says I can share the parathas if you want. He thinks sorry, I m helpless. She says its not right to come to a girl’s house at night, you can come inside. Sid comes to her. They eat. She asks him to take small bites, next time get a paratha for himself. He says sharing is caring. She says I can’t compromise on parathas. He eats. Tu hi meri shab…plays… They have a moment. They save each other’s name in contacts as Love. He coughs. She feeds him water. They eat sweets. He asks her to give him a tip so that he can leave. She says the parathas you ate were the tip for you. He says okay, bye… He leaves. She thinks to call Guddu.

She calls Guddu. She asks how are you, are you fine. He says yes, I got lost in the market, I got scared. She says you are at home now, you need not be scared, don’t go out alone. He says yes, she said so I went. She asks who said it. He says Asha. She asks what. He says she is a liar, she isn’t nice. She says tell me properly. He sees Asha working. He says she said we should break coconut in temple for Sid, so I went. She says its not her mistake. He says she lied, she said she was looking for me, she wasn’t looking for me, she saw me and ran away, she didn’t help me, she is really bad, why is she lying. She asks are you telling the truth. He says yes, its the truth, I won’t go out alone now, bye. He ends the call. She thinks.

Its morning, Sid thinks Sanjivani made me a reputed doctor, this place is ready for me, its my place of work, it gave me a second chance, I will respect it. He walks in. Vardaan looks on. He thinks you can’t be here for long, come Sid. Sid greets him. Vardaan says I hope you are coming here after thinking well, Sanjivani ignores small mistakes, this time you have made a big mistake, you don’t deserve forgiveness, one more mistake, that will be your last day here, its my promise, you are on probation, you are a disgraced doctor, think well before you make any move, I will keep an eye on that, come on. Sid goes.

Asha comes and asks what’s the plan now. Vardaan says person can change the world, but not himself, there were many imp cases in Sanjivani, Sid will try to become the hero and then.. Asha says we will count his mistakes. He says you are so intelligent. Ishani thinks of Asha and Sid. She asks why do I feel something is wrong. She sees Asha. Sid hears staff talking about it. Rahil praises Sid. Rishabh asks Rahil not to force the patient to get treated by Sid. He takes the patient. Sid gets upset. Asha takes her pills. She sees Sid. Sid sees his name getting wiped out. He cries. Ishani says you saw Guddu in trouble, even then you didn’t help him, we are close friends, you are Sid’s wife as well, I will be clear now, don’t mind it, I m losing my mind, I want to ask you something, are you involved in this.

Asha takes many pills in hand and says let me die, this drama will end. Ishani says stop it. She throws the pills and asks are you crazy. Asha says Sid saved me, I m fed up of this daily drama, I don’t know why you feel this, I snatched Sid from you, you are talking about Guddu, you know his mind, he asked me for chocolate, mum asked me not to give it, he got angry and started scolding me, I don’t know what he told you, Sid is Devta for me. Sid comes and looks on. Asha says if I had to hurt someone, I would have hurt Aman, he left me and ran away, if you still I m lying, go and tell everything to Sid. She cries. Ishani looks at Sid.

Rishabh says we have to cut off the leg to save the patient’s life. Sid says I can save that patient’s leg. Ishani says its risky. Vardaan says one mistake and we will catch Sid.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Verma4

    What’s wrong with Asha-hole .What a bit*h.


  3. This track of Asha’s drama should end soon, she’s so annoying.
    Instead the should be focussing on Shashank’s past relationships (Sid’s mother, Vardaan’s sister), as well as his relationship with Sid, all that,without neglecting the “medical” aspect of the show.

  4. I was guessing Ishani wont come to know Asha’s truth…
    Poor Guddu
    Asha has done a 365 degree turn suddenly
    Rohit Roy is one of the most stylish villains on TV

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