Sanjivani 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Navratna Singh rebuilds Sanjivani

Sanjivani 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a leap of 3 years. The news reporter says Sanjivani is going to open after 3 years, the well known business NV Singh has rebuilt Sanjivani, we have to see if he takes Sanjivani to new heights. Navratna Singh gets ready. Rahil, Rishabh and Philo meet and discuss the old incident. Rahil and Rishabh say Sanjivani looks same, even we are same. Philo says nothing is same, even the bricks got changed. Rahil says CFO also. She says he is an angel. Rahil says NV Singh. Rishabh says we will know his personality soon. Rahil says he will be someone good. NV is on the way. Rahil says Sid is not on contact. Philo says don’t know where are Sid and Ishani. Rahil says I miss Sid a lot. The man sees Sid and Ishani’s files have pending marks.

NV arrives. Everyone looks on. He prays seeing the idol. He says my name is Navratna Singh, you can call me NV or Mr. Singh, welcome back, I have to say something imp, thanks for giving me a chance to become part of this family, people make a house a home, the staff made this hospital a home, Sanjivani was caught in fire, but today after three years, its built again, Sanjivani is going to have a new start, how can we forgot those who had made Sanjivani, especially Dr. Shashank, anyways, we can’t fill his place, Anjali may come back soon, I want her to find Sanjivani the same as before, its responsibility of we all to take this legacy ahead. Rishabh says don’t know if he knows names of other doctors.

NV says we want new and old doctors, Juhi is busy in medical camps. He addresses everyone. He says nurse Philo is senior for us, we want her blessings, I m glad to have you all. Rishabh asks do you know about Ishani. Ishani is seen making the pot at some pottery shop. A man says I have seen her pic on the Sanjivani hospital board.

Ishani hears Sanjivani’s inauguration news. The pot mould falls apart. She recalls Sid. Minister’s secretary argues with Rahil. He stops the poor guy and says the floor will get spoiled. NV comes and saves the poor man. He scolds the minister’s secretary. Rishabh takes the patient. Philo says we don’t have much doctors. Rahil says we will manage. Ishani takes the pill. She recalls Sid’s words. A girl gets hurt. The people ask for a doctor. Ishani controls her anxiety. NV treats the patients well. He hears the ward boys talking about a call from pottery school. He rushes and takes a doctor along. He sees Ishani there and says Dr. Ishani. She stays silent. He shakes her up and asks what happened to you, if you don’t do duty of a doctor, you will be called a fraud. The people ask why didn’t you help, doctor.

NV says you have to be on duty. Ishani says I m not a doctor, I don’t know. He says you can never forgot your duty, its your first love, come with me. He takes the patient to Sanjivani. Ishani doesn’t get down the car. He holds her hand and asks her to just come. She cries recalling Sid and refuses.

Ishani says you are not my boss, you won’t decide it, by what right did you hold my hand. NV says if I had to leave this hand, I would have not given you marriage vows.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. marriage vows!!!!!!! whats really happening are those two married

    1. Marriage???
      Twist!!! Twist!!! Twist!!

  2. Arre wo sid ko kya hua? Anjali, juhi..they are missing yaar. I just assume that at least after today onwards, the show will increase the popularity.. By the way, nv aur ishani ka shaadi hogayi kya? (please don’t turn nv negative or obsessive.. Like rv in dthhj). Also ishani must forget what happened in past and be the usual germophobic, diagnosis specialist Dr. Ishani (Arora or whatever it is…) but hate the pottery… How ridiculous? A doctor turning into a potter… No way. Well, let’s see what’s coming up.

  3. Ayushee Chandra

    Marriage vows ??!! Can’t tolerate Ishani to pair up with anyone else… Want bsck @sidisha…

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