Sanjivani 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: NV’s romantic gesture

Sanjivani 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani recalling NV’s words that he bought Sanjivani since her past is connected to it. She says you took me to Sanjivani and asked me to treat Sid, your motive is getting fulfilled, everyone is praising you, you have a big heart, you became a hero, and I became a villain. NV asks her to stop it. She says I hate Sid, you are no different, Sid left me and you don’t leave, Sid has hurt me a lot, you sprinkle salt on my wounds, Sid came back by his wish, you are giving me to him for your selfishness, who gave you this right, please free me, give me divorce. He says you really want to get free from me and this relation.

She says yes. He asks will you be able to stay away from Bebe. She says she is like mum, my relation with her can’t break. He stops her. He says I held this hand during the marriage and promised to never leave this hand, I won’t leave this hand and deny those true vows, I can’t do this. She goes. He sits sad. Bebe comes and says you had compromised a lot, how will you clear her misunderstanding. She prays. She asks him not to be silent now. He says I did what I felt right, a patient was out of coma after 3 years, doctors said a shock would put him in coma again, what would I do. She says this is affecting your relation. He says listen to me.

She says no, you have to listen to me, you said Ishani has to face Sanjivani and Sid, how many times. He says Ishani is still stuck there, until Sid gets fine and answers her, she can’t move on and accept me. Bebe says no, she doesn’t need her answers, her life needs a new start, just you can do it, its been three years. He says fine, but I can’t be selfish, how shall I forget a patient who is at risk, he is Shashank’s son, I can’t be selfish. Bebe says Shashank saved my life, I remember, its duty of every doctor, if we call this a favor, then it will be wrong. He says I m trying to fix everything. She says the doctors team will treat Sid, you focus on relation, true love is strong and weak also. Ishani comes to meet Sid and thinks to tell him the truth. Bebe says show your love to Ishani, that her questions get erased, trust yourself and your Lord, try to confess love and win her heart.

NV is on the way. He recalls Ishani’s words. She sees Ishani’s pic in wallet and talks to her. He says when shall I explain that I love you, what shall I do now, I m fighting for your pride, not mine, you don’t understand and I don’t know explaining, I haven’t this one thing. He buys a rose. Sid shouts call Ishani, I m waiting. Rahil asks him to calm down. Sid gets hyper. Ishani comes. She gets scared and goes away. Sid asks why isn’t she coming in, I have to meet her, leave me.

Ishani goes to some record room and takes her pill. NV comes there. She says you here… She stumbles. He holds her. She says I m fine, nothing happened to me. He says nothing can happen when I m here with you. She says I know your duty. He says I have to say something else. She says we will talk later. He gives her a rose. She throws it and says you have an allergy with roses. He says I accept whatever you like. She asks why are you coming close. He asks why are you going away. She goes and checks the door. The door is locked. He tries and opens the door. She goes. He sees the rose. He says my present and your past…. I have to see if my love can end the difference between that.

Ishani asks will you give me anything I ask. NV asks her to say. She says I will treat Sid, you will sign on divorce papers. NV is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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