Sanjivani 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Juhi loses courage

Sanjivani 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani saying I will go to patient. Nurse says family is more imp at this time. Sid wishes all the best to Shashank. He says I have given the best resources to Juhi, I m handing you over to Juhi. Juhi says I will take care of him. Sid goes. The man asks Vardaan to start VIP wards. Vardaan likes the idea. The man says Shashank is still alive. Vardaan says yes, if we follow reports and logic, he won’t be alive for long. They leave. Juhi says you know we don’t want to lose you. Shashank says I know, there is nothing to worry. He jokes and laughs.

He cries and says Juhi, I want to live. She cries and nods. He says if anything happens, you will manage chief of surgery post. He sees Anjali. Anjali says I came to give you best wishes, all the best, good luck. Rishabh and Ishani check Harleen’s X-ray. She says you can go for CT scan. He says her dad thinks we are looting her by suggesting this. Ishani says he is right. He says yes, her problem isn’t just gas, but something else. The man says I can’t leave my daughter here, let me take her home, its her roka. Rishabh says we have to do her CT scan.

The man asks are you my girl’s BF, why don’t you give her medicines. Ishani says trust me, I can’t be your daughter’s BF, he suggested CT scan, there can be a tumor. The man says shut up, my girl won’t be here, I want discharge form. Ishani says we can’t discharge her, she may die. Rishabh says we can’t do this scan without his agreement, prepare the discharge papers. Juhi says lets begin. Ishani thinks of Harleen’s reports and checks on net. Sid meets the boy and asks how are you. The boy says I m fine, I don’t like the food here. Sid says get fine, then we will have food made by Aai. The lady asks how would I pay the loan. Sid says you have to pay loan, I will come home to eat food. She says I will make best food. Sid says I will go, take care. He goes. The man says enough of drama, come home. The lady says listen to me. The man says we won’t come here again.

Vardaan says we can’t stop you if you want to take her, sign the medical form. The man says I have to bear her burden, fine. The lady asks him to see their daughter’s state. Ishani comes and looks on. The lady asks the girl to show her hair. Ishani tells about the disease. The girl faints. Ishani says we have to do her surgery before all her organs fail. Juhi freezes. She recalls Shashank’s words. Anjali says i don’t want to talk right now. Vardaan says I understand, I came to see, how are you doing. She says I m not doing good, thanks for your concern. Juhi thinks how to remove the tumor without damaging his brain cells and eyesight. Asha says its 5 hours, it won’t be good to keep him like this for so long in state of anesthesia. Juhi says I heard it, give me time to think. Sid comes and asks how is the surgery going on. The girl says Dr. Juhi didn’t apply any cut. Vardaan says I m not a doctor, but I think a body shouldn’t be kept open for so long, its upto Dr. Juhi now. Anjali comes to Juhi and says you are so called Lord, close him up right away, do something. Doctor says you have to take a call, anesthesia effect is getting over. Juhi says close it.

Vardaan gives CEO job to someone and says Dr. Shashank will return on wheelchair now, congrats for your job. He sees Sid and says 15mins now. He says Shashank and Sid will get a farewell, Sanjivani will function on my sign. Juhi leaves from the OT. She goes out and gets in her car. She cries and shouts. She says why……Ishani says this girl had a habit to eat hair in tension, so this happened. She removes the hair blockage from stomach. She asks them to show it to patient’s parents and then dispose. Rishabh says take a pic. He says why do we do scans, will you guess and do any patient’s surgery, this time your fate was right, if you take shortcut again, you would regret. Ishani says that girl’s dad was taking her, I decided to do surgery to take her life. He asks who are you to decide, your work is to follow rules, just do that, consult senior doctor first. He goes.

She says what rules did I break. Sid calls someone to ask for loan. The call disconnects. He sees someone. Ishani asks didn’t Juhi apply any cut. Asha says no, she was just staring at face, you operated my patient. Ishani goes and sees Sid taking money from a man. She records them. Sid says I will get your wife shifted to VIP ward. Ishani says very nice, show me your face Dr. Sid, I have recorded this and its enough to expose you, you won’t have white coat and bribe money, Vardaan told me and I focussed on you, now your game is over. Sid looks at her.

Sid asks don’t you have a mom. Vardaan says no one can save Shashank now. Ishani asks Juhi to give Guru dakshina to Shashank. Vardaan suspends Sid and makes him out. Juhi asks Shashank to respond. Rishabh says we have to go on the field with our accident. Ishani says I will save you. Sid defends Ishani. Vardaan says Dr. Ishani will become my trump card.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Luthfa

    Expectation,any kind,always makes humans weak,too weak and it’s true.
    Juhi was recalling Dr.Shashank’s words of expectation out of her, repeatedly.She is an expert but Dr.Shashank’s words,her emotional attachment to him made her weak.Emotions won defeating professionalism.When this happens where emotions need to keep under check,it doesn’t pay off well.
    Anjali’s taunt of “So-called God” has weight.Doctors can save life and people entitle them to God.It’s an honour, responsibility which comes with huge risk.Self-doubting, unnecessary emotions are two major enemies of a capable person of any expertise.Juhi should get over those and treat Dr.Shashank like a normal patient.I know Juhi will succeed but some people really can’t, couldn’t.

  2. I think when Sid will be out from Sanjivani, he will return in form of security guard as I saw a picture on Instagram. It would be fun.

  3. I don’t what they have shown on TV but on hotstar vip the Precap- is different…

    Precap-sid asks for proof….ishani refuses…he picks her on shoulder…girl informs ishani that juhi freezed again and has not opened even the skull of dr.shashank yet…..ishani worries..all look on

  4. I think Anjali is just worried about the post and not about her father’s condition or his well being….I know whatever is written in precap of the update will happen acc. To the spoiler but it is not shown yet

  5. Nice episode…. waiting for upcoming episodes.

  6. Shekhar

    Being unknown to operate a person is an easy task for a doctor, but when question arise to operate a close one,it becomes the difficult task, and what if I get fail ,shake the doctor ! That is what Dr. Juhi feels for Doctor Shashank. Doctors are not allowed to be human while treating patient, specifically while operating. The confused Juhi was under great pressure of probability of being fail, which she explicitly expressed through her eyes and expression. Again , being in ANNIKA mode, who does act first, and think later, failed to judge the VARDAAN, and without looking good intention at back of SID’s bribe taking incident, becomes the pawn for VARDAAN who himself speak less than his superiority complex keep speaking. Anjali is getting vised between two different feeling, one being Daughter of Shashank and another being neglected as Chief Surgeon of Hospital, but as of now , as latter is strong , stopped her to respond her father’s last call before operation. Different mindsets of different character are being weaved very nicely to keep the story flow with rhythm.

    The tear spilled out of Dr. Shashank’s eyes at last moments after his saying, I WANT TO LIVE, was enough to shake Juhi which held up the operation for five long hours. Sadistically split Anjali could not ride over her daughter state , and left OT with pain of being neglected by her own father. When ambition took hold of the person, it compress the human feelings that is what exactly happen with Anjali.

    To act as to what she feel right, is the main content of character frame of Dr. Ishani, and simply she did not care , what her duty as junior to his senior Dr. Rishabh, and get operated that random gal, and again we find her in tussle with her senior.No matter what, to act as to what she does believe right, is the character frame of SC and whole story is being weaved around this phenomena, and now what doctors see’s his chances to be super boss of hospital in DR. Ishani, same consequences he has to face due to her this character frame in future, and then when truth prevail stood stand proud, Mr. Vardaan will curse himself to make her pawn in his foul play.

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