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Recap : RagSan and Pooja in Jaipur


Its night and everyone is gathered for dinner. Parineeta, swara and uttara ar serving hile rest all are eating.

Dp : Annapurna…..
Ap : ji…
Dp : is everything ready ??
Ap : yes ji. As u he said we he got the gifts for the couple and also for ur friend’s family.

Dp nods and the dinner continues silently.


Its night so sanskaar comes to Ragini’s room to wake her up. He sees pooja coming out of the room.

Sanskaar : Poo..
Pooja : arre bhai aap ??
Sanskaar : yeah I came to wake ginu ..
Pooja : but bhai bhabhi has already gone down… she said she’ll wake u and come along with u… didn’t she met u ?
He nods no. They both hen go down and sees her talking and laughing with khushi and some other girls. Sanskaar smiles slightly seeig her smiling. She sees hima dnpasses a smile and comes towards them.
Ragini ; aa gaye laad sahib?? ( so finally u r here ??)
Sanskaar : what ??
Ragini :. Hmmm… I came to ur room but it seems u were too busy in sleeping….
Sanskaar ( rubbing his hair and blushing ): voh………..
Ragini ( copying him): voh …………
Both ragini and pooja laughs and hi fives. Sanskaar glares at them and runs behind them but they all stops as Arnav’s bua comes there and glares at them angrily. They bow their head down and goes from there.

Later they all have their dinner and masti at the pool side and then everyone left to their rooms to sleep except RAGSAN.

They sat their dipping their feet in the water and holding hands.

Ragini : sansku … uk today I’m very happy….
Sanskaar : today I’m also very happy ginu …
Ragini : acha y r so happy?
Sanskaarr ( keeping his hand on her cheek ): coz my heart is happy…
Ragini blushes and looks down. Sanskaar smiles.
Sanskaar : and y is my heart happy ??
Ragini : coz today I again felt as if I’m with my fam…family…..
She looks at sanskaar, worried but seeing him smiling at her she also smiled.
Sanskaar ( thinking ) : u’ll get this feeling again ginu … I promise u
Ragini ( waving hand in front of him ) : where r u lost ??
Sanskaar ( nods no ) : ginu always keep smiling … u look more beautiful….
Ragini blushes and kisses his cheek. Sanskaar smiles and takes her in his embrace. They sit like that for some more time and then leaves for their rooms.

The next went in shopping and some masti and of course romance.

Next morning, it was engagement ceremony so everyone got up early to see all the preparations and arrangements.

Sanskaar, Ragini and a few more people were seeing the decorations when they heard ………

{{ Shashi Gupta ( SG ) – Khushi’s dad
Garima Gupta ( GG )– khushi’s mom
Vivek Raizada ( VR ) – arnav’s dad
Sweety Raizada ( SR ) – Arnav’s mom }}

VR – arnav khushi, today my close friend and business partner is coming from Kolkata with his family and they’ll be staying here only … so pls see them….
Arnav : hmm okay dad …

And they continued their talks but two people felt uncoforatble hearing Kolkata’s name and they were Ragini and Sanskaar. They looked at each other. Sanskaar kept his hand on her shoulder and they carried on with their work.


All the maheshwari’s are seated in the airplane which is ready to take off. Dp was a little pissed off as Addy was creating chaos as she was so excited sitting on the plane and PariSh were not able to control her and when finally airplane started moving she quietly sat down and hided her face in Pari’s chest seeing the trees moving behind with speed and finally everything became tiny outside.


It was evening and the palace was beautifully decorated with lavender theme decorations. Everything was looking perfect.

The guest had started arriving and elders were receiving them while the young people were enjoying.

Pooja, in a beautiful purple suit came towards a girl who’s back was facing er and tapped her shoulder.

Pooja ; di…

The girl turned around with her beautiful smile.

Pooja : Ragu di someone is calling you …. here take this…
She gave ragini a letter with a wink. Ragini hits her playfully and smiles. Pooja leaves and ragini opens the chit ..

Puchho mere dil se tumhe paigam likhta hu
Saath gujri baate tamam likhta hoon,
Diwani ho jati hain wo kalam bhi
Jis kalam se tumhara naam likhta hoon.

Come to my room now 😉
Sanskaar ”

Ragini blushes like a red tomato and moves from there towards her destination. She knocks the door and gets inside the room where sanskaar was already waiting for in sky blue kurta, lavender stole and white lower and juttis looking handsome and s*xy as always.

He turns around to find the most beautiful girl standing in front of him blushing in a pretty lavender floor length gown with her hair left open in loose curls. Diamond jewellery and light make up enhancing her features. He smiles and welcomes her inside.

Ragini comes inside after closing the door as sanskaar comes close to her as well. They both smiles seeing each other without breaking their eye lock.

Downstairs, Arnav and Khushi came down with their brtothers and sisters by their sides. along with them entered the maheshwari’s inside the banquet hall. Sujata and swara experienced a different feeling as they entered the hall.

Upstairs, as they both came close to each other they too felt something different but ignored. Ragini snaked her arms around his neck while he did the same around her waist.

Ragini ; aaj kal badi shayariyaan likhi ja rahi hai …. ( now a days u writing poetries )
Sanskaar : kya karein koi lagta hi itna khobssorat hai ( what to do .. someone looks so beautiful )
He winks at her making her blush.
Ragini ; acha ji??
Sanskaar ; hanjii…. so now as I hv written abt u .. what will I get in return???
He asked pulling her more closer with a naughty smile.
Ragini : u’ll get whatever u want mr. …
She said touching her nose with his’s. Sanskaar smiles and leans towards her but alas! His phone rings. Ragini smiles as he stamps his foot on the ground.
Sanskaar : come lets go down ……
He said dramatically. Ragini laughs and follows him keeping her both hands on his shoulders from behind.

The episode ends with smiling faces of ragsan!!!!!






Hey guys!!! Thank you for all your wishes and support ??? love you all…. Do comment your views on today’s chapter☺☺☺




God bless you all ☺☺




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