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Chapter 36

Recap: sanskaar’s bad dream….

” happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to dear addy happy birthday to you…… ” screeched laksh swara pari and adarsh coming in addy’s room early morning with gifts and a small chocolate cake…

Hearing the sounds addy got up and saw everything. She smiled widely and got up from the bed rubbing her eyes. Adarsh took her in his arms and hugged her tightly. He kissed her forehead.

Adarsh: happy birthday my little princess!!!

Addy: thank you papa… But I’m not a Lil girl now… I’m now four years old…

She showed her four little fingers. Everyone chuckled. One by one pari and swalak wished her and gave her gifts…

Swara: now its time for cake…..

Addy: yeyyyy….

Pari held her hand and made her cut the cake and fed her. Everyone fed her and she too fed them…. Later she went to get fresh as she has to go to school. PariSh went to their room and swalak to their’s…..

This was the first time swalak were celebrating addy’s birthday. They were quite happy that there Lil addy has grown one more year…. But parish didn’t seem to be happy…..

In their room…

Pari: adarsh.. Addy is small now so we can handle her but what when she’ll grow up?? What will v tell her that her dadu never allowed us to celebrate her birthday… This time swalak did it but what abt next year??? We can’t control her adarsh…..

Adarsh: I know pari… U know I’m also helpless… From childhood I’m seeing that on our birthday we go to temple and ma would make halwa for all of us that’s it… N I think today also this will only happen..

Pari: but this is wrong na adi…. I don’t want my daughter to suffer like u n laksh did…. Sanskaar toh has left the house but….

Adarsh: sanskaar…. Huh…. U know pari… Sanskaar is indeed lucky coz chachu never stopped him from celebrating his birthday in childhood but when papa got to know abt it he scolded chachu very much…..

Pari: wht???

Adarsh: yeah… But still chachu tried many times to change papa’s mind set but he failed… Thats y on our every birthday chachu would take us to eat pastries after school…

Pari: that’s so nice of him…. But y is papa like that??

Adarsh: u know na that he thinks that these things like celebrating birthdays anniversaries are just waste of time and money…. He himself has never celebrated his birthday or anniversaries…. I take u to celebrate coz I love u n I want ur happiness fir uske liye chahe mujhe papa se daant hi kyun na khani pade…..

Pari hugged him and he too hugged her back.

Pari: u know I think if sanskaar comes back na he can change papa coz he has that guts to go against him…. N.. N I’m not saying that u r weak or something like that but as no two persons are same so like that……… I hope u understood….

Adarsh: ya ya pari… I understood don’t worry… I too want sanskaar to come back… Lets see wht god has in store for us….. Filhaal lets go otherwise that hitler will again shout….

Pari: Vaise bhi I don’t know much abt him… Just for few months he has been with us…. I hope he comes back. ….

Adarsh: ik yaar.. I too hope so…. Come lets go….

She hit him on chest and then they both went to dining table after taking addy from her room. At dining table everyone wished her a happy birthday. Later all went to their work…..


Sanskaar wakes up and rubs his eyes and realizes that ragini is not on his side. … He got up suddenly and looked at the dupatta which was tied on his hand. He recalls his horrible dream and starts sweating and shivering.

Sanskaar: no… No… She might be here only yeah..

He gets up and opens the door of the bathroom and sighed as she was inside only brushing her teeth.

Ragini ( with paste in her mouth…) : sansku….

Sanskaar: ginu… Wht is this?? How can you Come here without telling me,,,????

Ragini: sansku relax… I’m here only n u were sleeping that’s y I didn’t disturbed u…. Now leave all this.. Get ready till then I’ll make breakfast… Okay??

Sanskaar nods and goes to take bath. Ragini goes to kitchen to make breakfast for them…..

Ragini: sansku… Wht has happened to u?, I wonder wht u hv seen in ur dream that u hv got so much scared and tensed and worried abt me…. I can’t see u like this sanskaar……. I need to do something…….

She thinks something and smiles blushingly….. After sometime sanskaar comes in his formals and sits on the dining table. Ragini comes with coffee and breakfast and they eat it.

Ragini: u go i’ll get my bag…

Sanskaar nodded and moves out the car from the house and waits for ragini. She comes and sits beside him. They drove to their office…..

In the office ragini is busy doing her work. Sanskaar calls Pooja in his cabin.

Sanskaar: Pooja did u got the details???

Pooja: no sir….. My friend is still searching.. I’ll let you know once he tells me…..

Sanskaar: hmm okay….

Pooja: and sir tomorrow Mr. Harsh Kapoor is coming for the meeting at 11 am…

Sanskaar: okay! And anything else??

Pooja: yeah…

N she tells all the meetings which would b held tomorrow.

Sanskaar: So tomorrow my whole day is booked!! Okay then…. Thank u…. N pls send ginu inside….

Pooja ( smiling and says in teasing tone ): okay sir…..

Sanskaar: hey don’t think much I’m just calling her for some work..

Pooja ( innocently): but I didn’t said anything…..

Sanskaar ( he gets up and catched her ear ): o really Pooja ????

Pooja: really bhaiya….. Bhaiya voh dekho chipkali……

Pooja said pointing towards a wall. Sanskaar turned and Pooja ran from there….

She goes while laughing and sanskaar runs after her but she closes the door and goes to ragini…..

Sanskaar smiles and was happy seeing her happy. Ragini comes in after knocking the door.

Ragini: u called me??

Sanskaar: haan…. Ginu I gave u Mr. Singh’s file na??? ( she nods.) give that to me and yeah ask anil to make everyone’s salary cheques and then I’ll sign it….

Ragini nods.

Sanskaar: n ginu… Tomorrow I hv so many meetings till night so u will hv to go by urself.।….

Ragini ( happy ): really?? That means u won’t come home tomorrow???

Sanskaar ( confused ): y. R u so happy ginu?? U don’t like when I’m at home???

Ragini ( biting her tongue ): nhi sansku… Nothing like that actually voh…..

Sanskaar: its ok… Now u go n tell anil his work also……

Ragini nods sadly and goes from there……. Sanskaar got upset due to Ragini’s behaviour…..


Swara has arranged everything for Addy’s birthday and invited her friends also. The men came back from office and dp was shocked to see the arrangements while others were happy.

Dp: wht is all this????

Swara: papa… Today is addy’s birthday so….

Dp: So??? so wht???

Swara: voh….

The guests come before she could say anything. Dp tried to be normal. Swara welcomed the guests. Pari brought addy down. She was looking like a doll in a baby pink frock and head band. The kids from neighbourhood and her play school friends gave her gifts. Dp was seeing all this standing upstairs.

Now it was time to cut the cake. Everyone came except dp. Addy cuts the cake and swara and uttara cuts for everyone. Then the children played something or the other and after having dinner everyone left.

Swara brought tea for everyone and as soon as she bent to give tea to dp , he stood up and throwed the cup from her hands and it fell down breaking into innumerable pieces. Everyone got up, shocked and horrified.

Dp: with whose permission did u celebrated birthday in my house??,,,,??

He shouted at top of his voice. Swara shivered. Uttara took addy to her room. Laksh held swara.

Dp: ap, sujata, pari where were u all when she was doing this nuisance in this house?????,?

He glared at them. tears flowed from swara’s eyes. No one shouted on her like that till now.

Ap: ji voh…. Addy is a small girl… She wanted to celebrate her birthday…..

Dp: ohhhhhhh…. Addy wanted haan???? Is she a princess of some land or wht??? Now tomorrow if she’ll say that she want to lit this house with fire then??? Will u burn my house??,,

Now it was enough.

Pari: yes papa… Yes…. She’s a princess… She’s my princess and she has right to celebrate her birthday…..

Dp: parineeta…. ( he shouted on top of his voice scaring everyone out of their wits…..) how dare u talk to me like that c?? N if she’s ur princess then take her to ur Kingdom…. No need to stay here…..

Everyone was shocked to hear this.

Rp: bhaisa wht r u saying??? She’s dil of our house. .. How can u???

Dp: So now u’ll teach me wht to do n wht not?,,, n if anybody has problem with me they all can go….. I don’t need anyone…. Like sanskaar has left me u also leave…. I don’t care……

He turns around and wipes his tears, unnoticed by everyone. Adarsh comes near him.

Adarsh: nhi papa….. We don’t want to leave u n go…. Papa nor did sanskaar wanted but. ….

Dp: but he left…. He left na adarsh..

Adarsh: So he’ll come back papa… He’ll come back if u call him once…. He’ll come back…. Just try to get him back……

Dp: no….. I don’t need him…. N if u want to go then go I don’t care…..

Saying so he left leaving all of them scared shocked and sad.

Everyone looks on as he leaves from there………

****** ******* ******* ****** *****

Okay… Ik u might want to punch me right now for this boring n non ragsan chapter….. But I just wrote wht came into my mind in my free period …. Guys ik I’m not updating regularly… But Wht can I do also?? I hv to much of work everyday …… I’ll try to update whenever it is possible !!!! Pls cooperate…. N do comment!!!

N pls pray for the safety of people in panchkula and neighbouring cities and towns!!! ???

Lots of love and best wishes!!! ???

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