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Recap – ragsan’ fight continues…………

The episode starts with a cheerful morning in MM. Sujata didn’t sit quietly for a minute also since her son has come back. Everyone seemed to enjoy her chirpiness. But sanskaar who was sleeping till now was getting disturbed by her chidchid. He pressed pillows on his ears and gritted his teeth.

Sanskaar : oh god ginu stop talking……

He screams loudly. After a few seconds he realises. He opens his eyes to find himself in a familiar blue room. He sits up straight on his bed and sighs.

Sanskaar : huh sure. Isi ki kami thi bus….

He gets fresh and automatically he gets a smile on his face hearing sujata’s non stop chanting. She was just so happy. He had missed her antics so much.

He then looks at his phone, hoping for nothing he switched on his data and thankfully there was massage from ragini among others. He opened her chat and realised she had messaged him within a few minutes. Had he been online they could have talked. He slapped his forehead and makes a cute angry face.

There were two messages from her.

“hi sansku … how are you?” and after a few minutes “ are you there?”

Well he was angry on her and now on himself, he messaged her.

“i’m sorry i slept. I’m good. What about you?”

So formal. ??


On the other hand, ragini was also sleeping hugging her pillow. ( aadat se majboor ) swara was not there. Dadi came to wake her up. She sat beside her and caressed her hair.

Dadi : laado… get up it’s already 10;30…

Ragini : few more minutes dadi maa…..

She said turning her side. Dadi smiled seeing her And let her sleep. She removed the curtains and placed the pillows at their right places. Ragini’s phone beeped. She picked up her phone and saw sankaar’s message. She tried to unlocked her phone but it asked for password. ( typical moms )

Dadi ; laado.. see sanskaar has sent you something.

Hearing sanskaar’s name ragini sat up in a fraction of second,, her hair all over her face. Dadi got scared for a moment.

Dadi ; it’s sanskaar’s message… not prime minister’s…

Ragini : daaddiiiii maaaa…. give me my phone…
She reads the message. A smile flashes on her lips which dadi noticed.

Dadi : what did he said? And why are you smiling?

Ragini : voh dadi ma… after we came back we didn’t talked na… so he was just asking if i was okay?…..

Dadi ; oh.. just that?

Ragini : dadi ma… now you go i’ll come after having bath…

Dadi nods, kissed her forehead and went from the room. Ragini closes the door and jumps in excitement. Then she controls her beating her and relaxes.

“ i’m also good. ?
Sansku, we haven’t talked in a while. Everything is okay na? Like between us??”

She thinks how after their fight they haven’t spoken to each other properly. Maybe we were just busy with the wedding, she thinks. Shomi shouts from downstairs if she has taken the bath. This brings her back and she goes for the bath hurriedly.


Back in MM, sanskaar comes down and sits on the sofa. He saw everyone was doing something. Ap was directing the servants for cleaning and breakfast. Sujata was wandering here and there, asking everyone to do what they are doing and telling everyone how happy she was. She had called all their relatives to tell them that sanskaar was back.

Dp and Rp were reading newspaper while Adarsh and Laksh were talking and watching news. Uff subah subah news, he thought. Pari was getting Addy ready, doing her hair and uttara was sitting next to him.

Sanskaar : you don’t do anything in the morning?

Uttara : well technically on normal days, at this time i’m in college attending boring lectures….

Sanskaar : why not today?

Uttara : today I and Addy have taken leave……

Sanskaar : why so?

Uttara : common bhai.. you have come after so much time.. we all want to spend time with you therefore no one is going anywhere… everyone will stay at home today……….. right papa?

Ram : yes sanskaar…. today is the family time…

Sanskaar : okay that’s nice to hear but it was not needed. I mean i have a few online meetings too so i think you guys should also continue with your work….

He said with a faint smile.

Ram : beta, you said you’ll leave after a few days.. at least let us have some time with our son… God knows when will we see you next …

Sanskaar felt guilty hearing his Dad’s sad voice but he could do nothing about it. his heart pained seeing his parents vulnerable state. He sighed.

Sanskaar : papa, please don’t say like this.

Sujata : what else should we do? Do your aarti?

Sanskaar rolled his eyes as sujata acted like doing his arti and turned around angrily. She was so cute and a drama queen, thought he.

Sanskaar : you know right, i can’t do anything about that. You guys can visit me whenever you want. And i, too will try to come here.

And papa, so many employees in your company must be from elsewhere but they are here, living away from their families to work.. likewise i’m also doing.

Sujata : no sanskaar, it’s not the same. They don’t have any other choice.. you..

Sanskaar ( interrupting her ) : Mom, i also don’t have any choice. Karma Industries, is what my Kaka had built up and I’m not going to leave it at any cost.

Sujata : so you want to say that your Kaka is more important than your mother?

Sanskaar closes his eyes, hurt. It pained him a lot when he had to talk about his Late Kaka.

Everytime, he crossed his mind, his bedridden face would come in front of his eyes. He blinked his eyes so as to stop the tears from rolling out. Everyone else was the silent spectator of the conversation, or rather say an argument.

Sanskaar : Mom, i cannot argue with you on this matter. So let us both save our energies.
He turns to everyone else.

“ and you guys can please carry on with your work. We can talk in the evening.”

Laksh : bhai you know na no one can go against papa…

Sanskaar ; means?

Adarsh : it was papa’s idea to do this… he wants all of us to spend some quality time together.

Sanskaar looks at dp who was drowned in newspaper still listening to the talks.

Sujata : i know right. For the first time i agreed to bhaissab whole heartedly…

Everyone looks at her surprised and waits for dp’s reaction. Dp glares at sujata and to everyones shock he smiles and nods his head in disbelief. Sujata who was scared for what she just blurted out acts like fainting after seeing dp smile. Ap holds her. Everyone laughs.

Sanskaar looks at dp or say he was staring at him trying to find what is he upto. Dp finally looks at him. Sanskaar tries to find his answers but get none. Dp smiles and continues reading the paper.

Addy came running to sanskaar and sat on his lap. She was a doll. Everyone came to their normal selves. Ram consoled sujata, who then continued with her work, thinking no one cares about her feelings.

Addy : bigcha.. will you play with me?

Sanskaar ; of course.. tell me what you want to play?

Addy : football….

Sanskaar : baapre… you know how to play?

Addy ; of course i know. Come i’ll show you….
Saying so, she holds sanskaar’s index finger and goes to the garden of their mansion. Everyone smiles seeing their bonding. Pari calls adarsh to their room.

Adarsh : what happened?

Pari : adarsh… i’m glad addy is getting along with sanskaar but…..

Adarsh : but what?

Pari : you know na sanskaar said that he’ll leave after a few days.. i’m afraid addy wont be able to handle it. She’s still a kid. You saw na how she cried yesterday when pooja went on her way and we came here.

Adarsh ( sits down on bed ) : i know pari… but we cant keep her away from him.

Pari ( sitting beside him ) :p and nor can we keep him here……

Adarsh looks at her and sighs. Uttara comes to their room and calls them to come outside. Everyone goes to the garden to see addy, sanskaar, laksh and rp playing football. Adarsh and uttara also joins them. Sujata and ap brings jucice for all of them and sits in the shade with dp and pari.

Eeveryone looked just so happy. Perfect. Like a family.


Ragini with swara, shomi, dadi and dida have come to temple. They donated money and distributed sweets to the poor in the name of ragini. Ragini was just content to be back between her loved ones. She knew in between she hated them but at the end of the day they were her family,  and a person is incomplete without his or her.

She happily distributed sweets to the poor kids and talked to them. She understood their talks and feelings, bcoz of the time she has spent with orphanage kids. All the ladies were impressed seeing the innocent yet mature ragini. They were satisfied to see that only ragini’s dressing style has changed nothing else. She was still their laado.

They came back to baadi after sometime. They had breakfast and talked for a bit before they would leave for MM. Ragini checked her phone but got disheartened to see no reply from sanskaar. He hasn’t even seen the message. She continued her talk with the family.


Sanskaar came back to his room after playing and changed into a formal shirt. He got his laptop and called pooja. She confirmed the meeting that would start in 15 mins. He got ready. Sujata came there to inform him that the Gadodia’s will be there in an hour or so, so he should get done before that. He assured her he would be there. She left him alone.

Sanskaar checked his whats app and seeing ragini’s message he gave a sarcastic chuckle. Finally she realised, he thought.

“ lets meet and talk.”

He simply just wrote this, kept his phone on silent and started with his meeting.



Swara “ common ragini… what are you thinking?

Ragini : i  don’t know what i should wear… and mostly i have those wedding outfits. Other than that jeans and tops.

Swara : i’m sure your old suits are kept in almirah.. wear that…. .

Ragini ; no… i don’t want to, i will look like old ragini plus they wont fit me…..

She huffs and sits on the bed. Swara sighs. Shomi and Dadi came to see why they aren’t ready yet.

Swara : i’m toh ready… but Ms. Delhi cannot decide what to wear…

She taunts her, funny. Ragini gives her a “o really” look.

Shomi : whats the matter ragu? Wear anything beta, in which you are comfortable…

Swara ; i’m also saying this… its not like you are going to see your prospective groom. Wear anything…

Shomi and dadi smiles while ragini gives a irritated screech.

Ragini ( to herself ) : i’m going to meet sasnku after  so many hours… uff more that 24 hours… also he seems to be mad at me… i have to look special for him… but i don’t have clothes…..
She cries inside. Till the time she was talking to herself, Dadi went and returned with a packet. She gave it to ragini.

Dadi ; here… wear this…. i’m sure you’ll like it.
Ragini happily opens the packet finds a very beautiful, simple but elegant pastel green saree with silver work on it.

Ragini jumps in happiness and hugs dadi.

Ragini : this is so pretty dadi ma… when did you got it?

Dadi : i brought it last year.. but didn’t got chance to give you…..

Ragini : awww dadi… you are the sweetest.

She pulls her cheeks. Mother daughter also smiles.

Ragini ; but blouse? Oh wait… i have one which will match this…

She opens her suitcase and after tolling her clothes all over the bed she finally finds a beautiful silver blouse with half net sleeves. They all show her thumbs her and request her to go and change. Dadi gets jewellery for her.



The gadodia’s reach MM by 2:30. They all were welcomed happily. Sujata hugged ragini tightly and put a kaala tika behind her ear. Well she was looking like an angel.

Pastel green saree with silver blouse, jhumkis and bangles. Her anklets making the announcement of her arrival. Eyes filled with kohl and mascara, a nude lipstick and hair opened in loose curls. She was looking just perfect.

Ap ; ragini beta.. you are looking beautiful in this saree..

Ragini: thanks aunty.. dadi ma got it for me..

She smiles and touched everyone feet followed by swara. Her eyes were looking for someone who was nowhere to be seen.

The episode ends with smiling face of ragini.


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