Recap – Rag-San are back in Kolkata

The episode starts in the dining hall of MM. Sanskaar’s all favourite dishes were served… matar paneer, dal makhni, gatte ki sabzi, butter roti, fried rice, paneer Manchurian, raita and papad. With ap and sujata on his either side stuffing his mouth with food one after another, it was getting difficult for sanskaar to even breathe. Everyone smiled seeing their love for sanskaar.
Sanskaar, forgetting everything, too was enjoying their affection. Dp and rp emotionally smiles at them. It was perfect. Everything was just perfect, their family was complete……………. but only for some time.
Sanskaar was overwhelmed with all the love he was getting. Once his dream, he was living it now. He had his whole family who trusted him and cared about him. What else could he ask for? But he knew he should not get attached to it because he had to leave, whether he wants or not. But for the next few days, he wanted to collect all the memories he could to live for the next period he won’t be seeing them.


It was evening, All the family members including dida were sitting in the living room and having tea with some chit chat. Ragini had her head rested on shekhar’s shoulder.
Swara : Ma i’ll be staying here tonight…. there’s so much i want to tell ragini.. you guys haven’t given un any privacy since she came back…
Everyone laughs.
Shomi ; have you informed laksh?
Swara ; yes ma…
Shekhar : ram bhaisaab called.. he invited us all tomorrow for lunch as ragini and sanskaar are back…
Dada : this is a very good news. Shekhar get some present for sanskaar after all he took care of our laado..
Swara : whats the need dadu?
Dida : shona… of course there’s a need… i think it’s a very good idea..
Shekhar and shomi agrees. Ragini checks her phone if there was any message or call from sanskaar. But she was disappointed. They continued their chit chat. Ragini told them how Delhi and Goa was.


At MM, sanskaar was in same situation, checking his phone now and then to see if there was any notification from ragini.
None the less, he did get a call from Abhay.
Abhay ; how are you sanky?
Sanskaar ; i’m good bro.. what about you? Did you guys reached safely?
Abhay ; yes… and i dropped poo at her home. She was upset regarding you guys. Did you talked to ragini?
Sanskaar ; Oh God Poo… abhay if it’s okay with you, please keep a check on her… I’ll be back in a few days.. and …. and i didn’t talked to her…she’s at her parents house and i’m here…………
Abhay ; you guys are different places but you people have phones… you are not living in ancient india… common sanky yaarr
Sanskaar ; abhay why don’t you tell her this? She’s the one who created problems by doubting my intentions…
Abhay ; sanky… look i don’t know about her but i have seen you getting broken that day… and i can’t see that again.. you love her sanky… you do na/??
Sanskaar ; of course, what kind of question is this?
Abhay : then solve this matter before you come back….. you have two options… first, wait for her to call you…. and i don’t think that’s going to happen after seeing what happened there… and second is be a man and confront her.; talk to her and resolve your issues otherwise you’ll make things difficult for you and your love.
Sanskaar ; why should i take the first step always?
Abhay ; don’t be childish sanky… you guys have come so far don’t let this small thing affect your relationship. Swara already seems to have problem with you, if you don’t talk to her she’ll get more chances to create differences between you guys… do you want that?
Sanskaar ; no, obviously…
Abhay : then at least message her. Keep aside your ego and message her and then see what happens… don’t give up sanky…
Sanskaar ; maybe.. maybe you are right…
Abhay : huh.. your bro is always right… now go and talk to her. I’ll check on poo.
Sanskaar ; thanks bro!
Abhay : saale.. bhai ko thanks ko bolega abb…….. ja abb…
Sanskaar ; okay byee
They hang up. Sanskaar thinks.

Of course.. my love is greater than my ego. I don’t know about you ginu but i love you and will always do.

He sends “hi” to ragini on whats app.
Uttara with laksh and adarsh comes to his room to disturb his privacy.
Uttara : bhai i hope we didn’t disturbed you.
He looks back and catches her ear. She shouts and ask him to leave. He leaves her after some time. They all sit and talk.
Uttara : bhai why don’t you shift your business here.. then we can live together..
Sanskaar ; it’s not possible choti and it’s not my business… it’s my kaka’s dream which he had established and then given it to me to handle.
Laksh ; where is he now bhai?
Sanskaar (sadly ) : he had left me lucky… long ago…
Laksh : i’m sorry bhai….
Adarsh : sanskaar but are there no chances for you to stay here..??
Sanskaar : no bhai… kaka had given me everything, his name, his business, his relations when i had nothing… i can’t leave his dream behind for my selfish reasons.
Laksh : name?
Adarsh : yeah … he’s no more sanskaar maheshwari… he’s sanskaar kapoor now…
Sanskaar nods.
Uttara ; but how’s this possible?
Sanskaar ; it is possible choti. Kaka had adopted me. I didn’t wanted it but seeing his love for me i couldn’t deny it. Even his daughter considered me her brother and asked kaka to hand over their business to me…
Laksh : why didn’t she took over?
Sanskaar : she’s married to nri abroad, in Australia. And she wasn’t there when kaka….. kaka passed away.
Adarsh holds his hand and squeeze it. Sanskaar gives a faint smile.
Sanskaar ; look… i’m sorry if this all is so awkward for you but now that is my life. My everything is in delhi….
Uttara ; except your family….
She tears up.
Sanskaar ; bhai look at this bandariya…. god knows how will she survive in her sasural…
He tries to cheer her up but she burst into tears.
Uttara ; bhai yaar… please…
He hugs her.
Sanskaar : arre pagli… i’m just going to Delhi… i’m not dying… don’t cry…
Adarsh, Laksh, Uttara ( together ) ; sanskaar / bhaii….
They stare at him in disbelief.
Sanskaar : i meant you can always call me and i’ll try to come here whenever possible…
Uttara : yeah.. last time it took 6 six years… 5 before and now almost 1 year…
She explains when they looked at her confused. Pari comes there with addy.
Addy ; lucky chachu where is my chocolate??
Laksh : i don’t have now.. tomorrow i’ll give you two.
She then turns ot sanskaar.
Addy : bigcha.. did you get chocolate for me?
Sanskaar who’s unaware of this trend nods no. Sad addy goes and sits on her father’s lap. Sanskaar shrugs.
Pari ( childish voice ) : bigcha.. you have to give me chocolate everyday so that i lose my teeth in childhood only and become a nani amma….
Addy cringes. Everyone laughs.
Pari : btw sanskaar.. did you only make sisters in these years or you found someone special??
Everyone gets excited hearing this question. Except laksh the three of them knew about ragsan and wanted to know what was their story.
Sanskaar catches their naughty smile and nods in disbelief. He checks his phone but there was no message from ragini. He presses his lips and looks at the eager faces.
Sanskaar : you can stop staring at me. It’s creepy.
Uttara ; common bhai don’t change the topic…
Sanskaar : well maybe there’s someone… but i can’t say anything….
Adarsh : what?? What about…..
Before he could say something, pari interrupts him. She could sense hesitation in sanskaar’s voice.
Pari : well devar ji… then you should talk to her…. talking makes things easier.
He looks at her. She nods and smiles. He too nods and smiles.
The siblings continue with their talking and teasing. Sanskaar was trying to be comfortable around everyone so that they don’t ask much questions and also he was actually deprived of family love from so long. Therefore, he was not able to stop himself from gelling up with them. And their love and care towards him have melted his strong heart anyway.


Its night. Everyone has retired to their rooms after having family dinner in both the houses. Ragini came to her room and checked her phone which was on charging. She sees sanskaar’s message and jumps in happiness. She opens the message and is about to reply when swara comes there.
Swara : ragini.. common leave the phone and sit here…. i have to tell you so many things..
Ragini : yes swara… just a minute…
Swara : common ragini…. we have met after so long… come here.. let’s be swaragini again…. i missed us.
Saying so swara snatched her phone and kept on her side table before ragini could send a message.
Ragini : swara.. just a minute please…. give me my phone back….
She tries to reach her phone but swara takes it away and runs in the room with ragini chasing her. Swara laughs while ragini pleads.
Ragini ; common swara this is not funny
Swara ; ragini what is it haan? Who’s messgaes you cant wait to reply? Is he someone special?/ common you have to tell me.
Swara teases her and keeps running.
Ragini ; swara please yaar……
Swara ; no first promise me that you’ll tell me who’s message it is.. promise me?!1
Ragini : huh.. okay fine.. i’ll tell you…..
They both sit down on the bed and pants. Ragini unlocks her phone and luckily there was a message from her office colleague. She shows the message to swara.
Ragini ; happy now? I had to join office from tomorrow and people have been missing me that’s why i got so many messages today….
Swara : acha ji… did any boy message??
Ragini ; chii swara… shut up…. now give me a moment…
She moves a little away from swara and replies to the colleague and to sanskaar.
‘ hi sansku.. how are you?’
But it showed just one tick. She wondered what happened. Coz sanskaar generally keeps his data on.
Swara ; now if you are done, then can we talk??
Ragini looks at her phone and then keeps it on the table and talks to swara. They talk about her after married life, her baby and how dp has now allowed her to work.
Ragini ; this is so great swara… i’m happy for you
Swara : acha ragini tell me .. you told about your job so will you go back to delhi/??
Ragini ; i haven’t thought about it yet…
Swara : please stay na ragini….
Ragini : i haven’t decided yet swara and i don’t wnat to give you any hopes by promising… we’ll see when time comes….
Swara nods. They continue talking about their lives.


Sleep was far from sanskaar. The blue ticks with no reply has shattered his heart more. He felt angry and betrayed.
He thought…………… How much time a person needs to reply. Abhay you said our love is greater than everything but i guess only for me. I don’t even think she thought about me for once also. I’m the fool here who thought to text her when she clearly doesn’t care. When we were together there in jaipur, then she didn’t care then now we are in different places…. good going ginu… i did my job now if you want to keep this you’ll come to me…. i’m done.!

With this he lays on his stomach and tries to sleep…………………………………………………….

The episode ends with split screen of laughing ragini and sleeping sanskaar.

Important Question – I hope you guys don’t mind Sanskaar Kapoor and not Sanskaar Maheshwari. If there’s a problem, you can share it with me.

And also, Ragini is still Ragini Gadodia. In early chapters, she just made up her new name.





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