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Then thank you so much for all your lovely comments! I’m so glad that many of you are still interested in this story!

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Then I’m really sorry for not being regular. A few of you know that I fell down while playing, LAUGHING to be specific and injured my leg and right due to which I was not able to write…. really sorry……


And yep, I’m working on next seasons of BABUL, TAHAIYAAn and You’ve completed me…… + 2 other stories…. it’ll take time but by the end of july you’ll get Babul and by the end of this year one more story!! I know you guys are waiting for the stories and I’m always put myself n trouble and not able to give you updates….. Please forgive me… <BABY FACE>












Recap : arshi’s engagement ceremony……..





As we all were dancing, we suddenly heard glass breaking sound and we all stopped and looked towards that direction. As I looked at the person, I felt the land disappearing beneath my feet. Swara, laksh, adarsh bhaiya and pari bhabhi were standing like a statue. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wanted this all to be a dream but no it was not. They were really here and in no time all the maheshwari family was standing in front of me with an equally shocked expression as mine. I looked at my side to see sanskaar but no, he was not there. Where is he now? I looked for him but couldn’t find him. Arnav’s dad announced that everything was fine and the party should be continued. Swara started moving towards me with her eyes filled with tears. I was not ready for any kind of conversation with her or anyone. I felt old ragini coming again inside me. But no I have killed her she can’t come back. Please sanskaar come and take me from here. As swara and sujata aunty were coming close to me, my nervousness was increasing. There was no one around but thankfully someone came, held my hand and took me from there before they could talk to me. I didn’t rose my head until I knew sanskaar was in front of me. I hugged him tightly as my tears drenched his kurta.








As the music stopped we all turned back to see what happened. And what I saw was enough to boil my blood but I didn’t wanted to make a scene there. I asked arnav to bring ginu to my room and went from there as I can’t stand those people but I also didn’t wanted ginu to come with me without her will. I left from there and came to my room. I had mixed feelings in my heart and mind.

One side my heart was happy to see my family in front of me after so long but my mind was agitated to see them and all their taunts and bad words regarding my ginu played in my mind. I know I have also done many mistakes in my life but haven’t pointed out on any girl’s character.  I sat down on bed clutching my hair and waited for ginu. I was not sure whether I did right to leave ginu alone as that dreadful dream again flashed in my mind. No , I shouted as I realised I did wrong leaving her alone. I moved towards the door to go out but arnav was already there with ginu. Oo my ginu, she was trembling. I moved towards her and she hugged me tightly. Arnav went from there after keeping hand on ginu’s head. Soon my kurta was wet with her tears. I too got tears in my eyes seeing my heart crying and caressed her back.





Sanskaar : ginu… shsss stop crying… look I’m here with you…shsss

Ragini : y did u left me alone sansku?? Haan tell me…

She said between her sobs. Sanskaar made her sit on couch and brought water for her. She refused but he made her drink and wiped her tears.

Sanskaar : ginu…

Ragini : sansku.. did u saw… my swara.. my shona was there… pari bhabhi was there… did u saw them??

Sanskaar nodded.

Ragini : sansku.. do u think they have forgiven me?? Or … or will they punish me?? Will they tell everyone what I did with my sister?? Haan tell me na sansku ???

She was getting out of control. She was behaving like a psycho which she wasn’t. Sanskaar tried to calm her down but no she was still blabbering. Seeing your sister, who u think hates u, after so many months is not easy. She was terrified. She was sad from within but didn’t wanted to show. She was scared and broken.


Sanskaar cried seeing her condition. He caressed her cheeks and rubbed her palms and arms to control was but nothing was working. He hugged her but she pushed him hard.


Ragini : u r not understanding sanskaar… they’ll tell everyone what I did and then everyone will hate me.. sansku again everyone will hate me….


Sanskaar closed his eyes tightly and then slapped her hard. He opened his eyes to see her holding her cheek and tears flowing down her cheeks. He pressed his lips and took her in his embrace.


Sanskaar ; I’m so sorry ginu…

She hugged him tightly and nodded no. Sanskaar caressed her hair.


Sanskaar : I’m with you ginu… y r u saying all this?? Till I’m with you koi tumhara baal bhi banka nhi kar sakta… u trust me na ginu??

She nods yes and breaks the hug. Sanskaar looks at her cheek where he slapped. He caressed her cheek.

Sanskaar : is it paining.

She cutely nodded yes with a sob.

Sanskaar : I’m so sorry…

He said and kissed her cheek.

Sanskaar : now also is it paining??

She again nodded yes wiping her tears. Sanskaar smiled and placed a wet and intense kiss on her cheek. She bowed down her head shyly.

Sanskaar : now??

Ragini nodded and hugged him. Sanskaar smiled and kissed her forehead and asked her to freshen up. They got freshen up and sat on the couch. Sanskaar holds her hand and looks into her eyes.


Sanskaar : ginu are u okay?

She nodded.

Sanskaar : ginu … now when we’ll go down its possible that they’ll try to talk to us. If u r comfortable then talk to them and if not then please tell them u don’t want to talk… they are arnav’s guests as we are…. n v definitely don’t want him in trouble right??

She again nodded.

Sanskaar : you are my brave ginu na??? Then you’ll not be nervous or scared na??

She again nodded. He patted her cheek.

Sanskaar : n don’t worry I’m always with you… okay?

She again nodded. He stood up and asked her to come. She looked at him and stood up. He smiled at her. She hugged him and sobbed. He got worried and rubbed her back and broke the hug and cupped her face.


Sanskaar ( worried ) : what happened ginu? why are you crying now??

Ragini : sansku… u think about everyone… me, arnav, pooja, everyone…. but when will u think about yourself??

Sanskaar : ginu what r u saying??

Ragini : sansku … your family is downstairs whom u have not met since so many months… how r u going to deal with it?? I know u also miss them…

Sanskaar ; ginu please/….

Ragini : what please sansku?? Don’t hide your pain and tears from me at least….

Sanskaar turns around. Ragini comes in front of him. She holds his hands and brings near her lips and kisses them. He looks at her emotionally.

Ragini : sansku… crying does not make a person weak.. rather it’ll make u strong and will give u courage to face the problems and fight with the consequences…. i know u r stopping yourself because of me but please don’t do that…. don’t put me in that guilt… please…


She cries while he nods no. They join their foreheads and cry taking away each other’s pain and sorrow.


Sanskaar : ginu… ( he takes a deep breath and wipes his and her’s tears ) we should go down.. ring ceremony will be starting any moment…. I promise we’ll talk about it later…. please….


Ragini knew he’ll not listen so she compiles and they both go down… as they came down all the maheshwari’s looked at them with teary eyes. Arnav ,khushi and Pooja too looked at them. With a fake smile pasted on their faces, they both came down and stood with pooja.


Addy came running to Ragini. She smiled seeing her little friend.


Ragini : hello addy…

Addy : didi where did u went?? I was finding you….

Ragini : voh ……

Sanskaar : actually your didi had some work so thats  y she went…

Addy went behind ragini, holding her hand. Ragini smiled and picked her up in her arms.

Ragini : addy like I’m your friend this bhaiya and didi are also your friends…. he’s sanskaar bhaiya and she’s pooja didi…

Addy : san…. saass… what ???

Sanskaar : sanskaar…

Addy : ragini didi… my papa said my chachu’s name is also sa…saas….

Sanskaar ( confused ) : chachu??

Addy nodded. Ragini looked at him.

Otherside pari was looking for addy and then she found him talking to three people. She smiled and went towards them.


Pari : addy….

Addy looked behind and along with her ragsanpoo also looked behind. Ragsan were shocked to see pari there.

Addy : mumma….

Pari came there with a shocked expression. Ragini gave addy to her. Sanskaar bend down and touched pari’s feet and was about to go but pari stopped him.

Pari : wont u even talk to me sanskaar?? Wont u talk to your niece?

Sanskaar looked at addy and then at her. She nodded and he smiled through his tears. He kept hand on addy’s head. Ragini and pooja turned to go but pari held ragini’s hand.

Pari ; so now my friend is leaving without even saying hi..

Ragini cried and hugged pari while sanskaar took addy from pari’s hand. Sanskaar smiled looking at them. Pooja started going but sanskaar stopped her.


Sanskaar : bhabhi she’s pooja my lil sister…

He said keeping hand on her head. Pooja smiled looking at him. Pari smiled and opened her arm for her as well. She smiled and hugged her. They all sat down. Pari told addy that he’s her chachu only. Sanskaar told her about pooja and how they were here. Pari also told them how everyone missed them and what all is going on in MM and GH!


Adarsh came there looking for pari and addy and was very happy to look how pari was talking with the trio with addy in sanskaar’s lap eating snacks.


Adarsh : bhabhi mil gayi toh bhaiya ko bhul gaya?? ( you got your bhabhi so you forgot your brother )

All looked at him. Sanskaar smiled at him and stood up, making addy sit on the chair. They both hugged with tears in their eyes.

Adarsh met ragini also with a warm hug. Sanskaar told him about pooja and he happily made her his small sister as well.


It was true that sanskaar had no hatred or any kind of problem with PariSh and loved them especially Adarsh so he didn’t mind talking to them. Rather he was very happy getting his brother back.

Adarsh, on other hand, was very happy that 1) sanskaar and ragini were happy and 2) that he was able to meet sanskaar early and he didn’t need to wait for two weeks instead now he had full two weeks to be with sanskaar and convince him to come back to Kolkata .


The ring ceremony started and they all went towards the stage. Ragini and sanskaar went and stood with their friends in front teasing and cheering for khushi and arnav resp.  << arnav and khushi’s friends are ragini’s and sanskaar’s friends also >>


the episode ends with smiling faces of ragsan.





So meri bheno aur unke bhaiyo < if any > how was this update?? Do share your reviews and press the star button if you liked it…., and also do tell me are you happy with the chapter? Like Adarsh’s part??

I personally felt that Adarsh’s and Pari’s characters In the serial were somewhere lost and underutilized.. and just to prove another character right they were made negative… like it’s my pov…. so I thought to give them strong roles I my story!!!


Do share our views guys!!


Eid Mubarak once again!! Stay happy and stay blessed..


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