sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode 22)

In next morning…
Avni wakes she looks towards bed and found that neel is not there ,then she looks in garden through window and saw neel is playing with small kids.she smiles..
At dining table ,breakfast..
Mr mehta: yesterday both of u have gone for dinner, how was it.
Bebr:actually they have lots of work so they denied.
Mr mehta: what ??let it be .by tthe way shweta today is party at Mr mishra,he invited us along with bebe and sara has to go in one of the friends concert and by the way where is krystal
Shweta: she leaves for Delhi in morning.
Mr mehta: so today no one will be at home, except u both.
Bebe interrupted..
Bebe: so its finalized that they will go for dinner today ,no excuse and its decided.and i know one restaurant “Unify” and I will book one table over there.
After sometime…
In shweta’s room
Shweta: all is going as per our plan.hope there also all get well.
Avni:yes mom hope today we will able to expose her.
Bebe came ….
Bebe:I have brought saree and jewellery for u ,today u have to wear this .
Avni:bebe but i have already so many saree’s given by u ,there is no need of this
Bebe:this is not for u ,this is for my son so that he is not able to remove his from u.
Avni blushes.

At evening…
Neel is standing and waiting for avni in hall..
Shweta:neel we r leaving ,servants will be there in the house ,and avni is coming.
All family member leaves for their party.
Neel standing and thinks “these girls took so many time in dressing, i dont understand what they used to do.I am waiting here last half an hour”
Suddenly avni is coming from the stairs ,she is dressed in black with a little green shade saree with diamond jwellery,she looks stunning.
Neel continuously staring her.
He complemented her “looking beautiful” but he changes his words and said i am talking about the new let’s go.
They reaches at unify hotel…
Neel:I think there is some function over here ,it seems like someones wedding anniversary.
Avni:u wait over here I will go inside and check it out .
Avni wents inside and saw vivek and Krystal over there..
She make call to shweta.
Avni:mom all thing is going as per our plan.
Shweta:good ,so go and take neel inside the restaurant.
Avni:mom I feel very bad ,I can’t do this ,I can’t saw him breaking down ,mom he gets hurt ,mom I can’t do this.
Shweta: u have to do to save his life.go for it.
On the other hand
Neel at gate of the restaurant…
Neel(in his thoughts): why she didn’t come yet ,she took so much time.
There he asked with a couple…
Neel:what is going inside .will u plz tell me
Couple: actually there is a party thrown by krystal and his husband vivek for their 4 th wedding anniversary.
Neel in his thoughts: I have heard this name somewhere.
Suddenly it strike in his mind about Krystal’s cousin.he thinks today Krystal is also gone somewhere.he recall all the words of sara .
He went to check it out.but avni stops him…
Avni:neel this is not right place .let’s go somewhere else.
Neel:let me check out.
He wents inside the restaurant and saw krystal and vivek and get stunned and reading a tag .
In that tag it is mentioned “happy wedding anniversary Mr and Mrs vivek.its good to see together last 4 years.hope u all will leave together forever”
He shattered over there avni handles him.
He handles himself and started clapping..
All crowds is turn towards him.
He reaches at stage…
Neel:congratulations Mrs vivek for ur 4th wedding anniversary.u cheated me ,u r already married. I loved u from bottom of my heart but u played with me.that is why I amazed that when I used to told u that I will be announcing u as my girlfriend publicly then u refused.because of u I didn’t trusted on my sister.I trust u lot but u broke it .yet what r u hiding with me tell me today .it will be good if u tell me otherwise if I will listen with someone then it will hurt more.
He started shaking him and asking..
Krystal: u want to know ,then listen ,yes I cheated u ,do u know the reason behind international cricket selectors chosen u not him,because of ur all money and power. u have so many power and money so I wants to snatch that all things with u.
She expose all things on her own.
Neel:why u have done this with me,I loved u lot if u ever told me I will gave my all shares to u.but leave that ,its of no use now.
He moves fro. There very strongly and pretending that he is not hurt.
He came out of the restaurant by holding the hand of avni and sit in the car and burst out.he started crying.
Neel:why god used to do all bad things with me only.why??
Avni:no he didn’t do bad anything with u ,just think if she get success in cheating u then..
Neel:I love her lot but she cheated me.
Avni:neel do u know we all r lyk kids in front of god and he is our parents ,lyk kids ask everything but parents allowed that which is good for them similarly we r also lyk that and god gives us those things which r good for us.
Neel: u saves my life ,u have done a Lott for me but I thought that u cheated me.I am sorry to judging u.
He hugs her.and both r crying.
Avni told driver to take the car at home…
They reaches at home.
He entered inside the house and saw whole family standing over there.
He just rushes towards bebe as he is very close to her and just hugged her tightly.
Everyone confront him .

At concert sara met with a guy and she feels something for him.on the otherside bebe saw a dream that neel excepted avni as her wife.will her dream will come true .
Let see……

  1. It’s really very nice……….no words to express ….at last Krystal is exposed…… Eagerly waiting 4r next episode…..

  2. Wow, It’s magnificent. I was eagerly waiting for this episode. Avni is always there to confront Neil. At last real face of krystal comes out in front of Neil. Superb & Mind blowing episode.

    1. I am a Btech final year student. Can I call on your name? Please carry on writing.

  3. Prerana verma

    Amazing.please update the next one soon

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks dear ,I Will try ti

  4. Hey finally Krystal exposed..but something twist will happen their marriage journey.i thought avni’s parents won’t agree their marriage..

    1. Pritiyadav

      Yes Krystal get exposed…. But let see what is going to happen next.

  5. beeutifull .. finally exposed.. waitin 4 next

  6. hey.. wat about avni bein army officer

    1. Pritiyadav

      Its her dream which is destroyed .she leave because of her mother.
      In life all dream never gets fulfilled and sometimes we have to leave our dreams for our loved ones ,i just tried to show that only.

  7. Sweetgirl7

    Oh priti u really rock. So much epic and wonderful episode. #priti rock #AvNeil rock #girls rock and pop. Do update soon

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks dear.sure I will try to update as soon as possible.

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  9. Amazing thanks God Krystal truth is exposed

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks dear .

  10. Zaina

    Wow…. Krystal is no more….. I am sooooooooooo happy….
    Now its the time for AvNeil moments….
    # priti rocks
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    #AvNeil rockkkkkkk…..

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      Thanks dear ,I will update tomorrow as I am busy today .sorry for that

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    Awesom chappy waiting for good avniel scene mind blowing …

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