sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode-2)

Episode 2

In first episode her mom went out from the hall angrily….
Later on avni goes in her mom’s room and hugged her mother from back and said
Avni:soory mum,today again I hurt u.I know that why u don’t want me that I should join army .because in ur childhood u lost ur dad in war.sorry
See i am holding my ears .plz mom talk me if u want to scold me then u can but plz talk with me
By saying these words avni has tear in her eyes..her mom noticed that
Mom: OK fine ,now stop crying ,otherwise I will started crying along with u and then if floods came
Both are started smiling and hugged each other and suddenly her dad arrived with Aisha and said
Dad : now there is patch up between mother and daughter ,then let’s go for dinner today.
Avni said OK dad let me fresh and then we will go.
Her dad ,ok hurry up
Every one is came out from thier rooms in well dressed and sit in the car and went for dinner in their favourite restaurant named “Ornate”
After dinner from the restaurant they return home and said goodnight to each and everyone.
Avni went in her room and she saw message in her phone from one of her friend.the message is about to fill the form for applying in army
She replied no I will not join, my parents will not allow me and I cant hurt their feelings again and again.her friend forced her as she know that avni is die hard fan of army.but avni refused and put her phone on the table and sleep.
In the next morning
Avni wakes up and perform the aarti or prayer with her mom and helping her mom in making breakfast as her mother don’t like the food which is cooked by servant .so she cooks her food on her own . all are sitting on the dining table.
Suddenly a servant aarive
Servant: Sir there is letter for u
Avni’s dad : for me ,let me see.
He took the letter from servant and he wants to hide that letter.
But avni’s mom said why r u hiding the letter ,show me she took the letter from his hand and get stunned by reading that letter…

In episode 3
What is inside that letter.

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  1. Will u update the episodes daily Priti

  2. Update next episode soon

  3. Pritiyadav

    I will try my best to update the episodes daily

  4. Pritiyadav

    I have updated my next episode go for it guys

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