sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode 18)

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Shweta is shocked to hear that how krystal refused.if she love him she rushes by hearing this news but she didn’t do like that.
Avni is praying with lord ganesha for neel.Sara reaches there…
Sara: avni bro need the blood group A+ which is not in the blood bank.
By hearing this avni ran from there ,Sara is shouting from there what happen.
Avni: aunty my blood group is A+,where is the doctor, i am ready to donate.
Doctor came there take avni for the blood.

Avni donated her blood .she came out of cabin and sat beside shweta.
Shweta is just staring her ,she dont have words to say with avni she is speechless. Doctor came and asked to arrange more blood .avni is again ready but doctor refused.
Avni:sir plz take the blood with me.
Doc:but if something happen to u it will not be our responsibility. Sign on this paper.
Without thinking she signed on the

After donating the blood once again she faint due to weakness. Doctor have given her medicine and told that take care of ur self.she is sitting outside the bench .doctor came and said now he is safe .till morning u can met with him.but for whole night any one member can stay with him.shweta allow avni to stay with him.avni ia so Happy. Whole night avni is sitting beside neel holding his hand.
In morning
Neel wakes up and move his hand avni wakes up and call the doctor.

Avni: neel u dont know how much I am happy to see u in this condition. I can’t express it.
Doctor came ,and he check up the neel .all family members came there and feel haapy seeing neel.
Shweta:doc till when we can took him at home.
Doc:till evening, because I know that u will take care of him much better than hospital at home.this girl (pointing to avni)will take care of him as she donated her blood without thinkinh of herself.

At evening

Neel return back to home.neel is searching someone.
Shweta:whom u r searching
Neel:mom actually where is krystal,didn’t u inform her about my this condition.
Shweta:I have informed her,she is out of station and she will be coming till evening.
Avni take him to his room and from nowonwards he will be ur responsibility. And Sara u wait i want to talk with u.

Sara:yes mom.
Shweta:tell me the truth of krystal which u know.
Sara explains all thing.
Shweta:but how do I know that ,what r u saying is right.
Sara:that is the problem mom that we dont have proof against her.
Sara leaves from there…

Shweta thinks there is some truth,which I have to find out.suddenly she noticed something in the newspaper.she is shocked to see that.actually in the newspaper she saw the lady in the advertisement of a restaurant,the lady who is pretending to be Krystal’s mother. Withou informing any body she pick her car and went to the address where the inauguration of restaurant is taking place.she asked the manager about that lady ,manager gave her address of that lady.
Shweta reaches over there she knocked the door.the old lady opened the door and shocked to see shweta.

lady:ma’am r u here .
Shweta:i am here to find out the truth of krystal.
That lady spills all the truth in front of shweta.
Shweta reaches at home and Krystal also came there.
Krystal: aunty where is neel how is he now.(doing her drama)
Shweta wants to stop but she didn’t.
Krystal reaches in neels room where avni is feeding him .a

Kryatal:neel how r u ,do u know hearing about u i just rush over here.
She hugs neel .avni feel bad and turn her face.
Neel asks aavni to give the bowl to krystal now she is there she will take care of him.
Avni came out of the room and she is crying ,shweta ,Sara and bebe came and hold her and take her to their room.

All the four ladies combine their hands and plan to expose Krystal.
Shweta:listen we will not let her know that ,that we know her truth,avni and Sara u both have to try to be frienly with her.if we become her friend it will easy to expose her.

In next episode
Will all the ladies will get success in exposing her????

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  1. Short nd sweet…but next time plz upload lengthy one…really superb…

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks dear.sure i will try

  2. It’s very nice yaar…..

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks dear

  3. Wow exactly As everyone expected from you. Not only you are a good writer but also a good thinker. Trust me, I can imagine the image of the story after reading your episode. As a reader I think that your storyline is as good as the storyline of Naamkaran.

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks ,but sorry i will not except that my storyline as good as naamkaran .but i respect your view about my story.thank u so much

  4. Sweetgirl7

    Priti hats off to you. Standing ovation. Great job you are doing. Well done and keep writing like this

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thank u thank u so much dear.

      1. Sweetgirl7

        Welcome. And do update next one

  5. Zaina

    Yipeeeeeee…..An hoga tamasha… Krystal toh gayi…. Can’t wait priti…. Go ahead…

    1. Pritiyadav

      Let see what will be going to happen next.just think how neel feel when he get to know the truth.

  6. Zaina

    Yipeeeeeee…..ab hoga tamasha… Krystal toh gayi…. Can’t wait priti…. Go ahead…

    1. Zaina

      Sorry yaar. Shaayad mene do baar press kiya

  7. Pritiyadav

    Sorry guys I will not be able to update any episode as there is janmashtami function at my house.some how I got the time and replying u all.

    1. Sweetgirl7

      No problem with that dear

  8. Plz update lengthy one as u didn’t update yesterday…..jaldi bhi kariye

    1. Pritiyadav

      Sure I will update today ,lengthy one

  9. Sorry, I was wrong. You proved it by saying that. Only who thought good could able to say that. Waiting for your next episode. Please post your story as soon as possible.

    1. Pritiyadav

      Sure i will update today

  10. Prerana verma

    Please upload next episode.I’m waiting eagerly.pleaseeee

    1. Pritiyadav

      Sure i will

  11. Srishti Prasad

    please upload next episode. I can’t wait for it.I’m eager to know what will happen next.

    1. Pritiyadav

      Sure i will, and plz continue reading

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks dear.plz continue reading.

  12. Post jaldi kijiye …… wait karo rah he

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