Sanam Tuje Meri Kasam(Season-2) Episode 17

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After long passed time i m back with #sanamTujeMeriKasam
but yup its season-2 and u guys had already been given a short review too..

hope you all ll love this seson too..
i know i m very non-active writer among all..but do plz vote oky..!
this is the 4th ff i m uploading today so sorry if you feel it a bit bored oky..
well trying my best to be realistic not go far away..from the real world…
after all i m not alan turing to create artifical intellegency


Dedicate too all who loved season-1 and were waiting for me to
continue season-2


Swara’s POV..

i had asked sanskar to stop the car as i m here back to something intened to do..yes..i really intend doing ot..
fashion desiging! after all among the most wondered thing in i m wife of a man who also owns fashion firm and its all coz of me he had said me once about it..
that it was my dream to be a fashion designer and thats y when he was capabel of the business he first thing done was removing fashion firm!!!..
my hubby is best all my these taughts were done when he kissed me ..
han han guter minds..
on my forhead and when he does trust me i feeelllllllll blessssssed..i feel i m lucky to have him…i m just waiting for the right time to tell him my feelings..and today is best day..
and then he was about to do something that i would never like him do..
he tried rubbing my sindoor how dare he..
its the thing the symbol that states that i m all his and he want to erase it..
i got very furious and split him with firm..

“how dare you sanskar..ek ladki ke liye all that matters is her vermillon (sindoor) and you tired to rub it off my head do you know what that means no how could you know..?
lev but i m very dissapointed by you..sanksar very disappointed.
and ll never forgive you for what u did..”

she just moved out..


sanskar’s POV..
what did she just mean..she herself addressed stating that she dont want any one know that shes wife of an mulimilliniour andnow..
ohh gosh she sometimes litrally make me go mad..
but wait she said shee value the sindor..
is she accepting our relation..

sanskar had a satisfactory smile on his face..


back to clg..
swara walked in only to be bumed witha someone..
she justmutured a sorry and walked forward..
she seemed all well and right but the bumped person didnt..

swara went towards the notice board and took the details about her class and procedded tobe again bumped with someone but this time swara became frustrated as shes keeping on bumping all..and was about to venture her frustration when the opposite person..muttered sory..
“sorry sorry really very sorry..plz..i din notice u..and bumped u..”
seeing the confusion in the opposite persons voice she let out a small laughter..
swara-hai its oky cool..i m sorry too by the way i m swara n u
person-riya riya malhotra..
nice meeting u..ummm first year?
swara-yeah… frnds..?
swara-sure frnds..!
riya-lets move to class..
as soon as swara was about to enter the class she wore her specs..
riya-hai swara u know ur so beautiful..and y specs just remove it yar u look like a nerd if u were it..nikalo isse..!
swara-i dont wish anyone falling for me so i m all fine the way i m,..
riya-well if u dont mind can i ask u something..
swara-yeah sure..!
riya-dont you think a guy is following us continusly just c back..
riya-han chk ur self i m noticing it from long time..
swara turns back and notices the guy!
swara-u stand here let me deal with it..!
swara walk towards the guy…!
swara to guy-oyeee…are u following me..?
guy-mam actualluy
swara-mean yes!how dare you han..dont u have shame..!
and u ddont know me who i m so just shut and move..if i complain to my…(she stops in btwn)
guy-mam sorry but its sirs order!
omg dont tell me sanskar sent you here..!
guy nods..!
swara stamps thr ground and walks off..
riya-kya huva ?he dint listen to you wait let me..
swara-no its oky..he ll follow us always…
riya-what?but y?

swara-hes bodyguard my bodyguard..
riya-ur bodyguard?hai who are u actually?
swara-vo..(just then her cell pops up a msg)


sorry swthrt!forgot informing you about the bodyguard his name is ravi..
he ll be their around you always..dont make ur nose red and sorry again even for that sindoor incident..!have meeting meet you in home..driver ll pick you up today!
love u
-urs sanskar!

swara smiles reading the msg..


in these all months though swara never reembered anything about her previous things..but now she had started trusting sanskar.
though later she never said him those words coz she had no such feelings (now she has) but sanskar always saya those magical words..the words that has immense happiness strangh within her often just to remind her that hes only hers..!


swara-now stop talking riya sir may come anytime…
riya-yeah..c their a bench empty lets move their..

rest time went well unknow of the fact that someone watching them intensly..with the craze within..!


riya and swara were having their luch..
riya-wow yar swara ur luch is just marvellous..who prepared it…i just want to kiss her hands.. to home and kiss john’s hands..hes d one prepared it!
(she chuckles)
riya-what a guy?and whos john?ur bf?omg u din even say me!
swara-hold on hold on!
john is the cook who prepares the food..!

just then they hear..a voice breaking their instance!

“hello ladies..if u dont mind can i have the pleasure of havng lunch with u all?
by the way my self arman!”(arman of dil mil gaye #KSG)
and guess what u guys seems to be indain so can v be frnds!

riya-omg!the coolest guy of clg and the hottie cming to us and stating to be frnds with us ?
arman–think so..

“eaxctly!”came another voice..(and this is chudail of my story)
tina-yeah this is what i mean the most hotiie of the clg is stating to sit with a neard(pointing to swara-mind u guys swara was wearing d specs)y dont u join me handsome?
arman-i guess its my sit with whom i want and now i m very hungry and so our my frnds so ll u plz excuse us!

tina walks away angrily!

arman-hai dont mind oky!
swar-we would never but may i know when did we becm frnds?
arman-well we can be now..
so frnds..
riya-yeah yeah sure frnds!myself riya..and she is my bestiee swara!

just then the bodyguard walks towards them!

riya-swara c their..
swara-han!(she turns back to c ravi their)
yes..ravi need anything?
ravi-mam actually i sensed something wrong over here so just came to confirm it as sir..
swara-no all is fine u can go..and if i feel like i ll call u..oky!
riya-uffff!hoe can u tolrate all this yar!
sarman-sorry to interrupt you girls!but who was he..
riya-swaras bodyguard..
(armans eyes popped out listening about bodyguard)


precap-sorry swara!swara ko manao…shopping funa nd may be proposal and uniting of souls of swasan!



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