Sanam Teri Kasam(Swear on you, my beloved)VaNi SS (Dheeraj-Mansi,Khalid-Devoleena as supporting jodies)Part 7

Sanam Teri Kasam(Swear on you, my beloved)Part 7



In the morning….

Bani woke up.She saw Veeranshu close to her.She realized what happened between them.

She started weeping.Veeranshu woke up hearing it.

Suddenly he also remembered their intimate moment.

Veeranshu thought:Oh no…what did I do?Bani must be really hurt.

Veer:I am sorry Bani.I don’t know how it happened.

Bani:It’s my fault too.I don’t know how I could’nt control myself.Till now Mamu was only misunderstanding me.But now it became true.I really broke his trust.


She burst into tears.Veeranshu became upset.



Bani was always gloomy and silent.Veeranshu went near Bani.

Veer:Bani,why are you even not talking to me?

Bani tried to walk away.He blocked her way.

Veer:Say something Bani.But don’t avoid me like this.

Bani:How can I be normal with you after what happened between us Veeranshu?I am not able to face you or face myself.

Veer:I know what’s going on inside you.I know that it was a mistake which I did to you.But for me it was a beautiful mistake.Because …I think I love you Bani.


Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Aapke ishq ki madhoshi mein
Dooba hai, ye aalam


Bani stared at him.

Veer:Are you angry with me Bani?Please don’t be angry with me.I can’t bear your hatred even if the whole world hates me.

Bani said emotionally:Why do you love me Veeranshu? When everyone left my hand,you are the only one who held my hand.I have noticed that when I am happy,you are happy and when I am upset you are upset.Nobody can love me more than you.Why Veeranshu?Why do you love me?


Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam


Veeranshu’s eyes became wet.


Veer:I have no answer for this Bani.When I met you ..when i made you stay with me I had no feelings for you.With time I realized how important you are for important your happiness is for me.But I did not know why.To be frank when you got closer to Purab,I feared of losing you.But I controlled myself.Then I realized that the strange feeling I have is love.


Jab shaam aaye, tum yaad aaye
Toofan laye, yaadon mein tum
Bebak si hai, har ek tamanna
Gustakhiyon mein, ab dil hai ghum


Bani:Seeing your care for me,I also doubted whether you love me.When I looked at your eyes,I could see your love for me.But I ignored it as I was committed to you.May be because God punished me by separating me from Purab for ignoring your true love for me.

Veeranshu shed tears:Don’t say like that Bani.God did not punish you,he just saved you from a loveless relationship.


Khwaabon ke kaafile
Baaton ke silsile
Saath mere chale
Raat din har ghadi
Sargoshi mein khoya hai
Ye aalam(Sanam meri kasam).


Bani just walked away without saying anything.


There was silence between Veeranshu and Bani for 2 weeks.Veeranshu was feeling guilty about their intimate moment as it hurt Bani.

Veeranshu took his bag to go out.Suddenly Bani stopped him.

Bani:Veeranshu,I know that you are busy.But can you spare 5 minutes for me?

Veeranshu nodded.

Bani:I think I should also open my heart.Suppressed emotions can only harm us.


Bani:When I doubted whether you love me,purposefully I tried to keep a distance with you.Because I was scared whether your love will make me fall in love with you.I did’nt want that as I was committed to Purab.But when Purab left my life,the moment I spent with you gave me relief and made me forget my grief.That moment I realized that I also love you.

Veeranshu was stunned.



Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam


Bani:But…I hesitated to admit my love for you as I was worried that my mamu’s doubt about us will become true.

Veeranshu became upset.

Bani:But now I feel that there is no use of suppressing my emotions as it can only hurt you when you are the one who loves me the most in this world.I love you Veeranshu,I am yours.

Veeranshu smiled tearfully.


Jaane kaha se, tum paas aaye
Huwe paraye, mujhse sabhi
Jeene lagi hai, har sans meri
Ab door jaana, na tum kabhi


He extended his hands towards her.She ran into his arms.

They shed tears due to happiness.


Tham gaya hai sama
Pal bhi hai khushnuma
Main akela yahaan
Aapke pyaas ki khamoshi se
Bheega hai, 


Slowly they smiled emotionally.



Oh haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Haal-e-dil mera 
pucho na sanam

He lifted her up happily.They both were happy.



He twirled her around.


Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Aapke ishq ki madhoshi mein
Dooba hai, ye aalam

Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam
Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam(Sanam teri kasam).




Suddenly she felt head ache and fainted.He was shocked.

Veer:Bani,what happened?Open your eyes Bani.

She did not respond.



Veeranshu became upset and scared.He rushed to the hospital with her.

  1. Revu

    Oh God the whole episode was again a recreation of the original movie. They realizing what they have done was so painful. Veer admitting that he was fearing whether he will lose her and seeing her close with Purab he felt jealous was too good. Bani saying to Veer that she felt love in his eyes was so beautiful. This episode was so poetic and emotional. Last scene when she fainted at his arms and his pain that was so heart touching.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

  2. Kifu

    Woww…so emotional episode 🥺. Both feeling for each other and confessing was too nice nd it was very emotional 🥺.iam really felt happy when veeranshu told his was very beautiful 🙂. Finally bani too confessed without fearing for her mamu..hope her mamu doesn’t misunderstand more😟. Iam really scared what happened to bani suddenly..😟.hope she is fine… waiting eagerly for your next episode 😘.

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