Sanam Teri Kasam(Swear on you, my beloved)VaNi SS (Dheeraj-Mansi,Khalid-Devoleena as supporting jodies)Part 6

Sanam Teri Kasam(Swear on you, my beloved)Part 6




Purab and Bani got ready to exchange rings.

Purab’s finger shivered as he remembered his past and became upset.He controlled his emotions and tried to put ring on Bani’s finger.

Suddenly they heard a voice.

“Stop it.This engagement should not take place”.

All were shocked.

Purab and Bani looked at that person.


Purab’s lips shivered:Bulbul!

All were shocked.

Bulbul:Yes.Your Bulbul.Please don’t exchange ring with her.Only my finger deserve your ring.Right Purab?

Purab’s eyes became wet.

Veeranshu:Purab,who is she?


Purab who was emotionally weak pointed his finger at Bulbul and said:That is Bulbul.



Purab:She is Bulbul  whom I loved more than my life..

Veeranshu-Bani were shocked.



Bulbul:I know can love only me.You are getting engaged to her because your parents forced you.Right?


Purab was upset.He was silent.Bani was shattered.

Chanchal:You had left our son and went.Then why are you back now?


Niranjan:Do you know how much depressed he was?

Purab said tearfully:I loved you unconditionally.By just sending me a letter you disappeared.


You could have had a better break up with me.


Bulbul was in tears.

Bulbul:I did’nt write that letter purposefully.I was made to write that letter forcefully by Alia.

Purab was shocked:What?

Bulbul:Since you rejected Alia’s proposal and loved me,she kidnapped me.To make you hate me,she made me write in that letter that you were just a time pass for me,I never loved you,so I am leaving you and don’t enquire about me.

Purab was shocked.

Bulbul:Somehow I escaped from Alia.But i met with an accident and I was in coma.A few days only I recovered from coma.Then I came to know that after I escaped from Alia,she got exposed before my Pragya di and Abhi jeeju and they got her arrested.Otherwise because of obsession,she would have harmed Bani also.

Purab got another shock.

Bulbul:Today only Pragya di told me about your engagement.That’s why I came here.

Pragya and Abhi came.

Abhi:Whatever Bulbul said was right.My sister Alia is the culprit.

Purab:Then why did’nt you tell me about it?I was thinking that Bulbul cheated on me.

Pragya:Because we came to know that you are dating Bani.That’s why we hid it from you.But finally I had to tell the truth to Bulbul as she was longing to meet you.We tried to stop her from coming here.But she did not listen to us.

Pragya looked at Bulbul.

Pragya:Bulbul,let us go from here.Now Purab does’nt belong to you.If you try to stop their engagement there won’t be any difference between you and Alia.

Bulbul burst into tears.

Bulbul:You are right Pragya di.It’s too late now.I am leaving Purab.

Purab was in tears.

Bani:Bulbul…though Purab was with me,he was never mine.He tried to hate you,but only you were there in his heart.Purab still belongs to you.

All were stunned.

Veeranshu:Bani!Are you in your senses?

Bani:I can’t be selfish Veeranshu.

Veeranshu could not say anything.

Purab looked at Bani.

Bani:Purab,your heart is longing to go back to Bulbul.Right?

Purab was not able to face her.

Purab:I am sorry Bani.You will never be happy with me as my heart beats only for Bulbul.

Bani said painfully:It’s ok Purab.I understand.Go back to your Bulbul.She needs you.She faced a tough phase of her life.She needs your comfort.Only you can comfort her.

Purab:Thank you Bani.You are great.

If  it was somebody else in your position,she would have cursed me.Your uncle failed to see your big heart.

Bani became emotional.Purab moved towards Bulbul.They embraced each other emotionally.

Purab:Don’t worry Bulbul.I am with you.I will not let anyone harm you.

She smiled emotionally.

Bani went out of the hall.


Bani:I am alright Veeranshu.I was not madly in love with Purab.

Veer:But any girl will feel sad when her engagement gets broken unexpectedly.How are you suppressing your pain Bani?

She burst into tears and embraced him.He caressed her.





Bani was having a sleepless night.She was not able to sleep.Veeranshu went near her.

Veer:I knew that you are restless and it’s difficult for you to sleep.

Bani was silent.

Veer:It’s ok..if you can’t sleep,even I am not able to sleep.But don’t spend the night by thinking of the sad incident of your life.

Veeranshu lay close to her.

Veer:Let us chat about the happiest things in our life and pass the night.

Bani:Stop it Veeranshu.You go and sleep.

Veeranshu got up and looked at her emotionally.

Veer:I know that if you are alone here,you will think of unnecessary things and hurt your own heart.I won’t allow that.So I will stay near you.

Bani looked at him emotionally.

Bani:You are the only person who cares for me.Why do you care for me so much?

Veer:I have no answer Bani.I don’t even know how to name our relationship.All I know is I can’t see you upset.

Bani’s eyes got filled up with tears.

He pulled her closer and wiped her tears.

Veer:Promise me that you will forget Purab’s chapter.

Bani:I will try Veeranshu.But wen you are near me,I don’t remember Purab at all.

He smiled.

They shared an emotional eye lock.


Bani was walking outside.Krishna also came her way.

Bani became emotional seeing him.

Krishna:I heard that your engagement with someone did’nt happen.It was natural.Who will marry the girl who stays with another man?You wanted two men at the same time.Where did my upbringing go wrong?If Anika di and Shivay jeeju were alive they would have been ashamed of you.

Bani could not bear anything.Bani ran fast to her flat and cried.Veeranshu was shocked to see her cry.He went near her.

Veer:What happened Bani?

Bani:I don’t want to live.Everyone hates me.I am a cursed person.My own people hate me.I want to die.

Veeranshu felt upset seeing her tears.

He cupped her face in his hands and said:Don’t say like that Bani.You need to live.

Bani:For whom I have to live?No one wants me.No one loves me.I am a burden for everyone.

Veer:You are not a burden for me.

Bani:But in future I will be a burden for you when you will find your soulmate.

Veer:No one will take your place in my life Bani.

Bani was only crying.Veeranshu started sucking her tears with his lips.

Bani did not react.


Meri bechainiyo ko chain mill jaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye


His lips moved closer to her lips.She did not oppose it.


Mere diwanepan ko sabra mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye


His lips gave her relief from pain.She felt a special happiness.Both were not in their senses.


Zikra tumhara jab-jab hota hai
Dekho na aakhon se
Bhiga bhiga pyar beh jata hai
Meri tanhaiyo ko noor mil jaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye


They came more to each other.

They broke all the barriers between them.


Main raat din yeh dua karoon
Tere liye main jiyoon maroon
Chaaro pehar tujhe dekha karoon
Mera jahan yeh tujhpe fana karoon




Zikra tumhara jab-jab hota hai
Dekho na hotho pe tera ehsas reh jata hai
Mere har raste ko manzil mill jaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye




Berang hawayein mujhe na jane
De gayi sada kyun abhi abhi
Hai sarfaroshi yeh ashiqui bhi
Jayegi jaan meri ismein kabhi



Meri har ik tadap ko sukun mil jaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye(Sanam Teri Kasam).


  1. Revu

    Emotional episode this time, so beautiful writing and no words to describe how much it was beautiful. Felt pain for Purab, bulbul, veer and Bani. That song at Last again bought back to the original movie visuals. Speechless after going through this. Loved this episode

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.Your words made my day.

  2. Amazing episode 💖. Bulbul’s painful past was very emotional..thank god finally purab and bulbul reunited 🙂. Veer supporting bani emotionally was nice..🙂. Iam very upset with krishna..he is very rude to her. I hope he will realise his mistake soon.🙂. Waiting eagerly for next episode…

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