Sanam Teri Kasam(Swear on you, my beloved)VaNi SS (Dheeraj-Mansi,Khalid-Devoleena as supporting jodies)Part 1

This SS is inspired from the movie ‘Sanam teri kasam’.

Thank you very much SameenaShanu for this sweet cover page.

A boy is frustrated and his girl friend is trying to calm him down.

“Aakesh…please calm down”.

Aakesh:Sonakshi,I struggled hard to make my parents agree for our marriage.But when they are fine with our relationship your dad is delaying our wedding.My papaji and mummy are very angry.

Sonakshi became upset.

Sonakshi:What to do Aakesh?Dad is adamant.

Aakesh:Try to convince your dad.Otherwise things will go out of control.My parents may even ask me to leave you and marry someone else.

Sonakshi became upset.

Sonakshi:I will talk to my dad.But don’t leave me Aakesh.

Aakesh looked at her emotionally.

Aakesh:I will never leave you Sonakshi.It’s just that I released my frustration on you.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Oberoi Mansion….

Krishna Oberoi,his wife Gopi,their daughter Sonakshi,Krishna’s late sister Anika’s daughter Bani sat for having dinner.

Krishna:What is special for dinner?

Gopi:Vegetable biriyani and salad.

Krishna:Wow!Your biriyani is always the best Gopi.

Gopi smiled.

Sonakshi:Papa…I had met Aakesh.There is pressure from his family to get us married soon.

 Krishna:How many times did I tell you that before Bani gets married,don’t think of marrying Aakesh?

Sonakshi became upset.

Sonakshi:But papa…Aakesh…

Bani:Mamu,please agree for their marriage.

Krishna:Bani,please don’t say anything.

Bani became upset.

Krishna:Sona…If he really loves you,he will wait for you.

Sonakshi:He loves me papa.But his parents are pressurizing him.

Krishna:Whatever they do,before Bani gets married I will not conduct your wedding.I had promised my Anika di and Shivay jeeju that I will look after their daughter Bani very well.You know…after the accident when Shivay jeeju and Anika di were struggling to breathe,they were more upset about Bani.Only because I promised them to look after Bani, they left this world peacefully.

Krishna and Bani became very emotional.



Sonakshi was very upset.She was in her room.Bani went near her.

Bani:Sonakshi,i know that you are very upset.Because of me,your marriage is getting delayed.

I am a cursed Manglik.So no one is willing to marry me.

Sonakshi:Di,in today’s generation who believes in such stupid superstition?I am sure that there are many young guys who does’nt believe in such stuffs.One among them will be willing to marry you.But still papa will object if there is no horoscope match.Please di..atleast you find someone and get married.

Bani:But how?

Sonakshi:There may be handsome men in your office.Make one among fall for you.

Bani was shocked.

Bani:Are you asking me to woo a man?You know that I am not that type.

Sonakshi:Please di…please try.Otherwise I may even lose Aakesh.Please…

Bani became upset.

She wiped Sonakshi’s tears.

Bani:Ok.I promise you that in one month I will find a guy for myself.

Sonakshi smiled with relief:Thank you di.You are the sweetest di in this world.

Bani smiled.

Bani thought:I promised Sonakshi:But how will I do it?


Bani was coming back from the office.Suddenly by mistake she bumped into someone.

That person shouted at her:Don’t you have eyes?

Bani:You also have eyes.You also could have been careful.

He:You did mistake and you are blaming me.Say ‘sorry’.

Bani:Why should I apologize when we both are at fault?

He:To hell with you.

He walked away angrily.

Bani noticed him entering the building next to their Mansion.Sonakshi went towards her.

Sonakshi:You met him?I saw you talking to him.

Bani:Who is he?

Sonakshi:He is the famous stylist Veeranshu Singhania.He is a stylist of many famous celebrities.I heard that he is newly shifted to the next building.By the way, when you both were talking it was good to see both of you together.What about wooing him di?

Bani:Are you mad?He is so arrogant.I can’t imagine going close to him even in my dreams.

Sonakshi giggled.

Krishna,Gopi,Sonakshi and Bani went for the Navratri event.Aakesh joined them.

Krishna and Gopi started doing dandiya dance sharing a sweet romantic eye lock romantically.

Sona:See how all are dancing.

Aakesh:Yes,all the couples are enjoying.

Sona:Let us dance together Aakesh.

Aakesh:Sure my Sona…

Sonakshi and Aakesh danced together crazily.

Bani was alone as she had no partner.She simply walked watching others dance.Suddenly he collided with someone.She was stunned as it was Veeranshu.

Veer:Oh …so this is your usual job.Bumping into handsome boys.

Bani:You shut up.I am not that kind of a girl.

Veer:I did’nt say that you are that kind of a girl.But maybe after seeing me you felt like bumping into me.Because I am handsome.It’s not your fault as most of the girls try to befriend me as no girl can resist my charm.

Bani:But I,Bani Oberoi is not one among them Mr.Veeranshu Singhania.

Veer:So you know my name.You enquired about me so much just after a meeting?

Bani:I have no time to waste on you.I just came to know your name as you are famous.That’s it.

 Veer:Ok fine.Anyways I heard your name Bani.By the way even if you are attracted towards me,spare me.Because I belong to someone else.She is the most stylish girl in the world who matches a stylist like me perfectly.

Bani:Whatever!I am not interested in you or your personal life.

She just walked away while he smirked.

Bani:Boys like only stylish girls?Won’t there be any boy who likes ordinary girls like me?

Bani was in her office.She observed her colleague. A smile appeared on her face seeing him.

  1. Revu

    Wow wow wow beautiful start.Aakesh is much impatient guy. Hope he will be calm. Krishna and Gopi are so good. Krishna takes care of Bani so well. Never expected Bani was daughter of Shivika. She is degrading herself as curse was so emotional. Veer is with full of swag 😎. Now see how story goes. Nice episode.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.Have you watched Naagin5 or VaNi scenes?

    2. Revu

      Few scenes only . Not whole Naagin five

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    Amazing and awesome 😘

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