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Samragni epi 57:

Laksh and Sanskar are involved in fight without listening to Ragini. Ragini knows very well that she can’t stop anyone.
Just then they three hear a harsh voice..
“Laksh and Sanskar stop..!!”

The trio looks at other side. It’s maha mantri Durga Prasad.

Ragini: mamasri…

Dp: what’s going on here..??

Sanskar: pitasri, maharaj Laksh is getting in between to my duty. So, I’m preventing him.

Dp: what is that duty..? arresting your friend..?

Sanskar: there is no word of friend or friendship in place of justice. Samragni has committed sin by helping a prisoner. She should be arrested for this.

Dp: and you are also forgetting a rule that women should never be arrested with chains. This is anardh(misfortune) to the empire.

Sanskar bends his head. Dp goes near Ragini and removes the chains.

Dp: but, in the eyes of justice, Samragni and normal woman are same. You have to face the punishment Ragini..

Ragini: the society has formed the rules to keep human beings in their limits for the better world. when such rules are overcoming the relations, even Samragni can’t speak anything..!

Dp: Ragini, I understood what you are trying to say. You can’t support that prisoner. He is a desh drohi. And you helped him.

Ragini: yes, for you all he is desha drohi. But, for me…

Laksh and Sanskar looks at Ragini in confused. Why Ragini is supporting such prisoner..?

Dp takes breath.

Dp: I know, I can’t argue with you Samragni. You have same stubbornness still. You don’t think about yourself. You always sacrifice something or other for all.

Ragini: until my last breath, I never ever even dream to harm my empire. Bcz, my empire is my breath. And, I was a human when helping him. Not a Samragni.

Dp: this samrajy(empire) is your breath..! So, you will do anything for this empire. Now listen to my judgment..! as, the responsible maha mantri of this empire… samragni, I’m ordering to leave this empire for one month..!

Ragini shocks with his statement. Even Laksh and Sanskar.

Dp: what can be greatest punishment to you to stay out of your mother land..? bcz, you love your mother land..! by the time sun rises at the east, your foot step should cross the borders of this empire..! this is judgment of the law of this empire..!

Ragini places her hand at her chest and bends her head showing that she is obeying the order. She silently moves to the fort. Laksh, Sanskar and Dp silently follow her.

After a while,

Ragini gives chotu to mansi who was in her fort.

Ragini: mansi, take chotu with you for this one month. I know, he can’t stay without me. But.. he can’t travel more distance being sick.

Mansi: don’t worry Ragini. I will look after him..

Swara: Ragini, but I’m there naa..

Ragini: swara, you have a son too. You can’t handle both.

Swara cries and hugs Ragini that she is leaving. Mansi comes forth to hug Ragini, but Swara pushes her. however, Ragini didn’t observe this.

Mansi feels sad and leaves with chotu.

Ragini is walking in corridor swara is back of her. she comes near Dp.

Ragini: I need to talk alone with mama..

Swara nods her head, and all stands back. Ragini goes near Dp.

Ragini: mamasri..

Dp turns to her with teary eyes. But, Ragini’s eyes didn’t show any moist.

Dp: are you not feeling sad still… Ragini, you need not suppress your feelings like this.

Ragini: ‘No sadness no happiness. No fear no tear. This is how the Chakravarthi should be’ these are the words you said me mama. And, I never forget them…

Ragini bends to his feet to take his blessings. Dp blesses her. ragini stands and forwards her hand.

Dp: Ragini..?

Ragini: I want promise mamasri. You are never going to let Swara or Sanskar know who that prisoner is..!!

Dp looks on. Ragini looks at Swara who is standing far.

Ragini: I don’t want the happiness of this fort should be shattered. I don’t want any misunderstandings among us..! unity is only strength we have..!

Dp: I know Ragini…

Ragini smiles. Dp places his hand on her shoulder and both comes out. Laksh was waiting for Ragini holding their kids in his hands.

Ragini sits in bullock cart. Later she takes prince and princess into her hands. Laksh also sits at back. Dp and all wave their hands to her.

Sanskar remembers Ragini’s words before going.

“I hope in my absence nothing will happen to this palace. Bcz, enemies are ready to attack from any direction and there is someone among us.”

Ragini looks at Sanskar. Sanskar gives her assurance blinking his eyes. Ragini takes breath in relief.

Swara cries a lot that Ragini has left, Sanskar comes near her and consoles her.

By the time, sun has raised in east… their cart has crossed the empire. Ragini looks back at her mother land.

“This is my first sun rise which I’m going to see in other land.” Ragini says patting gently the baby sleeping on her lap.

Laksh who was holding the prince,
“Ragini, now be happy. Shout and laugh. Because you are a normal woman for one month. For one month..!! this is what you wanted always right..!! no responsibilities, no wars, no headaches..!”

Ragini grinning: Lakhs, you never change. You are cheerful always..!
Laksh: yes, I would never change. This is what my goddess liked in me right..!!

Ragini smiles and places her head on his shoulder.

Ragini: finally, I got some time with my kids and husband.
Laksh kisses her head.

Ragini closes her eyes. But, Laksh thinks what Dp said,

“There is threat for Ragini. Those people who attacked Ragini are not from the surrounding kingdoms. They belong to far land overseas. But, we aren’t sure who is it. till we find, Ragini needs protection. That’s why this fake banishing punishment.”

Laksh thinks: if we say this to you, you are never going to leave empire. Bcz, you are always ready to fight than escape. But, you are also a mother to two kids Ragini. You have to be careful for them.

Laksh says in himself and looks at his two kids. He takes princess also into his lap so that Ragini sleeps peacefully. Laksh makes prince and princess sleep on his lap.

In the fort,

Sanskar: tell me pitasri, who is that prisoner. Why ragini is very concerned for him?

Dp remembers his promise.

Dp: some questions have to be left unanswered Sanskar..!


By the morning time, Ragini and Laksh reaches a place. There is a small(not very small) hut. In front of that hut, there is a river. That hut is elevated by few(assume five) steps. (think there is lot of space between river and hut.. not too far)
Around the hut, there are many flowering trees and plants. Many birds on them. In front of hut, some rabbits and deers are playing.

{aww… guys, that’s my dream place..!!}

Ragini smiles and steps ahead towards hut. Laksh was holding the two kids on his back ties in cloth.
“how is this place Ragini..?” he asks.

Ragini turns back and runs to Laksh. She hugs him and kiss him on cheek.

“It’s beautiful..! you always know how to make me happy Laksh..!”

Laksh rubbing his cheek,
“Did you really like this place…? You are a queen.. who lives in palace..”

Ragini: for name sake I’m queen, but you know very well I never enjoyed any pleasures of royal palace. I was a warrior ever..!!

Laksh: so, you liked this place..?
Ragini nods her head in smile.

Laksh: don’t say that you like this place normally. You are a normal girl from today, you have to cook, you have to look after kids, you have to do pati seva..!

Ragini annoying: then what will you do..? eat and sleep..??

Laksh: no…! I will get busy in admiring the my beauty love goddess….

Laksh places his hand and grabs her near gently while she is blushing, on other hand kids are laughing.

Precap: Raglak’s normal life… the prisoner secret…! The new princess in that new empire… a new hero has arrived..!

/* guys, you can’t even imagine who the new hero is..! I will surely surprise you in next part..! */
Don’t think much yar.. no new entries…

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      hahaha…. thank you dear…

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  7. Asra

    as usual fabulous dear….u rock it astu….New hero omg am confused….prisoner mystery confusing….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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      thanks a lot dear..

  8. Interesting episode and finally Raglak in normal life with their two babies. Eagerly waiting for precap

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  9. Awesome . When you will upload Ur other ff’s i waiting for them

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      thanks yar… i will update one after the other..

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  12. IQRA222

    astruu di it was a complete blockbuster episode
    oh my my raglak and normal life it is much awaited to me
    and didu you are really giving a mystery i cant wait for it
    waiting for the next part

    1. Astra

      thank you so much dear

  13. B_Ani

    that was just awesome…
    sry again late in commenting!
    just keep rocking dear…

    1. Astra

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      1. B_Ani

        ha… me fine dear…
        and i know, you are doing great… aren’t you?

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    awesome, update soon

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      thanks dear… sure yar..

  15. Amore

    pehle ye bataa beta jii k qab surprise nai kia hai??? u don’t need to promise… ye toh certain hai k tu pakka surprise karegii… so assume karna faltu hai… bheje ka bhaaji paala nai banana mujhe… I’ll wait n prepare myself for the next chappy…

    1. Astra

      hahhaa… thanks a lot for beautiful comment dear…

  16. Rasha

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      no dear… they went to chirag’s empire.. u will know in next parts..

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  19. Vanshika

    Didi! This is tooooooooo bad… The worst part till now….. Dragginggggggggggggg….. So many mysteries………. What are you doing? Where’re you taking the story??
    Liked it? My acting is not bad right?
    Okay lets start! D idi!!! This is jus indescribable lyk always! RagLak in our dream place! Wow! Prisoner mystery.. Hero mystery! You’ve started becoming mystery samragni… Actually u shd chng title
    Samragni-The mystery

    1. Astra

      thank you dear.. as soon as i read comment i was like… “ahhh..” then i read ur comment completely.. hehe.. thanks a lot dear..

  20. Vanshika

    Lol that’s what I wanted! You should also be “ahhh…”sum times you always do that with your readers ?

  21. A.xx

    amazing and and i should now to expect the unexpected in ur ff’s xx

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