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Sorry… sorry so much for the great delay..!!!

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Epi 47

Ragini was looking at Laksh in shock. Laksh comes near her.

Laksh in anger: where did you go Ragini..???

Ragini: laksh… I’m the empress. I have many works regarding empire. I can’t say you everything…!!

Laksh annoyed:: oh..!! You need not tell me..?? Ok..! Then just remind also one thing there are two kids crying for their mother who left them alone..!!

Ragini tries to go near cradle where their babies are sleeping.

Laksh stops her:: they don’t need you Ragini..!! Their father has taken care of them already…when their mother just forgot her primary responsibility..!!

Ragini:: laksh, you need not remind my responsibilities..!! I now what to do..!! And, I bore them for 9 moths. I have much affection than you on them..!!

Laksh shocked:: why are you talking like this Ragini..?? I’m your husband..!! Don’t I have right to at least ask you..??

He keeps hands on her shoulders and asks.

Ragini pushes his hands.

Ragini:: that doesn’t mean you have to question me everything..!!!

She says and goes to bed in anger. Laksh looks on..

Next morning…

Ragini is in garden with chotu, and her two kids. She kept her two kids in her lap and she was feeding them. Chotu is crawling here and there.

Swara is with her.

Swara: Ragini..what happened to you..?? Why are you hiding our princess from all..?? You didn’t even allow any maids here.

Ragini: time tells everything swara. Till then, no one should ask me anything..!!

She gives her son to swara’s hands. And chotu too. Ragini is holding princess.

Ragini: take prince and prince chotu with you. I will come back after a while.

Swara: but..where are you going..? Where you taking princess??

Ragini just looks at Swara as order. Swara silently goes away holding chotu and prince.

Ragini is holding princess in her hand and she enters into the secret passage which is known only to her. She has build that for this purpose only.

She comes into a secret hall..where all facilities are there and dida and Kavitha are present there.

Ragini keeps princess in cradle. Princess starts crying. Ragini holds her small hand.

Ragini: rajkumari…. you are the bright future ahead for this empire. Your eyes should shower only bravery just like your mother.

Dida: samragni, but she is just a kid…

Ragini:: even i was grown up with lessons of bravery from my childhood. I thought my daughter should grow up enjoying all the pleasures of a princess..!! But, see the fate how it is separating her from her father…

The baby princess is still crying. Ragini takes out the chain (which was gifted by Laksh to her) and she keeps it in princess neck.

Ragini: I’m sorry rajkumari… for separating you from your father..!! But, this is only for a while..!! Your father maharaj Laksh is not with you, but his love is always with you…

The baby princess stops crying as if she understood something.

Ragini:: Kavitha..and dida.. you don’t have other exit than the entrance from which I entered. All your needs will come from that entrance. And whenever there is chance I will come here to see my daughter. No third person stays here expect you both. You also need to lead secret life till I say… I’m I troubling you both..??

Kavitha: samragni…anything for this empire..!!!

Ragini nods her head and she kiss her baby.

Ragini: mamma will come for you for every hour in a day dear…

A tear is about to form in Ragini’s eyes. “But…what should I answer Laksh..?”

She thinks and comes out.

Laksh, Dp, Sanskar and Swara are in the main hall. Chotu is in Laksh’s embrace and Sanskar swara are playing with prince.

Laksh:: where Ragini has gone..?? And why did she take my daughter..??

Dp smiling: she is also Ragini’s daughter…

Laksh laughing:: haha..yes papa. It was already one hour till I have seen my daughter. I can’t stay for at least one minute without looking at her..!!!

Ragini who just comes listens his words and gets sad. Laksh keeps Chotu aside and comes near her. He hugs her tighter.

Rest of them closes their eyes.

Sanskar: laksh…we all know you can’t stop doing such things if anyone there also..

Swara: but… your kids are also there now…

But Laksh smiles simply and kiss her cheek again..

Dp: he won’t change. Let’s close our eyes.

Laksh: I’m sorry my empress devi… are you angry with me still..??

Ragini just kisses his forehead and she hugs him.

Laksh: what happened ragini…??

She remains silent. Laksh moves her back.

Laksh: where is princess..??

Ragini looks on..

Laksh: is she in room..?? Why did you leave her alone. Ok, I will go now…

Ragini: she is not in room.

Laksh: then where is she..??

Ragini remains silent. Dp observes some anomaly.

Laksh: ragini….where is she..???

Ragini: laksh, she is somewhere where no one can reach…

All shock with her statement.

Ragini: and I’m not going to say where she is..!!!

Laksh holds her shoulders tightly. Ragini points sword to him. All shocks again.

Ragini: I’m not your slave to bend my head maharaj..!!

Laksh:: even I’m not slave at your sword point samragni…!!!

He says and pushes her hand, the sword falls. All look shocked.

Laksh:: I have to get my answer..where is my daughter..??

Ragini: far from evil…close to her mother..!!!

Laksh shouts:: who is evil here..?? Who knows that we have daughter..??

Ragini:: every wall in this palace has ears. Every window has eyes. I can’t believe anyone.. accept me..!!!

Dp, swara and Sanskar shocks with her statement.

Laksh:: so, you won’t tell about my daughter…

Ragini nods her head negatively. Laksh looks at her in anger. He goes near Sanskar and takes prince into his hands.

Laksh: if you make our daughter far from me..I will make our son far from you…

Dp swasan shock. But Ragini remains unreacted.

Laksh:: tell me where is my daughter samragni…!! Plz.. I beg you..!!
He asks joining his hands.

Ragini:: I’m never going to answer even mahadev also asks..!!

Laksh looks her at in red eyes.

Laksh: alright then…!!! Forget me and my son…!!!

Laksh starts going.

Ragini:: you promised me that you will be with me in all my decisions laksh..!! Separating a son and mother is not a good thing..!!

Laksh: that goes for you also Ragini..!! Oh, sorry. Samragni devi…!!

All looks shocked.

Laksh:: until my daughter comes back to me, you are some samragni for me and he is only my son…!!!

Laksh starts going away with his son. The baby prince is crying.

Ragini pov starts looking at her baby…

“What a heatless empress I’m I..?? I have separated a father and daughter. I have separated brother and sister who are twins. And, I myself got far from my son… till where this story goes..only mahadev has to know…!!!”

He pov completes and she looks at Dp, swasan.

Ragini:: if anyone didn’t like my decision..they can leave too..

Dp:: we believe reason for every action of yours Ragini beta…

Sanskar:: our friendship has started with our births..

Swara:: even death cannot separate us…

Ragini looks back at door.. “then why Laksh can’t understand…???”

Her tears fall in the wooden doll she is holding which laksh made for her…

From then, prince was growing near Laksh. And princess was in secret place under Ragini’s guidance.

One year passes like that……

The flash back is over…..,.

(So, the fb started at epi 44. It has ended in this epi. Before start of fb we have seen a small war between raglak and Ragini gets wounded trying to save Laksh. And, laksh comes near Ragini to see her. She was sleeping and he reminds fb…and she was also reminding in her sleep.)

Laksh comes out of his thoughts remembering all those incidents. He was holding the wooden doll. A tear escapes from his eye and it falls on the doll. He looks at Ragini’s wound in her shoulder back. He reminds how she saved him. He bends to her and suddenly kisses her bare shoulder back.Ragini gets sensations of love. She gets out from sleep but she remains like that only enjoying his blissful love. She knows very well it’s only Laksh.

Wait a minute..!! Why is he here..?? She thinks… and wakes up. Laksh too stands. Both are looking at each other in red eyes…

Precap: so actually I will tell why war has happened in between them and some more mysteries regarding that unknown letter…

/* guys…samragni ff is package of bravery, greatness of woman, the royal things, and also love. I know, raglak scenes less. In coming epis i will surely present more scenes.
Thanks for liking this… keep supporting my ff till last epi…. */

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