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Previous: Episode 45

Flash back continues…


The Gadodiya palace has filled up with the cries of babies. Yes..! not one… they are twins..!!

Samragni has given birth to two healthy kids. One is boy child and other is the girl.

There are no ends for the happiness of Laksh and everyone. But, Ragini is not seemed to be happy. She is looking at her kids in moist eyes.

Laksh comes and kisses Ragini’s forehead. He takes two of the babies into his hands. he was playing with them.

Dp just comes with a royal worker and he keeps royal marks on two babies shoulders. It would last forever. Even Ragini has it on her hand.

Dp takes two babies in his hands to show to everyone. Laksh holds Ragini’s hand.

Laksh: thanks Ragini. I thought, you will not listen to me. But, you listened to me as small baby…and gave birth to other two babies.

He twists her cheeks and kiss her cheek. But Laksh looks at her sadness.

Laksh: what’s wrong Ragini…??

Ragini: Laksh… how a mother struggles to give birth today I understood..!

Laksh keeps looking at her.

Ragini: you know Laksh… how pain I bore…

Laksh holding her face: ragini, it’s over..! moreover, it’s common to every mother. That’s why, mothers are great..!!

Ragini in tears: I can’t tolerate if something happens to them..!!

Laksh hugs her: what will happen? You stupid..!! we all are there to protect them..!! Moreover, who will dare to look at Samragni’s kids..??

Ragini just remains calm in his embrace and she crushes a letter in her hand. A tear escapes from her eye which falls on his back. Laksh cups her face again…

Laksh: ragini, is there is something which is bothering you..??

Ragini shocks. She reminds a flash back…

‘It was during just 3rd month of Ragini… when Laksh leaves to bring sweet to her.. a letter comes and falls near Ragini. She reads it,
‘as soon as a heir comes out of your womb, I will take away that kid from you..! especially if it’s a daughter..!!’

Ragini confuses,
‘who has avenge on her.. and why they need only her daughter..?’

From then Ragini was worried about it. she doesn’t say this to anyone as all have done so much to her. now, she wants to solve problem by herself..!

Fb finish…

Laksh: ragini….

Ragini comes out of her thoughts.

Laksh: I have never seen this fear in your eyes. What is this all of sudden..??

Ragini then runs out. Laksh confuses and runs back of her.

Laksh: ragini, don’t run…

Dp is showing the two kids of Ragini to Sanskar swara and Uttara.

Ragini comes and about to fall. Dp holds her.

Dp: ragini beta, what’s wrong..?

Ragini tensely: mamasri….

Sanskar was holding one kid and Swara other kid.. they are looking at Ragini confusedly.

Ragini: mamasri…show only prince to people. Don’t show princess..! let’s keep princess as secret for some days…!!

Everyone quite amazes with her words.

Ragini: don’t ask me why and what..?? just do as I say…
She takes girl baby from Sanskar’s hand and she goes back into her room.

Laksh follows her again.

Sanskar: what is this pitasri..? I do not understand Ragini’s behavior.

Dp just remains silent. He takes Prince from Swara’s hand.

Dp shows the new heir to all people. Everyone cheer, ‘new raakumar jai ho..!!’

Ragini is just keeping her baby in her lap and smoothly rubbing her.

Laksh: listen to the people cheers Ragini. Why doesn’t she deserve these cheers..??

Ragini: Laksh, I know what to do. Plz don’t ask me anything…!!

Laksh amazes with her stubborn behavior. He understands that something is bothering her.

Chotu comes near them with small small steps. Laksh carries him and makes him sit on bed. Chotu looks at baby girl kid and keeps smiling.

Laksh: ok, what shall we name our princess..??

Ragini: for now, let’s call her princess later we can name her.

Laksh is holding Chotu.
‘chotu bhai, did you like her..?? this is our princess… your new friend…’
Laksh is playing with chotu and his daughter. Ragini smiles looking at Laksh.

Laksh: hey ragini, don’t look like that. I’m feeling shy..

Ragini smiles again and kisses his forehead. She keeps her hand on his cheek.

Ragini: Laksh, chotu is..

Laksh: I know what are you going to say. Chotu was your chote papa adarsh’s son. But, he is our son now. he will have equal importance towards throne same as our son..!

Ragini: Laksh, how did you say what I’m thinking..?

Laksh: just listening words is not enough. Understanding heart is also important..!!

Ragini emotionally hugs him.

The royal palace celebrates the prince’s birth grandly. But, princess’s birth was celebrated secretly between swasan dp utara and laksh.

The next day in court…

Princess is left with Uttara in secret palace…

Ragini comes to sabha after a gap of six months.
Back of her two maids are carrying prince and chotu.

Ragini sits on throne. Back of her two maids will stand.

One man: Samragni devi, six months this throne has become very dull without you. The empire has missed your ruling.

Ragini: I kept enquiring about the empire’s goodness and everything. I took rest as mother not as Samragni.

Ragini looks at all sabha once.

Rag: and I even know there is someone in between us who is targeting me..!!

All looks at each other.

Rag: I want to tell that person particularly… do whatever you want..! but, Samragni is not foolish as you think..!!!

All confuses with her words.

Rag: ok, keep it aside. I want to thank maha mantri durga Prasad ji, senapathi Sanskar and maharaj Laksh..who took well care about empire during my absence.

All nod their heads.

The sabha ends.

Ram, Chandra, vijay and Ajay come to see new born kids. They also see princess but Ragini takes promise from them that they shouldn’t revel about princess to anyone.

Later at night, Ragini will be sleeping.

Her two kids are sleeping in cradle. Chotu is with Swasan out.

Laksh comes. He sees Ragini has covered herself completely in bed sheet. Laksh smiles and touches her. he shocks and removes the bed sheet and he is surprised to see there are only pillows under the cover.

Ragini was somewhere in a secret cave.

She is talking with her secret spies ‘dark army’

Ragini: we have to do this. we have to hide princess till we find that culprit.

Kavitha: yes empress. We shall follow your order. But, princess is a baby. How can she be with us. Mother is important for her.

Ragini: I will come here secretly every day just as I did now. I don’t know who is inside the palace that so called my new enemy..!

Karthick: we have to doubt on maids first. Empress, that day on which you got letter did you remember who were around your chamber..??

Ragini: I have checked it already that day. No one were there. But, I heard sounds of anklets and bangles.

Kavitha: so, that’s a lady…

Ragini: probably..!! bcz.. men are not allowed at surroundings of my place. Except Laksh.

Kart: but empress, why are you keeping this as secret from maha mantri Dp and maharaj Laksh..?

Ragini: this has to be a secret..! the enemy will get more alert if this is known to more people.

Kavitha and Karthick keeps thinking.

Ragini: I will bring princess here tommorw.

Kavitha: but Samragni, what will you answer to all..??

Ragini just goes away silently.

Ragini comes into her room. It was all dark. Laksh lights a lamp. Ragini shocks looking at Laksh. He was looking in anger at her.

Precap: princess to be hidden. What will be samragni’s answer..??

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    1. Astra

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