Samragni-the empress (episode 13)

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Hai guys, Samragni is back..! friends, these days news are coming that swaragini is going to end?? Is that true..?

Previous part: Here

Epi 13:

Ragini looks at the letter confused. Nikil opens the letter.

Nikil: do you know my courtiers, this love letter to whom who wrote..

Laksh stands: king nikil, don’t you have shame. Everyone will have their own personal life.

Nikil turns to Laksh: why are you so worried prince if you wrote that letter..

Laksh shouts: nikil..!!

Ragini orders: prince Laksh, this is court. Behave yourself.

Laksh sits silently.

Nikil: empress always loves me. That’s why she wrote letter to me..!
Everyone shock with his statement. Ragini loses her temper.

Ragini: what the heck you are talking Nikil??

Nikil looks at her wittily.
“Then what is this letter my empress,

You are my love, you are my life.
Come to me, lock me in ur love…”

Ragini tights her hand. Laksh stands.
“He is lying. That letter…” he is about to tell something.

Ragini orders: Prince Laksh, get out of the court.

Laksh shocks with her words: samragni..??

Ragini: plz don’t mess anything and go out.

Laksh goes out upset. She keeps looking at him.

Ragini looks angrily at Nikil. He is smirking.

Dp: how can we believe that it is really written by samragni..??

Nikil: the raaja mudrika of Ragini devi is at the end of letter.

He shows the mark. Everyone including Ragini shock. Because that ring will be near Ragini only and she is supposed to put that mark on personal letters. She is confused how the mark went to him. But the ring is to her hands only.

Dp: samragni, what you will answer to this letter now?

Ragini becomes helpless. People start taking something. Then Adarsh gets up.

Adarsh: king nikil, when did you got that letter.

Nikil: i got it evening yesterday.

Adarsh: samragni was busy in observing some palace constructions from yesterday afternoon to late evening. Me, Durga prasad ji and many heads are with her. So, there is no point that she could send letter to you then. If, you say she might have sent it to you before, the letter doesn’t take less than 2 hours to reach you. So, this is not Samragni who has done it. Someone else has sent it with her name.

Now Nikil gets tensed.

Nikil: o..i see. What I would know.. I thought samragni herself has sent it…

Ragini gestures something to Sanskar with her eyes. He nods his head and goes out. No one observes them.

Nikil: I’m sorry empress, i will leave now.

Says Nikil and goes out. When he is going alone in corridor Sanskar catches him. Ragini ends the court and comes near them. Nobody observes them.

Ragini comes and slaps Nikil. He looks angrily at her.

Ragini: how dare you to throw such disgusting things on me..!! Tell me, why did you do Like this??

Nikil: a man can do anything for you Ragini….

Laksh comes and beats him.

Laksh: don’t take her name..!

Nikil smirks: you will pay for your deeds samragni. You did a stupid thing by beating me like this. I thought I could trap you and marry you with that letter. But, that adarsh has saved you. But, who is gonna save this empire..??

Sanlak and Ragini shock.

Sanskar: what happened to the empire..??

Nikil laughs: Raajat is on way to attack your empire with his huge army. If you would have agreed to marry me, I would have helped you with my army.

Sanskar holds Nikil’s neck.

San: how do you know that he is going to attack us..??

Nikil: because, i helped them..!!

Ragini slaps Nikil again. He falls down.

Rag: arrest this rascal.

Sanskar takes away him to jail.

Ragini soon arranges the meeting with officials.

Ragini: Raajat is going to come again. We have to be alert.

Dp: I will send spy to see the number of army he is coming with.

Adarsh: i will alert all the soldiers.

Ragini: no chote papa, senani will look about the soldiers. You prepare the plan to attack enemies by spy’s given data.

Adarsh agrees.

Laksh: i will inform all the province kings.

Ragini: No prince Laksh. I guess there are some internal enemies for us just as Nikil. It can’t be helped with those kings. Informing them, will lead to further lead to damage. So it’s better not informing them.

Dp: then samragni, how are we going to arrange extra army? Raajat is coming with huge crowd. We need at least five kingdoms support.

Ragini: mamasri, we don’t know who are enemies and who are friends. We shall take only prince laksh’s help for now.

Laksh nods his head and goes away to keep his army ready. All the arrangements were begun.

Ragini sits sadly at window. No one are there. Dp comes near her.

Dp: what Samragni..why are you looking sad??

Ragini: why do wars happen mama sri? Why do people war? Everyone’s life is a life. Then why don’t they give value to others life? Why kings have thirst of occupying kingdoms?
Dp: samragni, but we can’t change enemies right. They will come on a war because to occupy us. Make us as their slaves. Then what we have to do? Get ready and fight back..!
Ragini: but, the word ‘war’ is making me nervous. It’s making me cold. I know i’m a warrior. But, i have never faced any wars. I’m getting scared. I’m feeling ashamed on myself for being like this.

Ragini’s hands are trembling and she bent her head.

Dp: Empress, for suppose, a tiger is attacking a small boy, then what does his mother do? Will she be calm and run away??
Ragini raises her head: no mama sri, she will fight with that tiger and save that boy at any cost.
Dp: why?
Ragini: because she is his mother and nothing is important to mother than her kids.
Dp: you are also the mother to this empire samragni..!
Ragini looks amazed.
Dp: this whole empire and people are like your children. For every king his kingdom people are his children. Now tell me samragni, if your children are in trouble do you stay like this scared. Do you want to step back..!!!???
Ragini with firm voice: never…! I will fight with those dangerous enemies and save my children..!!!
Dp holds her shoulders in appreciation. “That’s what the Samragni means…!”
Ragini: now, i don’t have any doubts.

{{Guys, this tiger example is inspired from a telugu novel it’s all about Queen Rudrama devi’s story. There also queen Rudrma gets depressed in that way, then her guru and minister, siva desikulu enlightens her mind. She is a south Indian Queen who once ruled vast empire. Just wanted to share that one incident, which also inspired me a lot. }}

Nikil is in jail. He is getting angry on Ragini. Someone with a mask comes near him.

That man: what have you done..? i have sent you empress ring for the mark. But, why did you use it for love letter??

Nikil: bcz, i wanted to marry her. So, that I can rule this empire. If i say before that all court, she will be humiliated. And she will left with no choice..!

Then that man grabs his neck.
“Don’t ever have the wish of becoming ruler to this empire. Bcz, it is me who has to become. Do whatever you want with Ragini. But, throne is mine..!!” he shouts.
Nikil: ok..ok… I’m sorry. Plz leave me..!
That man leaves Nikil and opens the jail door.
He: go and bring Raajat’s army here. He will help us to occupy, then i can take over empire.
Nikil: why Raajat will give you empire if he occupies??
That man pushes Nikil. “Do as I say, go away..!”

Nikil goes away silently. That man’s face is not shown.

Ragini is looking all the war arrangements. Sanskar is coming from the jail side.

Ragini: Sanskar, what work do you have at the jail side now???

He looks on without answering anything.

Precap: the war..!

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    Great update. I think that unknown man might be Adarsh. Can’t wait to read the next part ?
    P.S: Yeah, it’s true that Swaragini is ending. It will either end in December or get a small extension to January so the current track can wrap up properly.

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