Samragni-the empress (episode 12)

Hai friends, I’m back. I’m so happy that you all liked my devakanya os. Now, let’s jump into samragni story…………..

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Epi 12:

Nikil reads the warning letter sent by Ragini. He laughs and puts that letter in fire. “what a woman can do???” he laughs.

Just then he looks out from window and gets mesmerized looking at a woman. She is laughing and talking with one girl and boy. Nikil comes to corridor and keeps looking at her.

That boy: Samragni, however we have changed our get ups and came here. Hope no one recognizes us.

Ragini: silent Sanskar. Don’t call me Samragni. Call me friend for now. we came here to know this kingdom’s situations.

Swara: what is the need for us to come out like this? we could have send spy.

Ragini: I want to know everything on myself. Bcz, problem here is complicated.

From far, two other boys are observing them secretly.

Boy: o ho bhayya, what is the need of observing her secretly like this? if you keep on doing things like this when do you rule kingdom?

Laksh: chup re. samragni, my goddess has come means there might be lot of work here. Moreover, I have to give this love letter.
He says and kisses the letter. His brother beats his head.

Ragini: haa…I feel like someone is observing me…

Swara: don’t feel more. Me and Sanskar will go and enquire in that shop. You go to that shop ok??

Ragini: ok…

Swara and Sanskar goes to a shop. Ragini turns her head and happens to see the palace corridor and amazes to see that Nikil is observing her from long time. He was looking lovingly at her.

Ragini: did he get doubt or what??
Ragini hurries to go near swasan, but accidentally bumps into Laksh. She raises her head and sees him.

Ragini: I’m sorry…
Laksh: why sorry? I have to say thanks for this chance…
Ragini recognizes his voice.
Ragini: you??
Laksh: yes my goddess…
Ragini: y r u following me??
Laksh: what other work will I have my empress..?
Ragini: shh…I’m in disguise here. Don’t call me like that. By the way, how did you recognize me??
Laksh: your eyes….
Ragini looks into his eyes: I’m not going to fall to your words. and, I’m never going to fall in any man’s love.

Suddenly, they are surrounded by some soldiers.
One soldier: maharaj has ordered to bring you to court.
Laksh: who the hell is he to order us? Do you know who is she and who am i??

Ragini stamps on his foot.
Ragini: ok, we will come.
The soldiers are taking them into court.

Laksh: what is this goddess, why we have to go??
Ragini slowly: my plan shouldn’t be leaked. Moreover, I have to know about his palace also. We were thinking how to go inside. But the chance itself came…

Swara and Sanskar shocks that they were taking into court. They secretly join in those soldiers.

Ragini and Laksh are brought before Nikil. Nikil is looking at Ragini mesmerizingly.

Nikil: hey beautiful girl, who are you? I have never seen such a heavenly girl like you. I would like to marry you..!

Laksh tights his hand in anger.
Laksh: you can’t marry her..! bcz, she is my wife…!!
He says and drags Ragini near him holding her shoulder. She amazingly looks at him.

Nikil looks Ragini again: is that true dear? What you will get staying with him? Marry me and you can be queen to this kingdom.

Laksh starts laughing badly to his words. all look confused at him.
Laksh: queen to this kingdom? Do you know who is she???
Ragini pinches him. He becomes silent.

Nikil: leave that monkey’s words aside dear. You tell….
Laksh: hey I’m not monkey. You are only monkey prince..!!

Nikil gets angry with his words.
Nikil: tie and beat this stupid until he dies..!!
Soldiers drag Laksh and gives him on blow.

Ragini shouts: Laksh…
And she throws a flower vase on one soldier. He falls down. Everyone looks amazingly at Ragini. Nikil moves back.
Ragini takes out her sword and starts fighting with them. Laksh keeps looking at her lovingly, when his goddess is saving from those evils.

Nikil surprises, “how a normal girl can fight like this??”

Then Ragini’s cloth on shoulder goes aside and he happens to see the Royal mark on her shoulder.
He amazes, “Samragni..!!”

Sanskar swara who peeps into palace sees the condition and they creates the artificial fog, Ragini understands it’s Sanskar’s plan.
Ragini calls Laksh.
“Prince Laksh, run..!!”

But Laksh is lost in her. then she holds his hand and starts running. Laksh keeps looking at her.

However, they step out of palace and run into forest.
Ragini swara and Sanskar start laughing.

Ragini: wow, that’s a great adventure.
But, Laksh is still looking at her. she sees him. She ties a cloth to his wound.

Ragini: don’t get attached because, once you helped me, and now I helped you..!
Laksh: I love you Ragini…

Ragini becomes silent. Laksh brother comes running near him.
Bro: bhayya, are you safe? I was really scared, when they took you inside.

Laksh: oh yaa… I have to give a letter to you…
He searches for the love letter he wrote. Then he reminds the letter was fell in that palace.
Laksh shouts: no… I lost it..!!!

Ragini Sanskar and Swara returns back to palace.

Ragini: conditions are very worst in that kingdom. Is this is happening only after I came to throne?

Sanskar: probably, before that there was good ruling over there.

Ragini: how can we overcome that problem? War is only way I think…

Sanskar and Swara looks at her.

Nikil is thinking: she is empress??!!! But, why did she come here??
He holds Laksh’s love letter.

Nikil: samragni is impossible… she has a love story? See, what I will do now…

Next day in sabha,

Ragini is speaking: it is the woman who takes all the care of family. And I don’t like she has to be just the house hold worker in my kingdom. I want to see the women empowerment. Just imagine, if even women start holding the official responsibilities, this empire will develop a lot and we can be inspiration to other kingdoms too.

Laksh who was listening her speech,
“See bro, my goddess says correct every time..!”

Bro: ofo…you plz stop your poetry.

Ragini looks at Laksh once.

Laksh: haa…see…my goddess has seen me.
Bro: she is seeing everyone. She has to see everyone.

Ragini continues: that’s why, I’m going to start new schools for just girls. They will be taught with all education and even war arts.

Then they listen a laugh. All look at the person. He is Nikil.

Dp: king Nikil??

Nikil: a woman who is bent to a man can be inspiration to other women??

No one understands his words.

Dp: what nonsense you are talking? A woman who has a man is weak? Moreover, Samragni never bent to any man till now…

Nikil laughs again.
“Then what about this love letter??”

Laksh shocks looking at it, because it is his letter. Ragini looks at it confusedly.

Precap: Laksh’s love letter to create problems.

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