Samragni-the empress (episode 11)

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epi 11:
Ragini decides to meet Laksh then itself. She goes alone to the south kingdom, however it is near to their palace. It was already night. But, that day is deewali.

In laksh’s palace, Ram and his other three sons are arranging all diyas. But not lighted.

Ram: when this house laxmi is going to come? Your elder brother Laksh has to bring her…

One bro: yes pitaji, we are also waiting for bhabhi ji…

Just then, Ragini stands at the gate. She wears a veil. Soldiers stop her. Ram asks her to come in.
Ram: who are you devi?

Ragini: I want to talk with prince Laksh…

One bro: but who are you?

Ragini: call him…I need not tell you…

2nd bro: hey…

Ram stops them and says in their ears: my dear putraas.. maybe she is your to be bhabhi….

All three exclaims: haa..??

Ram: shh…! That’s why she wants to talk with your brother…

Then Ram turns to her side. She keeps looking.

Ram: putri, see this palace. It has been very dull without a woman. Now, you came to this palace as maha laxmi…come on, lit this lamp…

Ragini: maha laxmi?? But, I’m…

Ram: you need not worry dear. Laksh wish is my wish. Come on…lit lamp and bring light to our house…

Being helpless, Ragini at last lit the lamp. Three brothers jump in excitement. “Bhabhi came…”
Ragini smiles looking at them.

“what’s going on here??” Laksh just comes and amazes to see Ragini…

“Ragini….” He sings melodiously and about to go near her but Ram stops him.

Ram: Ragini? You mean Samragni ragini devi??

Laksh: goddess devi…

Laksh tries to go near her, Ram keeps pulling him back.

Ram: my idiot son, I have already told you not to love samragni, just tell her sorry now.

Laksh removes his hands and runs near her. ram keeps looking in shock.

Laksh: empress, you came for me??

Ragini showing her finger: I have to talk with you..!

Laksh: ya, please come in.
He is about to put hand on her, she looks anger at him, he moves hand away. They go into a room.

Ragini: what are you thinking of yourself??

Laksh: what did I do?

Ragini: you know very well…I’m talking about Lakshini.

Laksh: is that ele doing any prob??

Ragini: I’m talking about the name.

Laksh: that’s a beautiful name. Isn’t it?

Ragini keeps looking at him in anger. Then laksh takes deep breath.

Laksh: yes Ragini, I love you so much. As I said you four years back. I didn’t change my heart. I felt sad that you were an empress. But, this truth can’t kill my love right..!

Ragini keeps looking at him.

Laksh: I want you in my life…

Ragini: I can’t be your’s Laksh. I’m a samragni. I have responsibilities.

Laksh: but you are a girl. You need a boy to complete your life…

Ragini: I don’t need a man in my life. I can live all alone. And I never have wishes of marriage or any other dreams…you will need to regret yourself if you don’t forget me. Marry another girl and get some happiness in your life. You will get nothing from me.

Laksh: I don’t want anything from you Ragini. I want to shower my love on you.

She amazes.

Laksh: I have a passionate love in my heart. I don’t want to give it away to someone, because, it is created by you. And that should be devoted to you..! you are my goddess.

Ragini: you have gone mad.

She tries to go, Laksh stands at door. He bends on his knees and stretches his hands.

Laksh: please, show mercy on this devotee my goddess, give me love…

Ragini puts an angry face and goes away. Laksh puts his head down. Ram comes near him.
Ram: she is empress. Why she will accept a normal prince.

Laksh crying as baby: I want Ragini pitasri…I want Ragini.

Ram: do one thing, write a big love letter to her…

Laksh: wow…that’s best idea..!!

One bro: pitaji is supporting bhayya or not supporting??
2nd bro: don’t ask me. I can’t understand.

Ragini reaches her palace thinking his words. she looks swara and Sanskar are talking. They are holding their hands. ragini clears her throat.

Sanskar: hey Ragini devi, what are you doing her?

Ragini: ya, that’s my question.

Swara: nothing friend, just talking.

Ragini: oh, I thought you guys were loving..!
Both bend their heads.

Ragini: what is this Sanskar? Swara? Why everyone are saying love love and love? What is there in that? I never understand..! you all get involved in it.. I never understand what happens in it? is that really truth? In my opinion it’s only attraction.

Sanskar: Ragini…don’t say like that. Love is ocean, you can’t swim it. it is sky, you can’t climb it. it null…you can’t define it.

Ragini: I think you are possessed by Prince Laksh. He is also behaving mad as you. Don’t worry, I will call a raaj vadiy(doctor) tomorrow.
Ragini keeps going. Swara and Sanskar smile and become busy in their work.

Later, she listens to love songs coming from Adarsh’s room. She goes there.

Ragini: chote papa, you are listening to love songs?

Adarsh: yes, what can be sweet than love?
He gestures musicians to stop music.

Ragini: really..! What is love then?

Adarsh scratches his head: don’t ask me dear. I’m not married. I don’t know sweetness in that. I could have married, I have enjoyed it. you see, love is a magic. It’s an unexplainable feeling. An unbearable pain…

Ragini keeps looking him confused.
Ragini: ok chote papa. You enjoy music bye…

Musicians start music and song again, Ragini goes away.

She happens to pass through Dp’s room. He is looking at Ap’s painting in moist eyes.

Ragini: are you missing mami ji..mama sri?

Dp: I miss her everyday beta.

Ragini: this is called love…right mama.

Dp smiles: why are you talking about love now?

Ragini: I never understand, how a male and female can love. And how that happens?

Dp surprises with her question.

Dp stands.
“Samragni, the love between a male female, wife husband, is one type of love. The love between brothers and sisters, parents and children is other type. But, there is the sacred love than all this…! there is one love which is superior to everything..!”

Ragini curiously: what is it..??

Dp: love on this land..!

Ragini amazes.

Dp: why do we love our relatives? Bcz, we have relation with them. And why do we love this country, without having relation with all the people??

Ragini bends her head.

Dp: we don’t know, we still love our country and our soldiers selflessly fight for us. We don’t have any relation within us, but we all love each other. This is called love Ragini..!!

Ragini keeps looking.

Dp: a selfless love, an unexpected love, no wish making love… a sacrificing love… that’s the love on country. Not the sand or buildings, not the gold or treasure. It’s people..! country means people..! the one love which is devoted towards this land is the eternal love…! The superior love..! jai maatru bhumi..!!! (salute to mother land)

Ragini raises her head proudly up. “Yes mama sri, and that love makes you proud..!”

Laksh in his palace finishes writing the letter.
“My love is the eternal love… this world can’t bear it. that sun can’t melt it…” shouts Laksh.

“and we can’t understand it..!” says his 4th brother yawning.

Precap: Raajat and Nikil’s together war with Ragini. Ragini’s new plans. Her new ruling.

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