Salman Khan asks Rahul Vaidya to Leave Bigg Boss 14 house!!

Bigg Boss 14 is now at a place where all the eyes are stuck to the show. This week the finale contestants will be finalized and only 4 will cover the rest of the journey to win the coveted trophy. We know the makers are trying their level best to make the show interesting. A few challengers will enter the show who will for sure, wreck havok in the peacefully living housemates of Bigg Boss season 14.

The recent twist is that Rahul Vaidya will be asked to walk out of the show. Yes, you read it right. As it’s the finale week and only four contestants will be going ahead, it looks like this is quite a major shocker. In the latest promo, it is seen how the host of the show Salman Khan is disappointed with Rahul as he feels he is lacking interest in the show and does not want to stay back.

Rahul is a very strong contender for the trophy and in the promo Salman asks him why he deserves to be a finalist. Salman even says that he lacks the desperation. Have a look at the promo:

Do you think Rahul Vaidya deserves to be a finalist?

  1. Shesha485

    To be fair, I feel, the show is just now started… But within few weeks, finale… 😦 I don’t know whether people like it or not…

  2. Bigg Boss needs to bring Ali back in so there will be two (2) couples. Would be very interesting!!!!

  3. BlindLeadingBlind

    Why is this crap
    Still on… This show is nothing but Salmans soap box to make himself look like he’s better than everyone else… people are blind and stupid

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